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  1. I feel ya, the past 10 matches tonight have died because of it. The last one i was behind a rock before he started shooting and was dead before i could do anything.
  2. Freezeiy

    Xbox dlc 2

    If they were to give you something, should be one skin for each gun, saying game preview participant or master or something like that. Or some really good camo colors that go with all the maps.
  3. Freezeiy

    Cat Eye Glasses

    Didn't buy the pass or levels, i am at 25.
  4. Freezeiy


    Played a squad match, no one was talking, was more worried about them trying to team kill me then anything else. Lucky nothing happened and made it to top 10.
  5. Freezeiy

    Snow Map Charge

    Scroll down a bit and you will find ypur answer.
  6. Until then, time to tear it up on the battlegrounds!
  7. Not to mention they didn't say anything about certain challenges Not being tracked or completed. SR ones.......
  8. The achievements are kinda random, i got the ghost one a few hours ago on Miramar. I use the text on feed as well, we will just have to wait until the devs say something about it in a few weeks at best.
  9. It is, even the normal that has 5/5 challenge one didn't unlock at least one of them. I would be at least lvl 25 with those two alone.
  10. I have gotten a 404m, 373m kill shot on solo with Kar98 and M24, didn't get the challenge competed, didn't get the daily the other day whem it was am SR kill.
  11. Freezeiy

    War mode party

    I got into a match, and knovled two guys, a rando comes up and starts shooting me. The enemy team comes up and finished me while leaving the rando. Gotta watch out for that.
  12. Freezeiy

    Weapon skins

    Thanks, i should've double checked.
  13. Freezeiy

    Weapon skins

    Anyone else not seeing them in the store?
  14. Freezeiy

    Phantom parachuters?

    Me and my duo buddy encountered this many times since the last update( a few weeks ago), haven't seen it since Feb area. We landed Ferry pier, and looked around in the sky, no one there. A few min later he says we got people here and bam we are in a firefight. We looked in all directions before landing, they didn't drive up or run from the woods, felt like they were bots thrown into the game lol.
  15. Freezeiy

    Cut Bluehole Some Slack

    Like he says, use the loopholes they made. We have seen a bunch of people teaming on solo, duos and squads(specially when pts was solo only). The fact that the hotfix fixed it again, on top of a new mode coming out a few days later isn't to bad. They would probably have people complain more about it being solo then it messing up like how it was before the hotfix, at least they are trying to do better. As lomg as they fix the challenge glitch, i am fine playing with randoms, as that is how you meet more people to play with.