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  1. rONJa gONJa

    Matchmaking broken

    Matchmaking totally not working after traininggrounds update.. Will not make match no matter what I choose, tpp/foo solo,duo or squads, one man either.. have waited for almost 20 min in each. This is serious issue, can't teat if can't play. Now if I query training grounds it starts 10 to 20 seconds if not less. I was able to play PTS fine till training grounds update. DEVS PLEASE FIX.. and do before push to live.
  2. rONJa gONJa

    Thoughts on the new Training Mode...?

    I like the idea of the train mode and it runs good for me.. I just wish the trolls were a little less. So I'm sitting on the 800m range with a sniper laying down and taking shots down range and I ran out of ammo so I jumped up and noticed I had about 20 arrows in my ass.. really!!!
  3. Yea best I've got on Sanhok is a 4 kill #2 in solo.. almost had it but could not find that grass snake till he was raising up shooting me from behind. Still not bad thou...
  4. rONJa gONJa

    No custom games?

    Training grounds held off, and no mention of custom games/servers. I thought this was to be released, it was held off from 1.0 release and still no news. Bummer on this, a lot of friends and clubs could use for tournaments and special events. News on Custom Games Please.
  5. Yea I didn't understand this post.. OP or any of it... so im trying to understand.. I'm play in duo or squads and I see a guy run into a small open door shack on Sanhok, I'm 20 m away, I don't see anyone else and this guy is just standing there.. so I shoot him in the head and he's knocked.. so I can't finish my kill?? Is that what this post is about ? Umm that's I'm sorry ( freaking retarded) I'm gonna kill that guy and if his teammate runs up I'm gonna knock and kill him. Now if I'm wrong on what this post meant sorry.. still retarded thou
  6. rONJa gONJa

    Ok.. I'm calling BS on this

    Yea unreported, I was under the impression from other things instead that you can be shot in air but only at 50m above ground(landing distance). Guess that's incorrect
  7. How is this even possible. Not being salty but I believe a cheat or glitch. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ronja-gonja/video/60106011 Where was he? Guess should be able to loot in lobby
  8. rONJa gONJa

    Female chracters

    Smaller sexy target.. hope all the guy won't shoot hot ass naked chick.. I only get shot by other ugly nak3d chicks.
  9. rONJa gONJa

    GIRLS Do Play Games

    My wife is awesome.. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/meriden/video/59607787
  10. rONJa gONJa

    raining chicken drumsticks

    At match end blue disappears and a plane flys over and drops a crate right on position and you get a cool skin, or other cosmetic item.. more brown shoes but a reward.. a chicken shirt..
  11. So I'm playing on PTS, and as it is right now.. solo tpp na.. but see a guy and I open up on him then get shot from closer.. and both run right to me, loot for a min and as I spectated they play together till last 5.. then both get killed.. what cheats.
  12. rONJa gONJa

    The Blue Zones Wavy Effect

    I don't see an advantage.. I have a S and I've been killed outside the blue from a guy with Kar that was on an X, and the way I know for fact is I spectated him after death and his graphics were more precise compared to mine.. xbox one x enhanced. But he saw me and my teammate like we were 3 ft away.
  13. rONJa gONJa

    Secrets of the circle

    Now I might be a little superstitious because I'm older than most the guns we use in this game.. but what I've noticed is the circle follows my last match.. example I was playing and last circles were hitting upon the warehouse close to Saverny ( East) well I die in a gunfight.. new game.. and boom I'm on flight path right over same warehouse, I jump Saverny and I'm safe in all circles as it centers on basically same spot, and finale ends up mountain 200m towards stalbor.. I died again top 5.. so new game and flight path is almost identical ( within 100m) and finale ended same exact warehouse.. I died in circle.. but I think it follows your games.. taunting us.. the blue is a bad bad thing.
  14. rONJa gONJa

    Is it acceptable to camp?

    But what is camping in this game.. ok example in COD you had the guy who sits in a place that can aim at a spawn point and wait for someone to spawn and they kill you, or the guy who sits in a corner of a room waiting for players to run by a window etc.. in this game you have even more camping opportunities like the guy sitting on a cliff side overlooking percardo sniping anyone.. is that not technically camping.. even a whole squad posted in a compound waiting for others to come by.. camping... but this is ok.. it's tactical.. if I'm looting in a house and hear footsteps I stop moving and listen.. I wait, look, and set myself to ambush the guy when they make there way to me.. if they keep going I follow for the kill.. the hunt then is the fun part.. sometimes it backfires.. but all part of PUBG.. so to me there is no camping in this game.. just tactical positioning that involves stealth,cover,and the surprise that I'm in this house too...
  15. rONJa gONJa

    What defines a “Good” Player? (PUBG)

    I think I'll chime in on this.. to start.. I SUCK at pubg... I have a lot of games played in solo, duo and squads.. go ahead and pubg detect me (rONJa gONJa). I have wins in all, very few really.. I'm no Kiwi.. I've watched you play followed you on mixer for a while (always love the tank tops) stopped following cause I thought to be honest you were a little Douchee.. no offence.. but you are a great player. I play with some of the best out there.. I'm a member of LowT Gaming and these guys are killers.. they hot drop and walk out victorious. Me I get killed in second house trying to pick up a pistol.. some players just have that (thing) they are just good at video games. Me I warm drop, call out, and share, I try not to be carried I get a kill here or there.. and even a few 4man squad wipes.. lucky games..so really my point.. I have fun playing, getting salty over a headshot guy gets at 400M on me.. or the frag at my feet. So the best player is having fun.