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  1. Been playing since BETA. I still remember struggling with 30-40 fps in Erangel and the rubberbanding was the worst i have ever seen.After a year with the same rig i have 100-110 fps and the game feels smooth as butter,i am not playing PUBG as i used to because other games caught my interest throughout the year but whoever says that the game was better while it was in E.A or it hasnt seen any improvements is blind or he needs to check his mental status because clearly is something wrong with them.
  2. Sounds nice,looking forward to test vaulting and the desert map and i hope that from the beggining of 2018 we wont experience the same bugs and the massive fps drops. I am not sure about the increased damage overtime of the blue zone,it may be nice though because players wont have the ability to camp in the blue zone for long like before. Do you guys have any plans on rankings or any progression system before or after the official release? Thanks for keeping us updated,keep up the good work!
  3. Solid

    Discussion: September Update

    Is the patch live in official servers guys?
  4. Solid

    Duo FPP, no team if one of 2 dies both die

    Really? I can see my mates tag now and we are not losing if one of us dies?
  5. Solid

    Alone in the last circle (Duo FPP)

    Duo FFP is obviously broken.
  6. Solid

    Duo First Person BUG

    Same here. There is no need playing duo ffp at the moment,its just awfull and it doesnt make any sense playing like this with a friend.
  7. Solid

    FPP Duo's glitch

    Same here. Is this on purpose or just a bug?I think we need a hotfix right here.
  8. Does anyone know when the update is coming?