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  1. conceptual

    reporting teaming

    They wont. It is not in their interest to reduce player count even further when the hype train is stuck in the mud and they already have issues finding matches for players. Why won't they do an SA server? Player count. You don't shoot a dying horse in the leg.
  2. Complaining about Miramar on here is like complaining about Dust on CS. You are going to catch shit from fanboys no matter how valid your observations. To me, Miramar will be cool once they get it to perform/load like Erangel.
  3. conceptual

    Tired of dying bc there are no vehicles🙄

    This would be resolved with dead body sledding.
  4. If she had a comp and a sight rail, it would be OP. FUND IT. But it was possible for armorers to add a scope. No need to be pedantic.
  5. conceptual

    SLR and Uzi

    Belgian design with Belgian tooling, even the brits have trouble ruining that.
  6. conceptual

    remove leaning from left stick click

    Or, just stop clinching. "Panic pushing" has been a thing since the earliest days of xbox FPS. You panic and squeeze the controller, it causes you to stick click, and boom, dead.
  7. conceptual

    Hate Mail

    These are boys who have accomplished so little with their lives that they take gameplay statistics as a measure of self-worth and existential validation.
  8. conceptual


    Would be funnier if it worked.
  9. conceptual

    Grass render distance is garbage.

    This is why I stick around, to see which inane part of pubg meta someone starts crying about next.
  10. conceptual

    Sniper's glass reflections

    He did have his spotter though. Could be a tall tale, you never really know with eye witness testimony.
  11. conceptual

    Sniper's glass reflections

    Only one documented case of it ever happening was Carlos Hathcock in Vietnam. The rest of it is tall tales told by Hollywood after they added it to every movie that ever had a counter-sniper scene. Naturally EA/DICE would add it to nerf snipers for "accessibility" and "fairness", heaven forbid anything take skill these days.
  12. conceptual

    Sniper's glass reflections

    Muzzle flashes are easier to see and aren't a Hollywood gimmick. Bonus points for it already being in game.
  13. conceptual

    Do not disturb sign

    When she plays the banter is even worse: "You are already being eaten by the blue, just die real quick and come help me!" "There are 60 people left and all you have is a pistol" "Go hide on that roof for a minute"
  14. conceptual

    Ump needs to be nerfed

    These forums are full of limitless salt.
  15. conceptual

    With or without shoes?

    Barefoot, wish I had the option of socks. I imagine m'self like Smiley from TTSS. PUBG is the only game that has given me that experience.