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  1. The Hawkeye V

    Feedback thread

  2. The Hawkeye V

    Feedback thread

    Hard for anyone to give feedback in the feedback thread pinned at the top of the forum when the thread is locked.
  3. The Hawkeye V

    PUBG Tournaments

    They had two wins and won first place overall. http://www.newsweek.com/pubg-twitch-rivals-tournament-results-who-won-duos-matchup-1001005?amp=1
  4. The Hawkeye V

    PUBG Tournaments

    Anyone else been watching these the last couple days. I know they are PC streamers and this is xbox forum. Fun to watch Shroud, Justin, chadd, Doc, viss, etc go head to head in these.
  5. The Hawkeye V

    Can I delete Miramar?

    Something something small sample sizes something
  6. The Hawkeye V


    Not coming in near future is entirely true. The quote you used backs that up.
  7. The Hawkeye V

    So they cancelled the June 26th patch?

    It is truly astonishing that some of the posters here can even operate a console.
  8. The Hawkeye V


    Wait, wait, wait. Can we discuss 'hammydowns'?
  9. The Hawkeye V

    Let's sue the competition

    Jesus Christ!! There is an apostrophe in "it's" and the letter "I" should be capitalized as that is the first word in a sentence. Not even going to get into spelt vs. spelled.