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  1. DeadlyEggXoP

    Level 2 vests

    A mod /dev here specifically mentioned that there has been no changes to loot distribution in recent patches not long ago. I never felt that Sanhok had fair distribution of loot anyway. I often land in a even compound and the half I land on has no weapons at all, just bits and bobs, no pistol, no shotgun, no AR no SMG. nothing that you hurt an enemy. The other half has multiple weapons in each building. Rather than landing and having to face opff against an unarmoured guy with an AR and 30 rounds with a pistol and level 1 vest. You have nothing and they are ready for end game. but I had a few games last night and found plenty of level 2 vests and in fact ended up with a level 3 vest in most of my games. We did hit Sanhok a few times in that. And your "perception" is that the loot has been altered. in my uneducated opinion I disagree and think it can easily be attributed to the random element.
  2. DeadlyEggXoP

    Level 2 vests

    pretty sure its just your perception and that nothing has been changed, you have just been less lucky than in previous times .. or even more unlucky if you prefer
  3. You have been playing it for over a year and haven't figured out that it is patched at the one time of day in the middle of the working week that the absolute fewest players are attempting to get a game, therefore avoiding pissing off large portions of the community instead just pissing off one small portion of the community. in your case, it just sucks to be you, but its one day for a few hours … go outside for a walk for a few hours or god forbid interact with another human irl …
  4. I agree wholeheartedly, staying out of the region altogether is a headache avoided and so rather than chance having to spin up a server once in a while and pay taxes and deal with paper work .. just push everyone in region to a cheaper location and pretend there are not enough players.
  5. You don't pay for an unused server, as soon as you spin up a server you start paying for it. so its much cheaper to not spin any servers up in Aus and have to pay the taxes etc that go along with trading in the country. just put those players into much cheaper regions with better resources and pretend there isn't enough players to spin up a server ever ….
  6. DeadlyEggXoP

    Death of PUBG

    The problem is how many players you need, and how you cannot join mid game. Battlefield has 64 player servers .. but the game can start with like 20 players, people can leave when they want, people can join half way through a game so the actual numbers required for other games like battlefield or CoD are much lower. having said that BFV is riddled with bugs, stupid ones too like squadding up and entering a match only to find that you are on 4 different servers …..
  7. DeadlyEggXoP

    Death of PUBG

    Hence why they always needed to monetise things somehow, servers don't pay for themselves, and when people whinge so much about the cosmetics that has a knock on effect to the service provided. to cover costs of server rental alone, they need to make multiple millions every month on sales, that's before the cost of paying staff, paying battleeye subscription, etc.
  8. DeadlyEggXoP

    Death of PUBG

    Im around 1500km form Sydney, The project you are talking about was the national broadband network, it did go ahead .. in a gimped manner .. a few people got fibre to the home, most are getting fibre tot eh node ( VDSL ) or wireless, a few satellite. I got fibre to the home, but that's not really the problem, one of my squad mates uses ADSL and didn't really have any huge issues until everyone got them at the same time As for AWS running differently in different places, I would not be surprised if the cost of the same hardware is more in Sydney than in America, because we have a much more "captive audience" than you do and much less competition. That being said imo the issues were mostly netcode rather than server hardware, I quoted Rev because his post seemed to contradict itself and I wanted clarification, he seemed to be indicating that the amazon servers in Sydney were worse than other amazon servers ? IMO it was the matchmaking code being so broken that it impacted the player base to a point where the player base levels started to impact the player base further. and now its too late to recover. Even if they could fix the code.
  9. DeadlyEggXoP

    Death of PUBG

    Then I have no idea what you are talking about when you say ? seems like you are suggesting that the service supplied to people connecting to the Sydney servers will have issues as they have had for the last 2 years ?
  10. DeadlyEggXoP

    Death of PUBG

    So you are agreeing that OC region had substandard servers ? You don't have figures on the low player counts and I don't think you have any intel on how the MM was working after patch 23, because before patch 23 in patch 22 OC servers were full of OC players, seemed to be very few out of region player names and a lot of them were using all talk to troll each other like Aussies like to. its my belief that there IS/WAS a low player count in OC region, but not as low as people made out, and the players numbers dwindled significantly with the broken match making whereby it would refuse to spawn a match. These are just beliefs as we don't have ANY hard evidence or numbers on this issue at all. As for Battlefield, all its problems are game code related, the servers fill quickly and stay full with 64 players. Actually getting into the same game as your lobbied up squad mates can be an issue but that's nothing to do with the server, and everything to do with terrible coding. People bagged PUBGs lobby but PUBG was never anywhere near as bad as the lobby up squad system in BF5 …. and its supposed to be a AAA gaming company. PUBG is a way better game than any of these other games, but its a victim of the devs focusing on the wrong elements and the community getting fed up
  11. DeadlyEggXoP

    Reduced the loot in Sanhok too?

    Not sure they changed the amount of loot, but when sanhok was in testing you couldn't go into multiple houses in a compound and find no weapons, only attachments. there was a vector in every second house and an AR in the others. My main grip with Sanhok is that in one 6 building compound, 3 of them can have zero weapons, and the other 3 have 2 ARs in each , multiple armour and meds .. so rather than one guy having a vest and a pistol and the other having an AR with 30 rounds and no vest … one guy is fully kitted for end game after 1 or 2 houses and the other has nothing after 3 …
  12. DeadlyEggXoP

    Request for Indian server please.

    I doubt that even if you got your own servers that you would get games on them. They have telemetry that tells them where people connect from and I would imagine that India never made it past whatever threshold they set. Particularly now when the playerbase is dwindling. I know that its still number one on steam, but each game requires 100 players and the other games require 10 players so to be as healthy as those other games it needs 10 times the player count. The player numbers haven't been this low since August 2017 when it was still 4 months from release.
  13. DeadlyEggXoP


    pretty much since it was released it was available to pick for use in custom matches, which is pretty much what you are asking for.
  14. DeadlyEggXoP

    Reduced the loot in Sanhok too?

    I find the loot on the bigger maps is manageable, if a little sparse. like you may land and come out of your house with a pistol, and lvl 1 vest and helmet but eth guy coming for you will probably only have at most an AR with 30 rounds and probably no vest. or helmet. Whereas on Sanhok, most games I find that a third or more of the houses in any given compound has literally no offensive weapon, just attachments and stuff. If you happen to land in the unlucky area, you have literally nothing but armour, and the other guy will have a choice of 4 or 5 AR,s with plentiful ammo, armour, meds, bags …. early game feels bad whichever side you end up on, the kills feel cheap and way more unbalanced than the larger maps where you literally have a chance to evade or protect yourself., I haven't really been playing much at all mostly because when I try it gives me 250 ping or just doesn't join a game at all.
  15. DeadlyEggXoP

    OC Servers ??

    Think the local playerbase is microscopic now. I haven't been able to get a game on faceit or just in pubg for 2 weeks, it now gets fewer peak players than Dota. ITs been a fun ride pubg, it really has, well worth the investment, sadly it appears to be over ...