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  1. blast2fire

    War Mode

    Awesome! And yeah I agree with you, the 2x on a MK14 is such a horrible combination... Smh!
  2. blast2fire

    War Mode

    I really wish War Mode didn't have to end so soon, please don't go... Lol! Well then, I guess all fun things must some to an end at some point. That being said, I had so much fun playing this event over the weekend... Did you? Whoever had a blast playing the War Mode event over the weekend, or even if you didn't have a great time playing it, please share your thoughts in the comments below... Cheers!
  3. blast2fire

    Bullet damage or hit box is wrong

    The 2nd shot look like it hit the wall. But I do agree with you on, the no helmet/vest thing. The other player should of dropped instantly from that first shot... FACTS! That being said, don't give up man keep going at it. PUBG isn't the most perfect game on the market, but once you learn how to work against its flaws, you'll be dropping people like flies on shit... Lol!
  4. I had a fun time actually. And of course there's always room for improvement, but, I had a really good experience overall while playing War Mode. I also have really good internet so, maybe that was a factor for me as well during the few days I had played. That being said, thank you for your concern though, but, I'm perfectly fine with 20/20 vision.
  5. Play whatever your heart desires man, you will always be welcomed in the PUBG community regardless of which games you play. That being said, you can still play other games while loving PUBG at the same time. And whether you decide to start playing Blackout more, I myself won't think anything different/less of you. But to make a long story short. Every person has their own needs, interests, opinions and preferences regardless of what the topic is. Anyway don't listen to what anyone says, do whatever makes you happy at the end of the day. And long as you're having fun, that's all that matters... Cheers!
  6. War Mode is only 10 vs 10 on one map, how many servers do you think they have? This is the first big main event on PUBG Xbox, so everyone is trying to play this game mode. War Mode was only hosted on NA servers, so you have everyone from North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania all trying to play on the same servers so matches might get backed up due to the heavy flow of online traffic. However, there's not 100 players playing on one map with hundreds of other servers from all different regions. To make a long story short, there's only 20 players per map/match so some people need to learn how to be patient a bit and wait for a match to open up. I also had to wait long periods myself sometimes, but, I didn't get upset or start blaming the game for being broken. That being said, I had a blast playing War Mode in which everything ran smooth and great on the performance side of things. I didn't experience any lag, crashes, bugs or anything negative whatsoever. The only suggestion I have in regards to War Mode is, to maybe add more weapons, different levels of armor, and different maps/locations.
  7. blast2fire

    Tired of it.

    PUBG is so much more, realistic than Blackout in my opinion. The gunplay and gameplay mechanics, feel very arcadish in Blackout. That being said, winning a match in PUBG feels so much more satisfying than winning a match in Blackout. I love how PUBG has no aim assist, and how it takes pure accuracy to land your shots unlike Blackout where, it all comes down to who reacts faster than the other.
  8. blast2fire

    Microsoft Studios

    I want to thank those who, posted their thoughts and opinions. And I want to thank some of you for your feedback as well. That being said, I'm not perfect in which I may post inaccurate facts sometimes, but, I apologize for anything I may have got wrong. And in regards PUBG the game itself, the performance has been solid for me overall. I'm still not the greatest player, and I still continue to die a lot, but, that's my fault not the game.
  9. blast2fire

    Microsoft Studios

    And Microsoft's net worth is $753 BILLION lol!
  10. I really hope that Bluehole/PUBG Corp becomes part of Microsoft Studios. That being said, I really think that both companies can benefit from this as well. And not only would it be good on Microsoft's end, but, it would definitely give Bluehole/PUBG Corp the money and resources they actually need in regards to having a much larger budget for the game overall. However, the release of 1.0 is great and all, but, lets be honest with ourselves because there's still lots of improvents to be made in the game. But in regards to everything I've just said, this would allow Bluehole/PUBG Corp to hire more Developers, create a bigger team, and offer a much larger budget in terms of money. To make a long story short. Microsoft has supported PUBG since day one when, other companies such as Sony didn't want NOTHING to do with the game because it wasn't a finished product yet. And some people may say it's because, Sony didn't have an "Early Access Program" on their platform like Microsoft does. Well if that's so, then how were games like H1Z1 and other BETA titles available on the PS4 then? Anyway I would really like to see Bluehole/PUBG Corp become, an official Console Exclusive to the Xbox brand because, no other console deserves it more than Microsoft and the Xbox community does in my opinion.
  11. blast2fire

    Better wake up pubg

    I'm not worried in the slightest way whatsoever. And yes, Call of Duty may run a lot more stable than PUBG due to the game having a bigger team of Developers. But from what I was watching on stream, Blackout looks very arcadish with a futuristic feel like Black Ops 3 did in my opinion. That being said, I'm not saying the game is horrible, because it's not even close to being a bad game at all. I still think PUBG feels more realistic with an authentic military feel to it unlike any other shooter on the market.
  12. blast2fire

    Aiming and CQC what the heck!

    Ah... Gotcha! That explains it then, because I don't own the game personally myself. But I did get to play it, like a week ago when Microsoft allowed Gold Members to play it for free over the weekend. However, I mainly played the Terrorist Hunt online in order to get a feel for the game first, but, I never got around to play any ranked matches... Cheers!
  13. blast2fire

    Aiming and CQC what the heck!

    Last time I played Rainbow Six Seige, it had Aim Assist, but, it was different than most shooters. Whenever you press and hold LT to ADS, you will notice your iron sight/scope move and lock on to your enemy.
  14. blast2fire

    Aiming and CQC what the heck!

    The reason why is because there's, no "Aim Assist" like most FPS and other shooting games have. GoldenEye 007, Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield and so on all have Aim Assist in which makes shooting games a lot more easier in my opinion. That being said, I actually like the fact that PUBG doesn't have Aim Assist in the game. And therefore it actually takes, skills to aim and land your shots accurately. Also to make a long story short, I'm no pro at the game myself either, however, I really like the challenge with aiming due to there being no Aim Assist in the game. But don't keep being so hard on yourself, just keep playing and practicing. I know it can be frustrating due to, not being able to play around with different weapons and practice shooting all the different types of guns. But don't give up, keep playing and take your time with your shots and know when and when not to engage another player. On the bright side of things, there's a practice mode and war mode coming soon sometime during the release of v1.0. With these new game modes added to the game, players will be able to practice and gain more experience with, all the different types of guns in the game. Anyway, I hope things start getting better for you... Cheers!