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  1. Jcapp73

    Can't jump out of plane

    Ive hit every button on the controller lol since the last update I don't believe it allows you to switch seats anymore...but yeah I stopped climbing over stuff while it puts me in the plane and now I'm golden lol simple fix!
  2. There's been quite a few times that I have not been able to jump out of the plane, and had to ride it out until it dumped me at the end of the path. I've figured out that if I'm climbing over an obstacle in the spawn area right as it puts us in the plane, then I won't be able to jump out. Happened on live server and on test server too.
  3. Jcapp73

    How to wipe a squad.

  4. Jcapp73

    How to wipe a squad.

    Didn't know it was going to make it a download lol thought it would just be a video comment...lemme upload a link I guess lol
  5. Jcapp73

    How to wipe a squad.

  6. Jcapp73

    Where do I aim?

    This isn't COD where you aim right at their body no matter how fast they are moving or how far away they are lol you have to account for how fast they are moving and lead them, and also account for how far away they are and compensate for bullet drop
  7. Jcapp73

    Xbox Blood Splash. Red or Blue?

    Not only is it easier to see when you hit someone, but I feel like when you get hit and your screen gets blood splatter that the blueish/green is less distracting than the red splatter on the screen. Just my opinion though
  8. Jcapp73

    Installing PUBG to External SSD on XBOX

    Yep wired connection...and thank you I'm buying one either way lol
  9. Jcapp73

    Installing PUBG to External SSD on XBOX

    Okay so quick question. I have OG xbox. You all said SSD with a 3.0 with 3.0 cable will work wonders. What if I get a SSD with 3.1 and 3.1 cable? Is the Xbox only able to handle to go up to 3.0 speeds so the 3.1 would be just waste of money? Also, does the SSD help with fps drop when there's a squad shootout up close? Thanks in advance!