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  2. I was trying to be kind and give you a chance to figure it out yourself. Not now. You are clearly not mentally proficient enough to carry on interacting with.
  3. Makes sense to me. Makes perfect sense to me. Not sure what your comprehension problem is.
  4. For the love of God...Drink.
  5. The Hawkeye V

    Sanhok Xbox One

    Sanhok thread. Drink.
  6. What an original idea for a thread. Kudos to you OP.
  7. The Hawkeye V

    Melee & Sidearms While Underwater

    Jump in a pool with a frying pan and try to swing it. There's your answer.
  8. The Hawkeye V

    Test Server back online

    You should be tied down on an ant hill in the middle of the red zone for that thread title.
  9. The Hawkeye V

    Honest Miramar Feedback

    More of Erangel map is water, more land mass on Miramar.
  10. If only there was a pinned thread at the top of the forum for this topic. FFS.
  11. The Hawkeye V

    "Big Patch" - Weapon Balance

    Wrong forum
  12. The Hawkeye V

    Network Lag

    3 matches, all 3 lag out approx 3:10 on first circle Sawed off shotty is fun
  13. The Hawkeye V

    Miramar - test - squad only

    2nd game, same network lag happened
  14. The Hawkeye V

    Network Lag

    both of us playing here got it too. Got timed out of game