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  1. Lost between 20 and 40 fps, depending on the area im in. Was looking forward to grind the FPP solo leaderboards, but it's currently a nightmare. Used to have between 80-110 fps, now its more like 50-80. Oh and the 8x is completely unplayable for me, ill just leave those on the ground for the time being, tanks my fps so hard it makes the game feel like a slide show. i5-4690k (4.6ghz) gtx 960 4gb (OC) 16gb ram 250gb SSD

    Did you even notice the insane amount of aim punch he's suffering? Stop worrying about which fire-mode he's using man... I wonder if you can even comprehend such a mechanic when you think this is fine and i feel pretty confident that you're the kind of player that happily play at or below 60 fps, because you also can't comprehend the difference from 60 to 100+ fps.

    Aim punch is already over the top. It's time to stop hard peeking when you're up against a bolt action rifle dudes.
  4. New shadow draw distance - FPS hit ?

    1 step forward, 2 steps back gentlemen. The BlueBalls Way.
  5. New shadow draw distance - FPS hit ?

    Been playing the test server for the past two days, and yep, shadows are now forced at "medium" settings as well as some kind of post processing, apparently. Rendering us with even lower fps than before. FeelsGoodMan
  6. Discussion: September Update

    Don't get your hopes up too much, sorry to say. Apart from optimizing the game, they've also forced higher quality shadows now and added more trees and buildings. I can see shadows now on every single tree, even from high up in the sky while parachuting. At least i'm getting worse performance on the test servers by quite a bit. Running everything on Very Low, except for Anti-Aliasing on Ultra and Textures on Low. Also 90 Screen scale. i5 4690k (4.6Ghz OC) GTX 960 (+125Mhz CoreClock +560Mhz MemoryClock OC) 16 GB Ram
  7. It's a combination of massive amounts of Bots and No leaderboards.
  8. Gun sounds in PUBG

    Yes, they're okayish when you shoot them yourself. But sounds terrible at any range when listening to someone else shoot. Hearing the MK14 for the very first time in the lobby had me dying of laughter. At first i thought it was a dog barking...
  9. How many times have you won?

    Somewhere between 200-300 in total i would estimate. Been playing since Closed Alpha, i have 80-Something wins in season 2 alone.
  10. New patch next week

    Inb4 it's a new melee weapon!
  11. lack of progress on addressing bugs/issues

    haha, have been wondering the same thing for weeks now. The path of getting modded.
  12. afk boosting article on pcgamer

    Just read that they reached 10 Million sales. I like to drop late from the plane and usually see about 10 AFK's every game, EVERY GAME! That's 10% - does that mean roughly 1 out of those 10 Million sold copies are AFK Bot accounts? It's gonna be interesting to see how many months it'll take them to address this issue, when copying over a simple leaderboard to 1st person has already been a "work in progress" for 5 weeks. What an absolute joke man.
  13. Does FPS have a part to play when shooting?

    This is a widely discussed subject almost in any gaming forum. It's not all about the eyes gentlemen - you'll straight up feel that the responsiveness of your mouse movement with 100+ fps is buttery smooth, compared to 60 fps or below.
  14. Does FPS have a part to play when shooting?

    Absolutely. FPS is EVERYTHING in a shooter game. It determines the smoothness of your gameplay experience. It determines how your shots reacts, ESPECIALLY while spraying - an experienced fps gamer will easily notice a HUGE difference from shooting a gun with 20 fps vs 100+ fps. Think about it, you are getting an average of 30 frames(pictures) per second and you run into a guy with a beast machine who's getting a stable 100+ fps, that's 70 more pictures per second than you... The input lag for this guy will be a lot less than what you are getting cause of this - so not only is it easier to control your weapon with more fps, but you're also at a disadvantage when it comes to who see's who first and how much faster a player with 100+ fps will be able to react. Personally, i wouldn't even attempt to play this game with anything less than 60 fps, and even then it's simply not very enjoyable for a competitive player. I admire that you're trying to play this game with 20-40 fps, i really do - but long story short, yes, you are at a massive disadvantage with those numbers. Ever wondered how Shroud is tapping hes m16 so fast with a 4x at 100 meters? He's playing at 144 fps most of the time, so he's recoil is easier to control due to many more frames pr. second than you, hell - you can even see the disgust in hes face when he dips below 80 fps, that's how important it is for hes gameplay.
  15. Is there a monthly patch for this month?

    Considering there's been complete radio silence since their last very unfortunate announcement, i'd be surprised if we're going to see any kind of patch next month even. As long as the cash keeps coming at them like an avalanche, why bother? It's been a month now and to this very day they don't even have an ETA on when they care to bring the remaining regions FPP for christ sake! I feel bad for you guys outside of EU/NA/AS.