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    I’ve been reading complaints of people saying it’s blurry . I hardly use it so I can’t say whether or not that’s true.
  2. xXTheSquirrelzXx


    I believe Everyone who logs in after the hot fix goes live until November 21st shall receive it . Hotfix is is set to go live November 15th I believe , thats if nothing goes wrong to where it’ll be pushed back and or pending QA/Cert.
  3. xXTheSquirrelzXx

    Community Weekly Post - November Week 2

    Understandable , thanks
  4. xXTheSquirrelzXx

    Community Weekly Post - November Week 2

    Lol I’ll give the keyboard&Mouse a try . Wanna try the full experience ya know .
  5. xXTheSquirrelzXx

    Community Weekly Post - November Week 2

    Yeah I went back on YouTube to watch it in its alpha days and was shocked. Lol just wondering though I might buy a Pc sometime in the future and give it a try
  6. xXTheSquirrelzXx

    Community Weekly Post - November Week 2

    We’re you already Pc gaming along with Xbox or did you build a pc recently?
  7. xXTheSquirrelzXx

    Recent de-sync patch on pc ..

    🙏🏽🙌🏾 De-Sync is the absolute worst.. Even if it doesn’t fix it altogether, as long as it’s implemented into the game and lowering the amount of times it happens
  8. xXTheSquirrelzXx

    Need info on Custom Setup

    No problem ,
  9. xXTheSquirrelzXx

    Need info on Custom Setup

    Everyone in your squad would join that same lobby , you and your squad would have highlight their GT , click A , Go over to the arrows and click again then go to a open team spot and click A again. This should swap teams. Everyone does so until your whole party is there on you’re team number
  10. xXTheSquirrelzXx

    Help with purchasing a monitor?!

    Just go ahead and drop em down here.. I’ll decide , Lol . I mean I’m not gonna be cheap but I’m not looking to pay $700+ at least not right now
  11. xXTheSquirrelzXx

    Help with purchasing a monitor?!

    Gonna look at this one as well too.. was hoping for 28” - 32” screens
  12. xXTheSquirrelzXx

    Help with purchasing a monitor?!

    Thanks I’m gonna check it out as well as the others and make a decision
  13. Okay I’ve been couch gaming all my life and lately been wanting to give the desk & monitor life a try. I currently play about 5-6ft away from my tv which is a 55” Sony x900e on a XboxOneX. I do play in 4K with GameMode enabled on my tv. For those of you who made the switch from Tv to Monitor or Monitor gaming for years , what would you suggest be the best if not close best monitor for the XboxOneX? Also what should I be looking for when purchasing? Mainly looking for a 4K HDR monitor No input lag if possible Highest refresh rate for XboxOneX Lowest Response Etc. . All the goodies Any ideas or good info I need?! Trying to purchase/order today.
  14. xXTheSquirrelzXx

    Soooo . . I clutched a 1v3!?

    My friends goes “We both can’t sit behind this” then proceeds to get downed.. I’m so glad those guys were bad and impatient!! Lol not to mention I missed my jump out of the fence 🤦🏾‍♂️
  15. Ever been in one of those situations where it’s down to the last squad , 2 of your teammates are dead &nd your positioning is just terrible ? Here’s my latest one , Lol .. I’m pretty sure these guys got off for the night after this loss.. (I know my aiming isn’t the best , haven’t been playing cause of work and/or had much time to play with the sensitivity since update) sorry clip is kinda long as well https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/big-squirrel-xx/video/63035619