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  1. Some of us are capable of being civil and making friends or just having fun. Negative nancy.
  2. conceptual


    Never recall ever seeing this issue brought up in these forums before. So at least it is an original excuse for dying when you hot drop.
  3. conceptual


    This is why a second weapon is essential in PUBG, can't beat the reliability and speed of a New York Reload.
  4. conceptual

    Xbox Achievements

    Deep Rock Galactic and Astroneer both had achievements from day one as well.
  5. conceptual

    Xbox 1 x

    That is called doing business. The game industry is comprised of business's.
  6. conceptual

    Xbox 1 x

    Well, maybe you should inform War Gaming that they are doing it wrong, and while you are at it, tell Rockstar to drop support for the OG from Red Dead Redemption 2. This is literally what I said War Gaming does to make WoT competitive on PC, and it is fine by me. You are demonstrably confused.
  7. conceptual

    What if Microsoft bought Blue Hole?

    Microsoft doesn't listen to anyone. The fact that you think they will listen makes me believe you are naive and innocent in a way that speaks volumes of your age. Not a bad thing, just the facts.
  8. Force regions, ban HPB's. If your region doesn't have a server, what a shame.
  9. conceptual

    Xbox 1 x

    You mean like how War Gaming keeps its minimum system requirements low for World of Tanks so that more players can play and enjoy the game, even those with older systems? Yeah, real crazy of a company to want to keep its installed player base as big as possible. You obviously don't understand business. The masses matter more than the whinging individual.
  10. conceptual

    Am I crazy?

    You're crazy.
  11. conceptual

    Shotgun OHKs

    I have won shootouts at 30-40m with a pump before update 15. Just need good gun handling micro and opponents with more balls than brains. Pump guns IRL are horrifying implements of destruction, even at range. My cheapo Maverick 88 is my go to for home defense. Got a couple slugs on the bandolier too in case I need to plug someone on the back 40 from my porch.
  12. conceptual

    Shotgun OHKs

    Slaves to the FotM Meta. Shotgun has always been beast at close range.
  13. conceptual

    Current Thoughts

    If you ever you feel like pubg hasn't come a long way, just viddy some crowbcat:
  14. conceptual

    How would you utilize proximity chat?

    Mainly to do everything I did when I played Halo; voice acting, making friends and a little friendly trash talk. Then there are the oddly specific PUBG things to do: 1. Listening to groups singing off key and out of harmony to some whack ass track as they roll by in a Dacia going 130kph. 2. Listening to someone scream when they get hit. 3. Same as #2, but in foreign languages. 4. Doing the Friday the 13th sounds as you hunt for the last corner camper in the house. 5. Same as #4, but with heavy breathing instead. 6. Rolling a UAZ while under fire and shouting "LIKE A GLOVE!"
  15. conceptual

    Silenced S12

    It is rare that the supposed "bad guy" wins in cinema, always glad to see it happen.