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  1. Filter custom games by selecting which region and whether or not the game is password protected or not. Also only show games that are still waiting since there's no point in showing games already in progress since you can't join them anyway. The custom game browser is a mess right now.
  2. UE4 Modding?

    Anymore details about what we can mod?
  3. UE4 Modding?

    Adding our own custom maps would keep the game refreshing and less dull for those who play longer hours. Another idea, if a custom map becomes really popular they should make it Official.
  4. Parachute skins

    hell yeah
  5. New server locations

    The Devs really need to add more servers
  6. Agree on two things Zombies should run faster than humans Zombies should also have more health to balance out the game
  7. Make Zombies Playable, No A.I. PvP only

    If it won't be in the "base game",are we gonna get 2 versions of battlegrounds like what H1Z1 did for zombie mode?
  8. Chat Box

    Someone's salty... lol. Being able to communicate is the most important thing in duo/squads. If he can type "40 at rock" in 3 seconds while they camp there, that's still a hundreds time better than nothing at all.
  9. Make Zombies Playable, No A.I. PvP only

    The game should start with 50/50 human/zombies, when survivors get killed they turn into zombies themselves.
  10. Since I saw the trailer for the new zombie mode, I hope it doesn't become something like H1Z1 or DayZ where you mindlessly shoot zombies in the head programmed to just simply chase you. It just isn't as fun as player vs player with an element of surprise. Disclaimer: If it's already been suggested, I didn't see any announcements about it being just PvP.
  11. New server locations

    South East Asia (Preferably in Singapore )
  12. top ranked player = hacker?

    How to report Cheater [Click here]