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  1. X HALUCIN8 x

    Not showing gamer tags

    I saw this happen last night as well.
  2. X HALUCIN8 x

    Test Server Wishlist

    Patch notes above. I'm a bit surprised by what is being changed. All of it needed to be done, however I'm surprised that fixes to the map haven't been noted. There were a number of issues with textures not being applied, invisible walls, and a number of other things. I'd expected those to be noted in the changelog. That said, bluehole is well known for adding/changing things in the game and not putting them in the patch notes.
  3. X HALUCIN8 x

    colored reticles

    I'd definitely have to disagree. Red shows up fantastically well.
  4. X HALUCIN8 x

    Hate Mail

    You should upload the clip of you killing him and send it to him in a message. Show him you weren't camping.
  5. X HALUCIN8 x

    Major Loot Issues

    There are a number of buildings that Give Out Decent loot on Miramar. Just need to know what you're looking for and where they are. I can generally get almost the same loot dropping in a city that I get dropping in a small area entirely based on the building types I'm looting.
  6. X HALUCIN8 x

    Hit registration or aiming? [vid]

    So... You missed him a lot... That said, I'd still have expected you to have knocked him. But out of your 30 round magazine, I can only count about 4 hits. So maybe he's boosted and got a boost in the middle of it. On top of the level 3 vest, its possible he skated out of that with about 5-6 health. Still. Feels bad man. I think you misplayed that as well. When you bailed out, you had full view of him behind the tree and should have taken the shot. You wouldn't have killed him, but you'd have bought yourself another few seconds while he debated pushing you or not. Pretty decent shooting though.
  7. X HALUCIN8 x

    PTS round 4?

    Not yet. Probably get posted later today or tonight and run Friday - monday again.
  8. X HALUCIN8 x

    Installing PUBG to External SSD on XBOX

    This will work fine. You may want to shop around for an internal ssd and buy a $7-$10 enclosure for it. They tend to be more affordable because there isn't an enclosure being built/provided for it. Has the added benefit of if the plug on the enclosure ever goes bad, you can just pull out the ssd and slap it into another $10 enclosure instead of having to replace the drive or fight with the manufacturer for warranty/repair. But, if you're not worried about those, that drive will work just fine. For price comparisons: £109.99 is about $150 US You can get a Samsung 860 EVO 500 GB internal SSD for $130 and a SATA3 to USB 3.0/3.1 enclosure for $8 So double your storage for the same cost. Shipping not factored in here obviously.
  9. X HALUCIN8 x

    Cant see bolt action sniper bullet drop

    Negative. That's the trade off. You can't work the action on the rifle while you're ADS. So, you can stay ads to track your shot, or you can start reloading for the next shot. I quite like this honestly. Anyone who's ever shot a bolt action rifle will be able to attest to the fact that unless the action is buttery smooth, its a bit of a pain to work it and stay on your scope.
  10. Bluehole is working on it. Dev on Fartnite started in 2011. Dev on PUBG started in 2016. What's more, Fortnite only has 1 map currently and to my knowledge, are not planning on releasing more. PUBG will be fine.
  11. X HALUCIN8 x

    Update from Nico on last PTS this week

    Last patch was load testing I bet. It was the exact same build as the second PTS. I suspect this one will include the fixes we've been reporting.
  12. X HALUCIN8 x

    Stupidest game mode ideas?

    May as well make it three-wheelers then, eh?
  13. X HALUCIN8 x

    Stupidest game mode ideas?

    Or invisible.
  14. X HALUCIN8 x

    Stupidest game mode ideas?

    @amnesiac That's fantastic.
  15. New mode. Because. 100 players, all solos. Everyone spawns with a frying pan. Everyone spawns with L3 Vest and L3 Helmet One AR (auto ARs only) or an M249 spawns on the map. The spawn is marked during the lobby before you get into the game. It has unlimited ammo, normal reloading applies. Whoever picks up the rifle/lmg remains on the map so long as they have the gun. Players with pans cannot kill each other while someone is carrying the gun and must try to kill the player with the gun. Rings would need to be pretty fast or drop the players all in about the same area. Because why not.