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  1. Svantesvoken

    I cant wait for COD or BF BR

    You are kidding, right? I've been gaming since long before BF1942 and all the following BF-versions. I can promise you the forums for those games where filled with nagging nagging nagging and complaining about bugs and cheaters from the launch date and until the servers were empty a couple of years later. And I just don't understand how you (you all, not Skerz in particular) play this game to trigger all those bugs that obviously is destroying your daily game experience. But since you all are still playing I guess the game works good enough and that the inner need to complain must be satisfied as a debrief after playing My biggest complaint is my own crappy aim, and Bluehole can't really be responsible for that.
  2. Svantesvoken

    Event Mode - Tequila Sunrise

    Really loved the event! Some small issues with items and attachments that did not have any use at all (5.56 ammo..?). Only thing I missed was the sawed off shot-gun. Looking forward to the next event, it was nice to have some variations and new challenges