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  1. weak, i didn't let it put me off, stick with it.
  2. nub

    Cheating Discussion

    not sure about the "get of the plane early" exploit but there does seem to be some sort of disconnect all other players exploit...
  3. being able to run third party mouse software is my biggest gripe.
  4. i don't think they care that much about cheating, there's one guy that i'm aware of that knows of some sort of exploit that's disconnects the players from the server. he has taken advantage of it to put himself into the current top 3. pretty sure BH are aware of it but yet nothing has been done, he's still playing/streaming...
  5. i'm not much of moaner but i'm starting to see this desync or whatever it is more often, and it's beginning to kind of peev me off being shot/killed when i'm clearly behind walls. it's like the hitbox lags behind you when you run into/behind cover.
  6. i'm the guy sitting/hiding in a house some where waiting for you to run in
  7. never had a problem hearing footsteps, but i usually have to turn the volume up that loud that when someone shots i crap myself hehe
  8. seen it once and took both of them out lol
  9. no it's not, i've seen them in plenty of videos, but just saying i've yet to come across one on a server i've played on/in game.
  10. nub

    TPP vs FPP

    played my first few games in TPP, once i got back into playing FPP (after a few years break from FPS gaming) i never went back.
  11. yet to see one of these flying cars in game...
  12. nub

    Rewards for Ranking

    the reward is your ranking...
  13. nub

    Cheating Discussion

    if there's one thing that really bugs me it's macro/script users, it's what i see or i think i see most commonly.