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    Gunfights, what's the secret?

    Sometimes it's not you but the game.
  2. KilledByMnK

    PUBG will not start

    Ok I did the dns change and it seems to work. Played at least over 10 games and only 1 hiccup. Hopefully this is a solution for others that experience this.
  3. KilledByMnK

    Vaulting should offer a prompt

    Makes absolutely good sense.
  4. KilledByMnK

    PUBG will not start

    I will try tonight. It does make some sense, because it was what I used before I updated the Xbox one X and everything reset. Will let you know.
  5. KilledByMnK

    PUBG will not start

    I kinda figured it has something to do with a network issue. I open all the ports and was still getting the same issue. Never even thought about the dns side of things. Come to think of it, I did use Google dns before and once I updated the X ( which was the same night I started having this issue ) that's when I started experiencing this " not launching" fiasco. Good find!
  6. KilledByMnK

    PUBG will not start

    I'm on the X. Have PUBG installed on an SSD. I've tried reinstalling in HDD and same thing. @Andymh5
  7. KilledByMnK

    PUBG will not start

    This is ridiculous. I'm having the same issue. Reinstalled 3 times and I'm still having the same problem. Rebooted router, modem, and factory reset XBX and nothing has worked. I can get it but only after numerous reboots. This is a mess! Only started happening last night too. Come on Blue Balls whats going on?
  8. KilledByMnK

    What is your Xbox setup?

    Here's my set up. Xbox one X PS4 pro 34" LG Ultrawide 2 x Dell 27" Monitors Corsair K Mechanical Keyboard Roccat Tyon Gaming Mouse Razer Firefly hard gaming mouse pad XIM Apex Sennheiser GAME One Headset HyperX Cloud 2 Headset Netduma R1 Gaming Router Astro Mixamp Behringer 8 channel Mixer