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  1. Fix the damn broken game already

    Still the game has made a huge step forward since early access release.
  2. Fix the damn broken game already

    What most people fail to understand is that fixing buggs is not an easy task.Fixing one simple bugg can create another complex bugg and people dont seem to understand this at all.I dont know if you have played other AAA titles or early access titles but as a part of battlefield 1 community i was waiting 5 months for a gamebreaking bugg to be fixed and there are 2 huge companies working on this game not a small company like bluehole. Another important thing people dont understand is that not everyone in bluehole is working on one task,some devs work on fixing the buggs other optimizing the game etc etc... so stop with this bullshit "dont give us content and work on fixing buggs" because you are clueless. And stop acting like this game is out for ages,its just 6 months in E.A and you get monthly updates so have patience or move on with your life. And whoever has problems with sound when getting in the plane Ctrl+M mute sound and unmute when you land,easy AF.
  3. What's with all the negativity?

    Dont worry OP thats what happens in every single forum,just go and take a quick look at battlefield 1 forums(just chaos). Back in March there was only a "handfull" of people in here saying good words and giving proper feedback but as the population rises trolls and trash talkers who are not able to play or run the game come in here and create useless posts. I think mods should dedicate some time to delete troll posts.
  4. The only people who need inpatient treatment around here is you and everyone who agrees with what you are saying. If you dont like this game move forward with your life and stop wasting your time coming in forums trying to convince us that the game is bad,because it is not,you are just a bad player,move on. I cant understand why mods dont delete this kind of posts and ban this disrespectfull trash out of here.
  5. I think that they do care actually.(Atleast thats what they have said before) We wait every month for a big update not 2,and september update was live in less than a month since August update. Fps has been improved(on my end)since March but we need some more optimazation especially on low end pc's.
  6. Different people work on bugs and different people on weapon designment etc.. Everybody got their own sector,you cant tell someone who is working on the sounds to fix buggs,and just because we have buggs that doesnt mean we shouldnt get more content.
  7. They are not going to fix everything in 3 months for the official release they are just going to focus on the most important things like optimazation/vaulting/bugs etc.. so the game can atleast feel like an official release and not a buggy mess. It wont be "ideal",even AAA titles are not ideal on their release day they are getting improved month after month with feedback and good developing. Lets just hope that devs will keep the effort on this game even after the official release.
  8. Finally a constructive post without rage and tears. I agree with OP 100% but i think we forget one important thing.What is going to happen with ranking and ELO system?They also said that ranks are coming with the official release but we dont have a word on how the ELO system is goint to work.
  9. "90% of my playtime i die after landing because i have only played 73 hours and i dont have any experience yet.How devs plan to make this game easier for me so i can get more than 5 kills?" Here,thread title is fixed now. If you want to git gud in pubg you need to put many hours in it and thats why this game is so FREAKING GOOD because its not an easy fps shooter like bf or cod which you can learn by playing 50 hours.
  10. Thanks devs!

    Your GPU is on minimum requirements so i suggest you putting everything on low. i5 6600 + 1060 6gb gives me stable 70-110 fps on mix ultra/medium settings.
  11. They dont tell the truth!!!!

    So untill we are out of early access all this non constructive whining posts should stop and we should start giving feedback. Everybody will have the right to complain when PUBG hits the official release and it still not working properly but untill then we all knew what we were getting before we hit the purchase button so we have to wait. And as a player who is in here since beta i can see a big step forward in fps and server improvement,but there is still work to be done.
  12. Discussion: September Update

    Is the patch live in official servers guys?
  13. They dont tell the truth!!!!

    The game plays and looks way better since March 23rd and whoever denies that is ignorant or blind or plays with a potato pc. 6 months in early access isnt that long.H1Z1 was almost 2 years in early access and it still is kind of broken.Many of us have even bought broken official release games with a pre paid dlc from BIG developing teams(look bf4). We got another big update in less than a month with optimization/bug fixes and more content which is based on OUR feedback and i still dont get why so many people request to much in a small period of time. We all red what early access means before we pay 30$ so untill the game hits the official release all we have to do is have patience and give proper feedback in order to have a proper game before 2018.
  14. Just have patience,the game is heading the way the community wants. I dont care if they said that in 6 months the game will be out of early access,i care for a proper game which looks like an official release and has not gamebreaking buggs. H1Z1 was in early access for almost 2 years and its still not where people want it to be.PUBG reached 1m online players in just 6 months and if this is not a success then what is? I am not defending bluehole and for sure i am not saying that this game doesnt need any more fixes,there is still a lot of work to be done but atleast i know that devs pay attention to our feedback and 5/6 updates were pretty solid.
  15. This is madness indeed. Csgo has been around for 5 years and after all this tournaments it never reached the population PUBG has after 6 months and it costs even less. Just imagine what is going to happen when it hits the consoles and new maps get released...