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  1. KL Belec

    Bluezone effect changed?

    It was also causing performance issues on the X.
  2. KL Belec

    Miramar Render Times

    Still god awful on the X.
  3. KL Belec


    100% drifting and I feel like I’m on ice. This needs to be addressed but let’s be honest it’ll get pushed to live as usual thanks dev team!
  4. KL Belec

    Floating Around

    My character very slightly floats around while standing still, I’ve tried 4 different controllers just to see if maybe it was my sticks, but same thing on all 4. Tried adjusting left stick deadzond and still the same issue.
  5. I’m sorry PUBG, I loved you but I’ve finally moved on, take care!
  6. KL Belec

    Can’t wait till Blackout comes out

    “This game sucks I can’t wait for Blackout!!” Then Blackout releases and the same people get pooped on, “Blackout sucks I can’t wait for “insert game” “ It’ll never end.
  7. KL Belec

    PUBG can't compete with this.......

    Thank you, you sir are a good man!
  8. KL Belec

    Best game on Xbox

    I love PUBG. I have been playing since launch with over 1200 hrs played and not once have any of the issues prevented me from securing kills and getting chicken dinners. I mean I’ve definetly gotten angry but I’m going to tell you right now, 99% of the time, your death was your fault, accept that and you’ll improve. I can guarantee you right now most people that blame the game for their deaths are the gamers that haven’t invested the time into improving, people that are getting kills and dinners aren’t the people bitching and complaining it’s the kids getting killed and not having fun that are bitching and saying Blackout will kill this game. Well kiddies you’re goina hate Blackout just as much when you get pooped on there as well =]
  9. What other game gets the adrenaline pumpin better than this? I’m addicted, I need more dinners weeeeooooo.
  10. KL Belec

    Drive UAZ in Sanhok Not Recorded

    Did it update? Sometimes the missions take a few minutes to update. If they don’t update right away I find after another match I get my XP.
  11. KL Belec

    Thank you!

    I’m running the exact same setup as you except I have my input set to console, I’m curious as to why we’re having widely different outcomes. Try changing your input to Console, let me know if you have any luck.
  12. KL Belec

    Thank you!

    Do you have all of the Advanced Controls and Picture Options disabled on your TV?
  13. KL Belec

    Thank you!

    I have an LG C7 so I have a good display, is this happening when you’re panning your camera quickly back and forth or what? I’ve tried to mimic this in normal play and I haven’t noticed it at all.
  14. KL Belec

    Thank you!

    I don’t play with HDR on so I can’t answer that sorry! And yes it was an auto update!
  15. KL Belec

    Thank you!

    Runs crisp so far I have no complaints, no lag in camera movement from the frame drops, ADS feels quick and responsive now as well! I see some people complaining about how turning off the motion blur is making the game unplayable but I have absolutely no idea what they’re seeing, games running awesome.