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  1. nub

    Cars and gravity

    deff something up with cars and gravity, i over turned one last night because i got into it too quick...
  2. nub


    we need some Fireblades...
  3. Not quite sure what servers your playing on but for me in the EU I'd say I get Sanhok about 80% of the time I use quick join. With Erangel coming second and Miramar being the rarity.
  4. Probably once they've worked out something better than the current crappy system.
  5. don't think i downloaded anything? or if i did it took a matter of seconds.
  6. nub

    Reward top 100?

    yer maybe a no life crate for those that have played over a 1000 games? lol
  7. whats the point in having that option if you can end up waiting endlessly for game? kind of makes the option moot if you want to play there and then. other wise you have to go with quick join and end up being thrown on Sanhok most of the time, with Erangel for sprinkles and Miramar the cherry on top... lol
  8. I wouldn't exactly call them reasonable, one happens as often as a blue moon and the other can have a very long/unreasonable wait time. There was nothing wrong with old system IMHO at least it broke things up a bit with having Sanhok in the mix.
  9. But it's ok for me to spend hours quitting Sanhok, waiting for Miramar or repeatedly playing Erangel until it drives me round the bend?
  10. why would you have to make a macro for every single combination of attachments? simple solution would be to make one for a gun with no attachments as there's not much need for them if a macro is being used anyway is there... lol you could even make one for one gun and loot until you find it, and bob's your uncle. and now with the training mode, i reckon you could make your own quite easily if you have a 1/2 decent mouse and software.
  11. nub

    This is not fair

    no your not, i just find it all rather stupid.
  12. nub

    Camper dissuasion idea

    yes i mean in the final circle, out meding them when it closes too nothing.
  13. nub

    Camper dissuasion idea

    love camping all the way through, and out meding the last guy on the final circle
  14. i just got a win, wheres ma ranking points? the win has registered but no points ffs lol
  15. BP gawd i don't any of that i have about 450,000 at the moment lol i did prefer the old system though i know it didn't mean much in the way of skill but was fun trying to keep in the top 50. now it's just a complete mess.