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  1. rONJa gONJa

    Gunfights, what's the secret?

    I yes yes..thos one.. best way to practice.. cause there is always someone's buddy around the corner.. good practice.. anybodybwantbto squad up?????? hit me up
  2. rONJa gONJa

    Gunfights, what's the secret?

    Still.. best advice.. play to have fun.. I do.. if I let it get to me.. lol I'm old and cranky I'd throw xbox in street.
  3. rONJa gONJa

    Gunfights, what's the secret?

    I'll say first and formost.. I am the BEST.. yes the Best.. at dying.. I have the same issues, it's weird I can play one game get 4 kills make it top 10 and think (man, those were some good kills) then watch clip and go dam I was lucky.. but have more games were I unload on a guy and he turns and headshots me like nothing... this game is just Like that. But.... I'll play with you buddy. Duo up and we can both suck
  4. rONJa gONJa

    colored reticles

    Cyan is perfect
  5. rONJa gONJa

    New controller for disabled gamers

    That's pretty cool, i have Parkinsons Disease and my tremors get bas bad at times.. I myself can still use my normal controllr, I have to wear gloves thou and sometimes have a 2in rubber band that holds my hand on controler. That's cool stuff. And thick skin always..
  6. rONJa gONJa

    Upcoming PTS News

    A crowd has gathered with only 2 known panning's but no word on PTS... could get ugly.. back to you.
  7. rONJa gONJa

    Test server info coming this evening

    Ahhh. A little news.. ahhhhh.
  8. rONJa gONJa

    Test server info coming this evening

    Ok.... I can wait...@ Kar98. Thaw me out when its here
  9. rONJa gONJa

    Test server info coming this evening

    Like chasing circle.. no vehicles anywhere
  10. rONJa gONJa

    Test server info coming this evening

    Huh... sad nothing new...
  11. rONJa gONJa

    Thanks for the lift!

    I had the same thing happen on solo PTS , we jumped to ruins at top of map, never saw him whole time looted up nice but center circle was the little islands at bottom.. I start running hoping for car... ran ran.. hear horn over and over closer and closer l, I had a 4x so was watching he comes in a van about 50m away.. I started to shoot but he jumped out and in like 3 times.. and kept honking horn so I said why not.. I took out my pan and ran for car.. jumped in.. and to my surprise he drove straight to circle pulled over honked horn and jumped out and ran around a building... never to be seen again... to you gas mask guy in green van. Thanks
  12. rONJa gONJa

    Prize for winning...

    Big chicken.. it would freak me out to look out window and see... and holding M416...
  13. rONJa gONJa


    Ok, a little more maybe.. but your in a house with your bud and hear a grenade click and come thru window net to him... it goes off... his legs fly off.. he's knocked.. are you gonna hold him and tell him it's going to be ok.. your ok man.. it can't end like this bro... I got a first aid. Drink this.. your ok...(tears falling) ( soft dramatic music) he looks at you.. " get that SOB.. don't let me die in vain....mommy...." his eyes close.. you scream... NOOOO!!!! Emmy now please....
  14. rONJa gONJa

    Character not Moving properly.. Anyone else?

    Not had the exact issue but have noticed on stairs ( and it's been several locations) it does this stop moving glitch.. if you are going up or down and looking in a direction it's like you hit something and stop moving, and have to release stick then reapply movement.