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  1. Crackingdsnutz

    Gaming router worth it?

    I still have some lag issues,,, just not the massive ones others complain about. Sometimes something you think is minor or optional can make a big difference, so wondering what folks in the community have found to be different before/after a router upgrade.
  2. Although I've never had the massive dsynch/lag others have,,,,, or at least don't think I do,,,, Wondering if getting a gaming specific router would help. I've got frontier's FiOS with 100mb speed. Currently use the FiOS provided cable modem/router for wireless connections. We have two Xbox, and the usual plethora of other wireless items in the house. Only two of us live here though to use all this crap.
  3. Crackingdsnutz

    Survivor missions

    Yep, although not as important now that lvl3 helmets are crate only. Anyone else remember when 3 were world drops and sometimes dropping a 3 to put on a 2? The dull 1s and the 3s almost identical from the rear.
  4. Crackingdsnutz

    What's your Survival Level?

    Found out during Sanhok pass that if you drop at end of flight path on Sanhok there are usually some veggie hunters. For some reason I was able to get a lot of shotgun kills on these guys in the first couple minutes. Seems shotgun is popular in these areas, and lots of unarmored opponents in the first mad loot rush.
  5. Crackingdsnutz

    Survivor missions

    Got that last night at lvl7.
  6. Crackingdsnutz

    What's your Survival Level?

    Started on Saturday, made it to lvl7 last night by completing final weekly challenge. Got lucky and had two basically identical. Get 10 kills with DMR was one, get 10 kills with DMR/SR was the other.
  7. Crackingdsnutz

    keeping secrets...

    Been doing more Solo's lately since many of my old teammates are off to new shiny games. Some will come back. I took a couple weeks off gaming completely, and struggling to get back into the groove. Solo was the last mode I got a win in, meaning getting the final kill in both duo/squad. Enjoying the new survival challenges, started them Saturday and up to lvl7 so far.
  8. Crackingdsnutz

    keeping secrets...

    Keep trying, it will happen. So far I have only one solo dinner, which gets so frustrating. A guy that I play with has four solo wins. When I die first and spectate him it drives me nuts as he can't see opponents. Can't figure out how he has feasted so much??
  9. Crackingdsnutz

    Survivor levels

    Lvl5 so far, just BP 500-1000 each lvl.
  10. Crackingdsnutz

    Survivor missions

    They say this is permanent/semi permanent. Likely they will reset for each "season".
  11. Crackingdsnutz

    Survivor missions

    Note sure what time it was, but the PUBG. Day starts about 8pm EST,
  12. Crackingdsnutz

    What is the best gun all round?

    Love the VSS, for a few reasons, whisper quiet, high cyclical rate, ease of finding ammo. I'm certainly not the best player out there, but if you take the time to get comfortable with the bullet speed and drop off the VSS it is worth it. Do kinda need the extended mag however. Final note, it also can fill in decently for CQC situations due to fast fire rate. Had an early game situation yesterday where all I had was VSS, won close range battle hip firing VSS against someone with ump. If I find VSS I'll either pair it with M4, or ump depending on attachments. Also love SKS with M4 combo.
  13. Crackingdsnutz


    Be more noobs coming in with PUBG going into Gamepass starting tomorrow.
  14. Crackingdsnutz

    Bad deaths

    Feel bad for both of you, bad way to die. This weekend is first time I've been on Xbox in two weeks,,, and apparently I'm one hell of a farmer. Been pulling potatoes out of my ass all weekend long😕 Seems almost every fight i get into I'm coming up just a bit short. Spectating to see how close i got, most of the time they have 5-10% left,,,, one more hit dammit.
  15. Average five or so every spawn point I'm in, so about 20%. Now you have me looking