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  1. Freezeiy

    keeping secrets...

    The best feeling and most intense chicken dinner wins are on one man squad.
  2. Freezeiy

    Survivor levels

    We do have a super small chance of receiving a permy reward upon leveling up. Although from what people have said it looks like a very rare occurrence.
  3. Freezeiy

    Survivor levels

    Lvl 14, still only the two items and a bunch of BP. Store crates got a Camo padded jacket, i don't remember seeing it in survival crate though. I know the urban padded jacket in the wanderer crate been there since beginning. Did the math, if they only give you a permanent item each 10 levels, and the list's above are correct, you would need to reach 130 to receive them all if you got one on the 1st level(otherwise lvl 140 you would have them all).
  4. Freezeiy

    Silent nades

    Lets hope they fix it!
  5. Freezeiy

    Silent nades

    Not just nades for me, the past week there have been instances where me and my buddies don't hear footsteps, all of us using different headsets, yet none of us heard them coming up.
  6. Freezeiy

    Survivor levels

    Made it to level 12, my luck with the survival crates is as bad as the crates in the store.
  7. Freezeiy

    Dashboarding is back

    After each update always a few crashes, since this current update i have only dashboarded once. Before that it was a few times a week.
  8. Freezeiy

    Survivor levels

    I've had the same luck, lvl1 got the blue bandana, lvl 10 got blue biker boots. Don't use either.
  9. Freezeiy

    Survivor levels

    Exactly what i got last night before i jumped off.
  10. Freezeiy

    Survivor levels

    I am almost level 9, still only got the one item, but still an infinite amount of levels to go.
  11. Freezeiy

    Survivor levels

    I never said i got anything other than BP, i played 10 hours yesterday, first few hours duo, then the rest 3 man sqauds. My buddy that got it on his 4th crate only recieved BP the first few crates. Also before you start talking crap, read that pic. Every level-up on the way to each permanent reward will grant youBP and also a chanceto receive an additional permanent reward. If you had gotten 330,000 xp you would be the highest ranked survivor in the game as it only takes 10,000 xp to level up. When you do good in matches you will get at least 1500 xp.
  12. Freezeiy

    Survivor levels

    Same here, if it was i would've just ignored them and kept going for the dinners
  13. I hope so, mainly because i have finished my weekly in the first 5 hours of playing. But would be a pain for the people that can't complete them within a day that are busy.
  14. Freezeiy

    Survivor levels

    The first crate i got a blue bandana that looks like a helmet when wearing it lol. One of my buddies got the Erengal biker jacket; another one got the biker mask on his 4th crate. Since then i have only gotten BP.
  15. I am at lvl 6.5 now from playing yesterday, have completed all the weekly challenges and have to wait for the daily. How far has everyone else made it to?