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  1. your definitely losing a lot less ranking points for the bad finishes, i had a bad game and finished 77/95 i only lost a single point, in the old ranking system i would have lost more like 20 easily. i had 3 bad finishes in a row and was able to make that up and add too my ranking with the 4th game, a very big difference than what would have happened in the old ranking system.
  2. nub

    My Quest to play MIRAMAR....

    Erangel is seriously beginning to peev me off, along with the constant lobby restarts because the cancel match making fails, like wtf grrrrrr lol
  3. nub

    Pubg Out of Time

    i'll never buy another CoD game, they ruined a perfectly good series of PC games and a community all in the name of money/console gaming. they dumbed down the game for the masses.
  4. aye but look at his top 10 percentage, i've been in the top 10 twice as much, with less than 1/2 the games he's played yet he's what about 130 points higher than me in the rankings... why, simply because he's played more games.
  5. doesn't even look like he gets into the top 10 that often, 12% that's pretty god damn poor lol
  6. nub

    10/25 wins solo Rank

    yer i was thinking along the lines of time played = finishing position, not just simply hot dropping and dying very early on loads, that kind of shouldn't count or should have a negative effect on your rating.
  7. nub

    10/25 wins solo Rank

    why should k/d matter more than position/time played? that's what the game is about after all...
  8. oh but you can, i dropped a point earlier today i think lol
  9. lol i've never played the game, i was a hardcore Quaker that moved to CoD until they broke the game (Steam/P2P). went back to Quake, had a break for 3/4 years and only just got back into PC gaming this year with PUBG one thing i'd never do is cheat though, no matter what.
  10. also says a lot about you too... using a WH in CSGO for 6 months... ffs kind of funny though because you have posted several times about cheating in PUBG on this forum, maybe it's Karma or something lol
  11. they should have left the map selection the way it was and added a simple max ping limit to the servers which would have kept people within their regions...
  12. me too, i have no interest in playing that map what so ever.
  13. nub

    Wingsuits - We need them!

    this ain't BO's
  14. nub

    Better Kill Feed Please

    would be handy to be able to bring up the last 5/10 kills.
  15. Christ i can't even throw a smoke while crouching without making my weapon randomly fire when i switch back to it. they have seriously messed thing up with this patch.