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    Patch #17 Feedback topic (LIVE SERVER)

    For me one of the best updates. Playing on 1x and hardly any FPS drop when engaging enemies now (last patch it was at its worst). Very smooth which makes combat so much easier. Only issue is I feel like I am hearing ghost footsteps often.
  2. Torrid Buttery

    Servers are too busy?

    European server for me.
  3. Torrid Buttery

    Servers are too busy?

    Kept quitting game and now in after 4 restarts
  4. Torrid Buttery

    Servers are too busy?

    Yes, pressing A to reconnect is not doing anything either
  5. Torrid Buttery

    Game crash: Megathread

    Since 10/04/18 update crashing definitely increased. Each squad game, at least one person is kicked out of the squad, sometime two together. Most of the time it involves vehicles but have seen cases when team are on foot. playing on x box one x where crashing didn’t seem as bad previously but now just happens as often as normal x box which is now quite often.