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  1. Is there actually anyone who is better than you that doesn't use cheats ?
  2. DeadlyEggXoP

    Store and Crates

    Do you understand why we have crates ? the tldr version is money form people buying the game stops roiling in once people stop buying the game in big numbers. Renting servers for all users around the world costs multiple million dollars per month to be able to continue to provide servers, pubg corp neds an income stream Crates were the first method they tried to generate this income stream .. If they let people open them for free, or convert them to some other format perhaps no one will open them ... and the entire process just cost pub money rather than making some.. You might not like the crates but its hardly clogging anything up its just a picture of the crate and a number. Also once you realise that BP has no value then you stop caring about it. I mean I have over 200,000 BP before people complained constantly about the crates and keys then each time a new case came out people would buy a couple of crates and be unable to get anymore crates that week due to low BP. so you were able to buy up your whole weeks worth and then sell those crates to people for proper money. But then lots of people whinged and so they killed the market and then the crates became next to useless. And they had to make a new method to offer microtransactions, the event pass
  3. DeadlyEggXoP

    Camping strategy

    Can anyone explain to me how you are able to sit in a corner in a building the entire game ? thats some next level circle management right there buddy. I will tell you one thing, the ONLY thing that makes killing someone from a sneaky position ... is when it induces enough salt to emit some kind of response. like rage over the in game audio, or a post on the forum.
  4. well for 3 hours anyway .. so 3 .. (or 6 in this case) out of 168 hours or to put that another way 1.8% of the time (or 3.6% in this particular week, although it WAS last week and there WASNT 2 updates within one sunday to saturday period)
  5. DeadlyEggXoP

    game un playable 1/7th of the time

    lucky it only cost 4/7th of the price of a normal game ?
  6. lowest player numbers are at this point in the day every day, and as steam doesn't support multiple region based updates they pick the time when its going to effect the least amount of players. unrucky Amewica
  7. DeadlyEggXoP

    There's Barely Any Hacking.

    death cam doesnt show recoil
  8. DeadlyEggXoP

    Fix pubg

    I was just assuming thats what the OP is talkign about as we have seen plenty of those flying guns. I have not seen guns moving around shooting themselves or whatever. just the static image of where someone has recently been Could be the OP does mean that and I am wrong, but I think its more likely he means the phenomena I have lso seen and described to you.
  9. DeadlyEggXoP


    Sanhok is pretty boring when it gets hammered so often. But the bluezones can mostly be outrun because they have been adjusted, and the last ones do less damage because they are only like the 5th circle not hte 7th or whatever.Sanhok is more random due to the terrain and how small it is, you generaly get snuck up on while fighting someone else. so it feels less rewarding and less about your smart choices than the luck of the draw imo. its still fun but just not 10 times in a row.
  10. DeadlyEggXoP

    Fix pubg

    Yeah we track people through Sanhok like this all the time. someone will go "Has any of you got an SKS ?" or something and when we get no reply we know we are close and which way they are going so then we start tracking them. Its like whenyou see a dead body, if the body is ther then its fresh and there will be someone who killed them nearby
  11. xbox right ?? complaining that an early access BETA version is receiving regular updates ....
  12. DeadlyEggXoP

    There's Barely Any Hacking.

    The old "don't rely on your eyes or ears or deathcams or evidence of any kind, just KNOW that if you couldnt see aimbot, or no recoil or speedhack, or instant healing. .. then they were undoubtedly using an ESP ...." /S I have had teammates lie down on a body thats just been killed in the open and when they get shot go off about the "cheater" that just got them "Howe did he know I was there ??" "err.. how about all that shooting 2 seconds ago ??" If you must rely on the crutch of calling hacks everytime you fail then you go for your life. But dont expect to not get called on your BS. No one claims there is no cheaters in this game. its just the amount that is in question. And the only people I come across in the game that claim cheats all day are the terrible ones that have no awareness. lol the irony spotting a wallhacker with the built in wallhacks.
  13. DeadlyEggXoP

    Fix pubg

    You are not supposed to see any of it, there is no player when you see this. Just the guns that are on their back floating stationary in space where they went passed a few moments ago. the player and their guns ar elong gone but its like a ghost of where those items were a short time before when the player with them ran past that spot.