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  1. joppe38

    aviator crate

    I will LOSE money if I do that. It is at the lowest possible price right now, if I put it as 0.02€, I will lose -0.01€
  2. joppe38


    In real life, you often die from one shot If anything, the aimpunch should be buffed!
  3. joppe38

    Vests durability

    Vests are already bullet spongues, no need to add more health
  4. Is this guy wallhacker? He didn't recieve any damage either (you can see blood coming from his body)
  5. joppe38

    What happens here?

    Like I said before, this game is like an RPG. It is randomly generated if you hit your enemy. Maybe you should spend more $$$ to level up your hit probability
  6. A lot of times when I start firing an enemy, they kill me. It's fine, better man wins. However, when I shoot them I see BLOOD so obviously I damage them. But in the death cam, I never even shoot at them. I just expose myself from cover and start staring at them and they can get a free kill of me. They take NO DAMAGE. At least damage them, I saw blood so they should take damage. I will post a video when it happens next time EDIT: this happens even when my ping is pretty low (around 40)
  7. It's normal. It randomly generated if your shots are registered by the server
  8. It's completely random if the server registers your shots
  9. The hitboxes are TERRIBLE in this game. They should not have any melee fighting system until they fix it. And high ping always helps with fist fights. Next time use a dial-up connection and download something, maybe then you can hit your enemy
  10. It varies A LOT Sometimes it's around 40 Sometimes it is 140 It really just depends on what server PUBG puts me in (I play EU region)
  11. Maybe if the developers added bullet penetration, one could shoot back at enemies damaging you behind cover