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  1. Gilkow4988

    Falling glitch

    can you put a clip off this please
  2. Gilkow4988

    Cheap SSD's

    I have a 240gd ssd and this works fine for me
  3. Gilkow4988

    Xbox - PTS Feedback Megathread!

    Yer I hope it doesn't change but must be a glitch
  4. Gilkow4988

    Xbox - PTS Feedback Megathread!

    Just noticed that you can add ar extended mag to the SLR instead or the sr extended mag
  5. I could attach a ar extended mag to the SLR
  6. Gilkow4988


    you only have 14 wins your no god to the game and by your k.d. you must be sat in a room half the time
  7. hi my friend is unable to play and his character is naked and has no bp anyone have this
  8. Gilkow4988

    Ranking? Solo fpp important question

    I would to to number 2 or number 1 as clearly you aren't good enough yet
  9. Gilkow4988

    The thread for positive people only

    I understand you fully I just hate the fact that people just use this website to attack but maybe if people read the update patch notes like for this patch it does state that the patch will improve over time
  10. Gilkow4988

    The thread for positive people only

    Hi just a standard Xbox one not s or x
  11. Gilkow4988

    The thread for positive people only

    I don't mind the new update game after game it seems to be getting better they did state that this update will improve over time. just be patient we will be enjoying the game more and more
  12. Gilkow4988

    The thread for positive people only

    I love this game and everyone would if they remember is a preview and is still being fine tuned. The game concept is amazing and love the maps so far and the weapons. People just need to stop moaning about the little things and just enjoy what we have.
  13. Gilkow4988

    Need new content

    Haha I love a good amount of sarcasm
  14. Gilkow4988

    Need new content

    I really enjoy this game even with the crashes and rendering ect. I believe that all the gamers on here that like pubg for what it is and are not just trying to find stuff to moan about would agree (correct me if I'm wrong) we still play with the issues and have started to deal with this but new content please. We need events and new modes like 50 vs 50 shotguns only and so on. I keep seeing all the video's of pc events and really won't to get involved but I don't have a great pc and I've always been a console person. Even pubg mobile is out moving us on Xbox.
  15. Gilkow4988

    Sold my Xbox one x for a PS4 pro.

    Well bo4 will have br 140 people over black ops most memorable maps they say it will be 1500 times the size of nuke town this will be great or terrible as call of duty have always had server problems. But battlefield could make an amazing br game