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  1. and it still costs more than i paid for it muahaha
  2. nub


    there certainly aren't as many as people seem to make out there is, or if there are a lot of suck even with their hax.
  3. ahhhhh it's headshot Santos, came across him the other week.
  4. mine at the moment is 1.05, does that mean i suck? 😢 lol the stats are freaking annoying, a few bad games and your ranking drops severely, takes forever to build it back up again. i was in the top 30 last week now i'm scrapping the top 200.
  5. is a little weird though, i wonder what triggered or why you guys were banned.
  6. nope, it's due to a bugging matchmaking system, nothing to do with the normal life cycle of any game. god knows why anybody would leave PUBG to go play those horrible games IMHO, totally different games.
  7. nub

    Ready! Aim! Fire!

    speak for yourself i'm 46 and still have the same reflexes as i did when i was in my 20's...
  8. if it takes any longer than 10-15 secs i cancel and restart it, never had a problem finding games in the EU quickly.
  9. nub

    Deathcam shows you?

    usually does that if you die because of the blue zone or you kill yourself.
  10. whats your in game nic? wouldn't mind checking out these stats of yours...
  11. nub

    Fix the Friggin Bikes

    have you seen the way wackyjacky101 rides a bike, he's a madman lol
  12. nub

    Fix the Friggin Bikes

    simply ease of the throttle when going over rough terrain, the roads are fine full pelt, just need to watch for the slight wobble on straights if your correcting your direction by quickly pressing the buttons. it's not that hard at all. love the bike for covering areas quickly.
  13. well think i just encountered a cheater on a FPP EU server, was watching his kills in game and the ones i saw were all headshots, just checked his stats and he has 88.8% headshot and a K/D ratio of 19.59. must be pro! lol
  14. nub

    Cross platform

    ^ ^ this, shame though would love to own some console players lol i remember when Quake 3 first came out for the Dreamcast, and PC users could use a certain map pack to join the DC servers, was quite funny playing against them.