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  1. Keep lying to yourself. I was top .67 in FPP. So thank you for all the kills sir good day 🤘
  2. Absolute lies lol
  3. Thanks bro! Enjoy your bad latency and game crashes 🤙
  4. I’m not sure when the next update will be happening, but this “patch” is absolutely terrible. The current list of issues that need to be corrected is horrendous, the game is almost unplayable. When you’re in a party with some friends, it’s almost impossible to play a few matches without someone having a major issue. I really liked this game, but it’s losing my interest fast. Not going to play this game this patch, hopefully there’s an update soon. RIP PUBG (early access) lol
  5. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve died cause houses don’t render properly..
  6. I agree, people forget that this game is still a preview. Patience people, patience..
  7. Can’t wait to get you guys the feedback. Always was jealous of PC getting test servers with the new content