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  1. X HALUCIN8 x

    War Mode included in 1.0?

    Fair enough. I thought it would be included as a customizable game type on 1.0. guess it makes sense they'd want it to go into pts first though
  2. Does anyone else see how to access War Mode in 1.0? I don't see it anywhere.
  3. X HALUCIN8 x

    Hit Registration!!!

    The assumption is that the shotgun blast actually spreads at distance in this game. Additionally, my understanding is that they changed the spread pattern to be more predictable a few updates ago.
  4. X HALUCIN8 x

    Looting Improvements

    There are situations where a lvl 2 vest is better than a lvl 3 and lvl 1 better than lvl 2. Knowing when you should/shouldnt swap is part of the meta of the game. Health items take up bag space. And some are more common than others. Would you rather pick up all 40 bandages you find? Or carry 3 first aids? Leave auto looting to Fortnite. The meta looting brings is good. I do think that items should be structured in the crates a little better though. Save time looting.
  5. X HALUCIN8 x

    What guns do you use in the final circle

    Any gun will do. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/x-halucin8-x/video/57678252 Except for this particular shotgun. Whatever you do, DO NOT use this particular shotgun. I'm sure the ones just like it are fine. But this one clearly has some sort of issue.
  6. X HALUCIN8 x

    Magician's Challenge

    Add a mod to the game so that the revolver accepts a 4x as well?
  7. X HALUCIN8 x

    Hit Registration!!!

    https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/x-halucin8-x/video/57678252 I'd love to have someone from the dev team do the math on this one to see how many times I SHOULD have killed this guy. Lol
  8. X HALUCIN8 x

    Shotguns need nerfing

    Yep. See my clip above?
  9. X HALUCIN8 x

    8-7-2018 update

    No... You're asking that a game released in 2018 run on a console released in 2011. Tech has changed.
  10. X HALUCIN8 x

    8-7-2018 update

    Truthfully, the SSD is a quality of life item. It gives you additional storage for your Xbox and makes everything run a hell of a lot better. $150-$160 well spent for a 500gb Samsung Evo SSD.
  11. X HALUCIN8 x

    8-7-2018 update

    It is worth uninstalling and reinstalling after each update. It's a little more time consuming, but it makes certain that you aren't getting any corruption from the overwriting/update. Additionally, when people are asking for more details/info, they're asking which Xbox you're using. Are you using the hard drive in the Xbox or an external one? Sad or HDD if external? On wifi or hardwire? Etc. They have brains and are trying to help you troubleshoot but you're just whining instead of helping them help you. Also, if it took you that long to download the new patch, you should get with your internet provider. For a game like this, you need faster internet because there is so much data being exchanged. Run a speed test at speedtest.com to see what you're actually getting versus what you are supposed to be per your ISP. If all that fails, play a different game for a week or two until the next update comes out.
  12. Looks like desync or possibly even really bad lag in general. Run a speed test on your home network. Post results. Could be his as well.
  13. X HALUCIN8 x


    Got a video of that for me? I'll do the math to see what happened.
  14. X HALUCIN8 x


    Simple answer here. You either weren't full health, or he shot you twice. L3 is the only helmet that can take a kar98 headshot. This is well known.
  15. X HALUCIN8 x

    Shotguns need nerfing

    Um.... I have a clip that says shotguns are not OP... you be the judge. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/x-halucin8-x/video/57678252