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  1. Update 3 feedback.

    I used 4x on m24 with silencer this morning and it was pretty sweet.I think its better now because its easier to get a headshot if the enemy is far away.
  2. Test server update!

    Hyped that the game is heading the right way.You keep the negatives and keep whining about them because they are not able to fix everything in just one update. You should read the warning twice before you purchase an Early Access game.
  3. Test server update!

    Im really hyped for the official release after reading the patch notes and i cant wait to leave work and go play some PUBG in test servers. Clearly the game is heading the right way and we didnt see the new map yet and the patch notes thats coming with it. 10/10 Bluehole keep up the great work!
  4. Hopefully test server run way better than the live one.
  5. new v1.0 menu music!

    I used to have the menu music disabled but i think i will turn it back on...sounds good.
  6. I agree but theres a big difference between crates that give you power over other players and crates that offer you only cosmetics. No matter how much money i have on spending for crates,i would never buy any in a P2W game,from the other hand i could spend 10-20€ to dress up my player just to look good but most of my stuff are earned with BP.
  7. I stopped wasting my BP since theres nothing good in current crates. I have around 100k BP now and i save them for the next crates which are going to have some decent skins.Hopefully they are not going to reset BP. Check the upcoming skins here. https://skin-tracker.com/pubg/datamining/
  8. I had the same problem when i downloaded the new patch of the game but it seems to be fixed(on my end)with the latest nvidia drivers.I was barely reaching 70 fps before i update the drivers and now i am back up 80-110 fps. Specs:i5 6600 3.3/3.9Ghz Gtx 1060 6 gb 16 gb RAM.
  9. Same here. I joined a game yesterday and i could barely hit 70 fps,i though it was a program running that was killing my fps,i restarted the game but i didnt notice any difference although i joined another game this morning with foggy weather and it was kind of better. I5 6600 gtx 1060 16gb ram running on ssd.
  10. Fail test 1.0

    If you play on NA servers while you live in EU thats obvious to happen because you have a higher ping. Im curious though why they didnt open EU servers for this major test patch.
  11. Theres always going to be kids who like to swear but i dont think thats the majority of this community. I killed a guy recently and he called me a hacker and i just laughed,he laughed back and he said "have a nice day bro". I cant agree that this community is saltier than cs go or lol(in EU) since i dont play with random people but for sure i am more calm since i stopped playing solo matchmaking in csgo which everybody knows how bad this is. We have to expect salty people in a cheap game which has millions of players everyday though.
  12. Doubt it. I saw a post on Facebook where they said they had some issues with the test servers regarding the 1.0 and they are trying to fix it. I guess if we dont have the 1.0 this weekend then the next week it is,if everything goes right. 12-20th December they are planning for the official release.
  13. When PUBG got released no one cared about the lack of content this game has,it was(and still is)fun the way it is but for how long? I dont get much chicken dinners,i am an average player,but even when i do it doesnt feel rewarding at all and imho after a long period of time doing the same thing again and again,fun will fade away. What if PUBG had a progression system(except from a ranking system)something like Battlefield 1 has with dogtags,ribbons,medals,levels etc..?so we can feel that we are playing for something and not just leaderboards. PUBG is my first BR game and i dont know if any other BR game had a progression system like the things i mentioned above but i think it will make the game feel more fresh and kind of more fun.
  14. As a player from EU who plays only in FPP servers i will go with #4. Many complains from NA and SA players about hacking and i hope that bluehole will do something about this but fpp server in EU are pretty clean atm.
  15. "Least optimised game ever" Some dudes in this community had never touched bf4 at its release and they think that pubg has the worst optimisation... Search battlefield 4 wiki to see what developers at DICE did back in the day with their game,and we are talking for a AAA title + DLC and not some early access game which costs 30$. Whoever thinks that PUBG will be 100% polished after 1.0 is clearly a fool. If you dont have the patience to wait for all this bugs and other stuff to get fixed just move on to another game.