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  1. Do whatever you want with xbox but please keep out the happy campers tools out of pc. No claymores no c4's no overpowered explosives in the game. They still have tons of weapons(pistols,AR's,SR's,smgs)to add in this game.If they want to add explosives like claymores they have to accept the downfall of their game aswell.
  2. I dont try to trigger people or just play it cool or naive but the last 2 weeks i play more than 10 matches with friends everyday and i havent seen a single cheater neither something suspicious in the killfeed. I am playing on EU FPP only,i dont know whats going on in other regions but FPP EU is clean from my experience.
  3. Level System in PUBG

    A dev said in an old Q&A that they are planning to add ranks in the game after they leave Early access but we had no word since then about this subject.
  4. nVIDIA Freestyle

    I messed with it today.I had never used reshade,just the vibrance from the nvidia control panel to boost colors a bit. Freestyle has a lot of things you can add on how your game looks and if you have a strong rig the loss of 10-20 fps is totally worth it.I play on custom settings and without freestyle i get 100-113 fps,when i enable it drops down to 80-95 but the game looks freaking beautifull.I hope its going to be available for more games in the future.. Nvidia has totally nailed it with shadowplay/highlights and freestyle. 10/10
  5. Same here.Are you using wallpaper engine?
  6. I would like to see a map with snow with the proper white ghillie suit in the air drops. A big city map would be nice.Also i would like to see Erangel in the night time.
  7. Incoming Patch

    I think thats what they mean with the "character position readjustment"
  8. Bring back early acces

    Nah.I prefer having 10-20secs rubberbanding with 100+ fps rather than having rubberbanding half of the game with 60 fps like back in March. This is one of the biggest non sense ive ever heard in here.
  9. DwnNDirty and others

    @Hit_Marka Dont try so hard to prove something to trolls,they will deny everything anyways. I get 80-100 fps in 1.0 with mixed high/medium settings. i5 6600 gtx 1060 16gb Ram
  10. Release?

    @Undertoker Wish i could shake your hand dude. 10/10 really. Ive spent more money than 30$ on almost broken games but i just moved on or got back in those games when they were finally fixed. I see how people act in here and on facebook under PUBG's page and it really makes me sad.Iwish people had a bit more patience. I just sold some skins from csgo before i uninstall it to get this game so i wont complain about a single thing,ive got more that 650 hours in the game and tons of funny moments with friends so its 100% worth it. Merry christmas to you too my friend
  11. Release?

    Early Access Game Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops. Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Did you forget that one or just ignored it? PU promised the official release in August 2017.Do you remember how the game was back in August?Would you like an official release like this?Guess not. He is a human being,he made a mistake and we see actual progress of the game since march 23rd. Go take a look to other E.A games been stuck at this stage for years.What should we do about those games?Riot against them or what?You should buy a AAA title like BF4 at its release to see what "devs laugh straight to your face" feels like. Find some other hobbies IRL to distract you from PUBG,this game wont be 100% complete tommorow,we may have to wait another year for major changes,but the fact is that this game is fun as hell especially when you play with some friends.
  12. Release?

    How about stop with the negative BS and come in here and complain after the 1.0 is out? Previous builds were inconsistent because they were rushed and people were spamming the forums with the "better deliver us a delayed and proper update rather than a rushed and broken one". Now they take their time and perform a bigger maintenance because they are fully aware of the amount of people who are going to jump in the game and fill the servers and they want everything to be running smooth. Nobody cares if evening is your game time,evenings are my game time too but i prefer to play a proper game without server lag. We need to realize that every delay is good for us,they dont earn nothing by delaying 1.0,just hate from the community.
  13. According to the test servers: 1)Optimazation is very good. 2)Desync,lag etc only happens in the test servers so we mustnt be worried about it. 3)We have new content + killcam + replay. 4)Whoever is in here since the Beta is pretty aware on how many steps forward this game has made in 9 months,bugs will exist and bugs will be introduced with new updates in the future,the only thing we can do about it is to give proper feedback. The game is 100% ready to leave E.A tommorow but if the devs want to keep the fame of pubg up or even keep it alive they have to show us that they still care even after 1.0 and keep providing us with fixes and content. One major thing i would like to see after 1.0 is ranks and a progression system that will make players grind the game and get more addicted to it.