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  1. also whenever i'm running or auto-run, my character will randomly slow down?
  2. is anyone else experiencing this? wasn't as bad before the patch. not sure if it's the same on battle royale but gunfights in cqc on sanhok is unplayable
  3. 12121

    LFG Posts amuse me

    it's either the people you mentioned, people begging to play with girls or people bragging about smoking weed in LFG posts. you do find a few good players in the mix tho
  4. if we complete all challenges do we have to wait a week for the next batch?
  5. you're probably right! maybe i've just turned into an extreme pessimist since playing this game lol
  6. NA servers, stats aren't recorded, not happy with current state of live server so won't be happy with PTS and reading forums the matchmaking doesn't even work. so i'm looking forward to experiencing that on the live server when they update it
  7. agreed, but i think everything would be better if FPP was the default instead of TPP. even though i only play TPP
  8. 12121

    Cool and all

    if they haven't fixed lost connection to host and desync then there's no point updating the live server. also i'm looking forward to all the new bugs once they copy+paste the test server to live
  9. 12121

    pubg dying? no way...

    fair play to the developers of this game, probably getting paid a fair but for doing sweet FA
  10. i don't think it will kill it completely, but the release of red dead 2 and other games (which will run smoothly) will kill this game. they have messed up their pc player base and are losing xbox players fast too. it was a good 11 month experience, but i think most of us will just play this game when we're bored of ones now (at least i will anyway)
  11. 12121


    sorry, but this is simply not good enough. it's been 3 weeks since the lost connection to host and desync issues have been reported - one hotfix had been implemented (only recently) and it didn't do ANYTHING differently (even during that they tried to add more gun skins you can buy but they bugged out too). i'm glad we are out of the game preview so people can stop defending the incompetency of the developers of this game. we should have weekly updates and constant hotfixes if they were actually serious about making this game work. oh well there's a few big games out within the next few months so we'll just have to put up with it all until then
  12. still losing connection to host, desync is still prevelent. not really surprised tho, fifa next week!!
  13. 12121

    Trying to get ranked

    i sit around top 200 kill rating ttp eu squads, highest is top 50. if you don't play for a day or two it goes up to 900 or something but not hard going back up
  14. Why is it impossible to cancel matchmaking? Held down X to cancel and it just puts me in the game.