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  1. Dreadsphere

    Can we just not

    It really pisses me off when I end up in a tpp game because the menu resets give me a preference in the settings menu or just let me requeue for the last mode I selected pretty simple
  2. Dreadsphere


    That's just what my favorite streamer calls it I'm kind of a noob to shooters
  3. Dreadsphere


    Aim punch was added right? Or am I just experiencing a bug?
  4. Dreadsphere

    Sold my Xbox one x for a PS4 pro.

    Pubg is just so unique. they've tapped into something special I mean fortnite is fun but doesn't have the enjoyability pubg does people complain about bugs and blah blah blah but frustrating as they may be I've come to accept these issues as part of the the pubg experience and come on bugs and weird shit like flying motor cycles make for hilarious content
  5. Dreadsphere

    Pretty simple please fix

    I when I go to requeue for another game can we please stop setting the menu back to tpp?
  6. I accidently swapped my m24 for an akm an it wouldn't let me pick it back up will try to replicate tomorrow and update this topic then
  7. Dreadsphere

    Damage to driver

    Did they push some mini up date or something I keep dieing to wrecking vehicles in situations where I would normally have survived I die
  8. Not load times I mean the timer that starts once the lobby is full the one minute count down shorten that to thirty seconds.
  9. I feel like the wait between games is too long even half the time in the spawn would go a long way to making the game feel more optimized.
  10. Say you've got just yasnaya polyana and do like 4 teams of 2 B.R. or even 2 teams of 2 in just pochinki you could even do multiple matches in multiple locations on one server just create a playzone around each "map". It would open possibilities for tournaments games would be shorter and have more action plus some variety. Still B.R. but also kind of death match