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  1. "Hurr durr, ur argument is irrelevant becuz ur noob" No shit, but shooting is a pretty big part of the game. How are you going to win if you don't shoot your opponent? You seem to think that people will stop playing the game to play in the shooting range, most people will just use it to test out different guns and different attachments, to fine tune their settings/sensitivity or just to warm up before playing and of course they will still play the game to improve their strategy/map knowledge. Not really, I'm not sure about you, but knowing that x weapon has a bullet velocity of 700M/s, doesn't tell me much. I want to know how much I have to lead my shots with that weapon at different ranges. Knowing how to lead my shots at different ranges is the biggest reason why I want a shooting range. Apparently, if someone tells you how to do something, you can instantly do it, no practice required. Good to know.
  2. We should probably tell CS:GO pros that their aim training maps are useless. "Just play the game. lol" Sure, that was easy to do a year ago, when the game was in early access since everyone else was learning the game alongside you. Most new players right now just get destroyed by more experienced players, so they can't really learn much.
  3. PCG5960

    Weird test server bug

    Update: As it turns out, this happened because I copied the test server files from my main PC (This only happened on my second PC). I reinstalled the game and everything is working fine right now.
  4. PCG5960

    Weird test server bug

    In game? Every time I try to get into a game, the game crashes on the loading screen, so I can't test that, unfortunately.
  5. PCG5960

    Weird test server bug

    Yes I verified the file integrity, but the issue persists. Also, it looks like I'm not the only one having this issue:
  6. So, this is a weird one, after update #19 my character in the lobby is stuck in a t-pose and every time I try to load into a game, the game crashes on the loading screen (tried NA Solo and Squad FPP).
  7. PCG5960

    Practice Mode MEGATHREAD

    So I thought that we could use custom games as a practice range (Just join with a friend/alt account and practice), but then I noticed this sneaky change in the patch notes: Come on PUBG corp! Can we get shooting range at last? Or at least let us host our own custom games (maybe up to 4 players or just offline single player don't really care TBH) without any stupid minimum player count requirements. I've heard that the game can't work offline for some reason, so why not make an online shooting range? My idea: Spawn 20 players on the Bootcamp on Sanhok Every player spawns with a level 3 backpack and all attachments in their inventory (so that you don't have to loot for grips/other attachments you may want to test) Give players infinite ammo Make it so that you can't damage other players Make all guns respawn after you pick them up (and make sure that all weapons spawn relatively often, so that you can easily find the weapon you want practice with) Session ends in 30 minutes/1 hour
  8. PCG5960

    In Response to Custom Matches

    You can do that right now actually. Once you create a session, click "Match Settings" and go to the "Spawn" tab
  9. As the title says, can we get this war mode back?: https://steamcommunity.com/games/578080/announcements/detail/3229520292611743068 IMO, it was one of the most fun war modes so far. Although, it could use some changes IMO, it would be more fun if DMRs were removed and if it was on Sanhok (again, IMO ).
  10. PCG5960

    Practice Mode MEGATHREAD

    Not sure if this is true but: Also, the devs kinda acknowledged it here: I really hope that they add a practice range with Update #16. It's starting to get ridiculous.
  11. Hecc yeah! This new map is awesome! Keep up the good work!
  12. PCG5960

    Codename: Savage Beta - Day Two Update

    Could you please extend the testing period? I'm having way too much fun on this new map!