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  1. well tonight its been 100% mirimar …... got into one game and then it refuses to connect quick join fpp or tpp … rip pubg ….
  2. DeadlyEggXoP

    Who Shot First??? Han or Greedo

    you potatoed your shots and by the time you corrected it enough to hit one headshot he had already killed you oh yeah and there was two of them shooting you, you needed to flash them or something to win that.
  3. don't play much solo but played a few last night and got mostly OC. then I played squads later and got mostly OC FPP mode ?
  4. DeadlyEggXoP

    Do you guys see what I am seeing?

    year was a new high / low … over 30 pages of spam before it got dealt with
  5. DeadlyEggXoP

    Desync 101

    You are not getting it its not the high ping player that has advantage, its the mobile player. take 2 players. one each side of a wall, neither can see the other or knows the other is there. They both take stock right next to each other separated by a wall neither moving .. the server is sending both players clients information that tells the client that there is a person behind that wall, the clients don't render it in because there is a wall there .. now lets takes the low ping player, lets say he decides to move and check around the wall .. as he moves to a poiont where he can see the person on the other side he immediately sees him, his client machine already knew that guy was there and so they see them instantly, they shoot and kill them. the high ping players experience of this is that they are sitting there and the low pinger pushes them, the low pinger sending info to the server saying that they are pushing, but ht ehigh pinger has not received that info yet, so thhe high pinger just dies … then sees the low pinger run around the corner AFTER they died. the other way around the same thign can happen,. the high pinger pushes and sends updates to the server, but those updates haven't even arrived at the server yet and as he rounds the corner he sees the low pinger because HIS client has been told that guy sis ther and the server hasn't changed that info ... So when you have two players with wildly different pings then the one pushing will get the advantage, the one sitting still will be at a disadvantage. regarding your running behind something and dying after getting there … basically you SAW and had the opportunity to SHOOT and KILL the other guy first. but you didn't you ran to hide and from the other guys perspective he shot right at you while you were not in cover. what can they do to mitigate this ? They can lower the amount of time the server can go back to verify hits so that if someone has too large a difference it just doesn't register.. would that be better ??? not sure
  6. DeadlyEggXoP

    Pubg Out of Time

    RoE …. it started with virtually FA players, and in its first month it dropped 11% of them ?
  7. DeadlyEggXoP

    Weekly updates, downtimes, and more

    up until PUBG there hadn't been a game that had 100 players pitted against each other on a 64km map either ….. in fact Im pretty sure that its still alone in this regard.
  8. rng ? region bias ? Lie I am assuming that if lots of people request say sanhok only then a sanhok server will spin up and then all the quick join people will get pushed on there in front of the map select people .. leaving a bunch of map select people not in the game, so they continue to queue and spawn another sanhok server, which again gets filled with quick joiners until all the sanhok only people are in games and then it cycles,. so if your region has a bias towards the small map then quick joiners will get more small map than any other. maybe …. I would say that personally I have seen a fairly even spread with a slight bias towards sanhok in fpp squads OC region and close by.
  9. DeadlyEggXoP

    My Quest to play MIRAMAR....

    played solo fpp last night for 5 games, had mirimar, erangel, mirimar sanhok, sanhok …?? OC region, 2 of the games were out of region.
  10. And do you have stats saying that mirimar isn't more than 2-5% ? because I had mostly mirimar last night ? Sanhok will come up a little more often because its a lot shorter to play through.
  11. Errm .. your post stated that you only get erangle and sanhok and hardly ever mirimar, you then went on to say that if they made it so there was full map rotation in sequence that you would be fine with no map selection ... how else is anyone supposed to take that other than, if you got each map in turn you wouldn't mind there was no map selection ? It feels a bit cheap of you to then suggest that isn't what you mean that you just meant the servers needed to have full rotation and the people could continue to get the rng to have 16 mirimars in a row … I didn't think that your MO was to try and be deceitful. And lets just say that for a second that your claim was that the servers get an ordered rotation … well that is quite a bizarre request then isn't it ? and its not even something you could say isn't happening right now anyway ?
  12. So how is everybody, who started and finished games at different times, supposed to get a full map rotation ? it just doesn't make sense just how many separate queues you would be creating just to allow for such a thing.
  13. You don't have to die first at all, multiple top tens and a win with only 1 game where I didn't kill anyone and we were one of the first teams out and we all lost around 50 - 100 points and dropped a rank. But then again none of us have ever used cheats … so …..
  14. DeadlyEggXoP

    Quick marker issue

    ts what its for so team mates who are not standing right where you are can see what you are talking about
  15. lol what makes you think that isn't what happens ? Like 100 people join a server its erangel .. they start the game .. after 2 minutes 30 people have died in the opening skirmishes some immediately go for a new game, some watch their death came .. the ones tha timmedaitely go for a new game have to get mirimar next .. and so do the ones that watch their replays .. and in fact every one who dies in the next half an hour but whatabout the guys that started the game before this game and already played mirimar .. the ONLY reason that other games can arrange a full map rotation is that PEOPLE STAY ON THE SAME SERVER. this neve rhappens in pubg. They would have to invent a mini game that keeps dead people around while the rest of the half an hour game plays out ... Im kinda surprised to see you suggest something so impossible.