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  1. Bye All!

    Its been fun, but after tonight, I'm done. All the best to those who persevere but I'm out. Thanks to those that took part is some intelligent discussions on all aspects of this game and other tech developments in gaming in general, but its obvious some people do not like you discussing future developments in gaming tech at all. I tried to add a bit of variety to the community forum but it would seem that's not wanted, nor encouraged. Even censorship can be abused. So, bye all and maybe cya on the flip side. "drops mic"
  2. Need a squad to play PUBG xD

    Hello Amy! Welcome to the fold. I hope you find some comrades in arms. I'm too old and only play in OCE servers I'm afraid , but well done you for getting out there and asking for game mates! Have you tried Discord? its very good for finding people in your area and on the servers you prefer. I take it you play NA? best of luck. I'll pass your info on to my 21yr & 18yr old sons, they like the odd game here and there and also have friends in the North America region so you might get a friend invite from them! Have fun.
  3. Mavericks Proving Grounds. 400 player Battle Royal?

    The interview with the dev guy at the live event is worth watching. He sounds very informative, aware and knowledgeable. I was surprised to hear that they had been in development for 3 yrs so its quite a ways along and also happy to hear that they are invested in the game for a decade cycle after full release, which in itself is impressive. And for those interested here is a link to the company that has developed the Spatial OS tech these guys will be using. Interesting stuff, really next gen tech by the looks.
  4. News has dropped about a tittle that's in development called Mavericks Proving grounds. A company trying truly new technology to go to the next big thing in gaming apparently. It all sounds amazing and it also sounds extremely cutting edge technology. One of the dev's has explained that they have been in development for three years gives a pretty interesting interview here . I was particularly interested in the Cloud/Spacial OS tech they reckon their server tech can allow for 1000 players. He even lets it slip almost nonchalantly that they have had 400 players in teams in testing they have been doing. *Sort of sounds like the tech that Dual Universe intends to use in their huge space sim game where they also claim thousands of players, being in the same 'instance' in servers via Cloud servicing. Although this Maverick's sounds like the server only renders what you need in your immediate area and not the entire details of the map of the 400 other entities. A bunch of servers 'spool up' to apparently improve client side and server side performance. Above my understanding thats for sure! It all sounds very cool. The very brief teaser basically gives you the impression of the engine and art style. I also like the idea of objective based challenges that draw players towards each other and NOT any force field etc..players are naturally drawn into zones by having to meet challenges and achievements within the map/round that will make them converge into each others space.. Very cool. https://www.pcgamer.com/mavericks-proving-ground-the-game-with-the-400-player-battle-royale-mode-drops-first-teaser/ Levelcap gives a reasonably condensed precise of the whole shebang and his personal thoughts over here. Another source indicated that more in game footage was to be released at GDC next month on the 19th and they might even be in Beta in late March. I've signed up! Keeping an eye on this one for sure.
  5. RIP Pubg Optimization

    i7 What? What's the type and speed of your ram? DDR3/4? and speed...I have seen a lot of people complaining of 'stuttering' with ram rated 2400hz and around thereabouts! Have you got the' DPI Override Scaling behaviour' CHECKED in your Steam settings? Have you got the Steam Overlay, UNCHECKED? Have you set the tslgame.exe set to a high CPU priority mode in Task manager? It all helps. You have to remember comparing this game to 'others' that run fine on your rig is currently irrelevant because this is still VERY much an un-optomised piece of software. It really is. The Unreal engine has been known to leak memory like a sieve, and well, IT'S JUST NOT FULLY OPTOMISED at the moment at all. NO matter what anyone tells you. I personally don't think the game will be fully optomised for more than another year and that is IF the Devs even pursue that endevour. Its running, albeit not very well on many systems, its making money for now for the developer (always a plus!) BUT, its plagued by cheating issues and cheaters who seem to be able to outsmart the developer at every turn. The title may just die a natural death of normal game attrition as the 'shine of it' wears off with customers, something else comes along ect..ect.., so enjoy what you can out of it as it is right now, because I personally really don't think its going to get much better than where its at right now. Unless HUGE decisions are made to make the game more enjoyable, fairer and viable to those that DON'T cheat. WE all know where the ball is and who's court its currently sitting in, BLuehole just have to DO SOMETHING.
  6. It could also be an effective anti cheat practise as well! Steam often does an SMS verification if you log in from another device, I've had it do it to me several times. You try to log in, Steam doesn't recognise the device your currently using so it sends a security code to the cell phone number associated with your account, you get the SMS, enter the number you receive and now you are permitted to log into your steam account. Why the he'll couldn't Bluehole introduce something similar to this for their game.? I'm sure cheaters would soon get sick of having to buy a new cell phone and create new Steam accounts everytime they got banned! It might just work.
  7. ah hahah not really their old man was a member of a Competition grade Quake Clan/CTF/DM and a winning CSGO team who came 2nd in state titles...some years ago but still, there is some skills left in the old bones. What I lack in speed and endurance I amply make up for with cunning a knowledge. The eldest boy still has a duo with me every now and then when I plead with him.
  8. I'm really interested in this roadmap that's been announced now. Surely they have to be considering some sort of ping lock to address the cheating. Nothing seems to be working as of now? BattleEye even made a comment recently that although they are banning a million PUBG cheaters a month, its seems to be getting worse?? "unfortunately things continue to escalate" This does NOT bode well for the game!
  9. By all the blood splatter on the windscreen and the aircraft sound incoming ....I'd say you got taken out by a A-10 Warthog!
  10. What should I do to get better?

    You tried using Discord in your area? Find someone just like yourself and join for shits and giggles and eventually you'll click, and then you'll still be having fun but you will both be getting better and not even knowing it.
  11. Cheating Discussion

    There a great video of a guy using this cheat on youtube. The uploader recorded this grub, he's shooting nearby guys thru walls and such the usual thing but then he gets his AKM, stands behind a building and just points it up into the sky and starts emptying mags, then you see the killfeed going off as he's killing people kilometres away. It's like he's using artillery! I hate cheaters. I hope he gets hit by a bus.
  12. High fps and stutter

    Ram is your friend. The unreal engine is a ram hog and renowned for leaks. Hitting your max ram buffer can create a situation that looks horribly like lag stutters but is actually buffering in and out of memory as your screendraws are happening. 16G as a minimum is a good guide. Also from the many many post I have read and in my own experience get the fastest ram you can run in your rig. It does help imo. And of course a beefier GPU is always a welcome addition to any rig.
  13. Give us pinglock and better anticheat

    I get a sub 30ms to my local PUBG server, I'd be chuffed if everyone else on the server with me also had say, sub 150ms connections. Our game would be much fairer, responsive and fun. If that restriction denies a shittonne of cheaters from ANY country joining, I'm ok with that. The chances or likely hood of coping a cheater in every match would at least be minimal to say the least! At the moment the OCE server is just infested with people I can't talk to and who in all likelihood end up cheating. Even if you get good comms via discord, you head off into a match the a big number of players who enjoy a ping advantage and cheat advantage as well. Lose, lose situations are not fun.
  14. I can't find those can you please link..were they Tweets?? ..because I follow BattleEye in Twitter..? I'll check their feed again but if you have a direct link to where they use figures like 95% and such, that would be good.