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  1. Crackingdsnutz

    Hardest Event Pass Mission

    I had a perfect headshot in a guy with kar98 at almost 400m, bastard had on lvl3 helmet and full health, took him down to 12. He got cover before I could cycle another round. That's closest I've gotten.
  2. Crackingdsnutz

    Despite criticisms

    Been playing the game since release date, and still on for an hour or ten just about every day. Enjoying the new map/s, guns, etc and looking forward to more new content as the game continues to develop. I have been lucky in that most issues have not plagued me. Definitely had my issues with being kicked for awhile, but think I've had as smooth an experience as possible. Now if I could just take a leap in skill!
  3. Late last night got kicked for the first time in months, no big deal except I was three hits into taking someone down when it happened. Got back into the game and half dead to blue damage (had to run about 100m to get out). Think that other than while driving this might have been the most inconvenient kick I've had to date. Dude had another 50m of open ground to cross when I got kicked. Checked Pubglookup and had taken the guy down to 14 points 😕 Oh well still got a top 10 out of the match. At least the guy who killed me wasn't the one that got away.
  4. Crackingdsnutz

    Event Mode: Public Beta - Flare Gun

    If this is setup the way you describe,, If I'm on Team A I'm chucking the flare gun into a bush or dropping it in the ocean after we've gotten our loot. Why take the chance of allowing another team to get the gun off of one of us. If they kill one of four teammates, and that one has the flare, then a situation is setup where we could get very screwed if we meet that team again. Since flare gun crates have so much loot we don't need a second. Why hold onto the flare gun?
  5. Crackingdsnutz

    In a real life combat situation

    Couple guns in the game have bipods specifically created for firing in the prone position (DP-28 and QBU). Proning also very valuable to duck behind ridges/cars to heal up. Last night I had a situation where I was almost out of ammo on Miramar after killing a guy (ran him over,,, twice,,,, but that's another topic) and had to use the car to block for me from a sniper about 200 meters away. Had to jump in car, reposition it, prone while looting kill for ammo and then crouched behind car to return fire. Crouching to loot would have likely resulting in my hairdo being ruined. On Sanhok, if you completely ignore the sniping opportunities afforded by using bushes then you are discounting a significant aspect of the game. If the situation calls for a bush wooky, be a bush wooky. If it calls for a Rambo, be a Rambo. I'm far from the best player in the game, but trying to improve all aspects of my game, especially when to use each one (aspect).
  6. Crackingdsnutz

    Where the F is the UAZ in Sanhok?

    Plus 200 for completing all eight vehicles. 360 points in total.
  7. Crackingdsnutz

    4th random

    The random is leader of his party of one, and sometimes you're added to his party. His party, his rules.
  8. Crackingdsnutz

    Where the F is the UAZ in Sanhok?

    I kept dropping on temple on top of mountain, probably 20 drops, then working over to alpha. On one game I was on ridge overlooking alpha sniping folks when a buggy rolls up and stops right below my position (hidden by trees). Few seconds later I hear the sounds of UAZ driving off. Damn thing was 50 Meyers from me! Jumped down, ran and grabbed his buggy and gave chase. Took about five minutes, but finally got him spun out so I could kill him. Unfortunately i came up just short in the aim department. Spectating after my death, he had less than 10% health left. Found one few games later in duo's at ruins, drove it about 100' then destroyed it.
  9. Crackingdsnutz

    Where the F is the UAZ in Sanhok?

    That's where I found it.
  10. Crackingdsnutz

    Where the F is the UAZ in Sanhok?

    Remember seeing one near one of the camps a week or two ago, but now I can't find one either.
  11. I'd agree, played four matches so far and seems to run fine. Be good practice mode for working on weapons skills as you'll get several matches of combat in 12 minutes instead of 12 hrs. Spawn rate of AWM seems a bit high, half my drops are same weapon. I have (mostly) enjoyed it as a change of pace.
  12. Crackingdsnutz

    Anyone had one of those days.....

    Last two nights, only managed a single kill each night. All of mine has been either getting ambushed, sniper, no vehicle, and most frequently potato aim. I'm scratching my head trying to figure out why potato aim is back so bad so suddenly. Think some is I've been tired last couple nights,but still doesn't explain my foot fetish. In almost all cqc in shooting feet and legs for some reason,,, if I hit at all.
  13. Crackingdsnutz

    Stuck at work thread.

    Played for a couple hours until I couldn't stand my pathetic play anymore. Yesterday and today I've regressed to total potato. However the game is running great. Played all three maps and had no issues on any of them.
  14. Crackingdsnutz

    Stuck at work thread.

    Glad my son likes Taco Bell, it's taco Tuesday and I'm not planning on cooking tonight. Have to see which camp is correct, way better or way worse.
  15. Crackingdsnutz

    Good hot fix

    I agree that command delay when swapping/equiping weapons is a pain. Have to wait for weapon to fully equip before holding X to load will work. Know that 1 sec delay has gotten my killed a time or two. Also when reloading and wanting to go back to ADS. Have to wait for reload to finish to go ADS (type B controls), really slows you down when your trying to hit someone. Can't say this has gotten me killed, but has certainly made me miss many good shot opportunities,,, that in my mind at least would have been kills!!