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  1. Maybe deleting your gameuser.ini file, re-verifying your files again and let Steam rebuild your libraries for you, and as Hawkins said launch the game from Steam and not a shortcut/taskbar link. Also try launching it nude...I.e NO launch parameters set in Steam. It should go, unless there is some screwy firewall/port blocking going on.
  2. What gaming headset to buy?

    Ive posted elsewhere in another similar thread, but I'm extremely happy with my Sennheiser Game Zero headphones, matched with the Asus Strix Raid Pro 7.1 soundcard....VERY nice combo. Actually, the best headphones I have ever owned or used with a computer in 34 yrs of testing and gaming.
  3. Desert Map - First Vehicle Revealed

    I did a LOT of miles in a VW combi van in the 80's...a LOT. I wish the one we were getting in the desert map was like this baby!
  4. Headset Suggestions

    Note that I also upgraded my soundcard (Asus Strix Raid Pro) I also bought a pair of Sennheiser Game Zero headphones. I also have a pair of Kingston HyperX Cloud II as well as a set of Corsair Gaming h2100 wireless headphones. They are all pretty good at what they offer for the gaming enthusiast, BUT The Sennheisers are easily the best headphones I've used with my computer ever. They are exceptionally comfortable and the audio fidelity is outstanding. Of course the cost across these three examples varies quite a lot and I think you seriously have to have a very good sound card to warrant expensive headsets. The Sennheisers have proven themselves great for gaming, movies and music enjoyment and the Asus Strix Studio program helps bring out their abilities. I'm very happy with the combo. If you hunt around you can grab the Game Zeros for a pretty good price now as they are a few years old.
  5. Question about the Crouch Jump Keybind

    Never bothered using the tactic myself, never used the macro or the recent keybinding that made it easier to do. Actually now I think of it Ive never used a macro in any game but then again I play for fun and relaxation and am not trying to be super competitive or get on an esports team. So last night I thought Id see what all the fuss was about. Now I use a fairly weird keybindings anyway basically Rmb to move forward, L/ shift for backwards L/crtl for crouch, z for strafe left, x for strafe right, spacebar for jump and other keys not many people use. Have never used the WASD format in 34 yrs of computer gaming, always my 'screwy setup' as my sons call it.  Ive always found that y left hand sits on these keys in such a natural position whereas I have never felt comfortable with the WASD. Jumped on a 3Pp server and within 5-10 minutes I was easily leaping out of my test building by timing the pressing of the left control and spacebar, it surprised me how quickly I became proficient in it, it was jjust like hitting a chord on a piano with the left pinky finger hitting the CRTL key and my thumb on the spacebar. Then onto a 1PP server and although I could do the move it was actually slightly harder to do, I think it was because of the FOV. On the 3PP server being able to watch your character from behind certainly makes it easier to judge when to mash those keys. Still after some more practise on the 1PP server I was starting to time my approach at the window pretty well and nailed the move with greater frequency. Still imo its so wrong that you can pass through a wall in the game world without any noise I,e glass breaking. I'm sure people would be spitting chips if you could do that through a standard door for example with the same move. So if an old fart like me can become pretty proficient at the crouch jump within about an hours practise why do people even need a macro? Is it because the hand position in the WASD layout makes it harder for finger reach? I knew my key binding layout would be vindicated one day, my kids are spewing they cant do the jump as easily now and their ord man can. Ultimately I think when vaulting is rolled out we will have to learn another keybinding for something like 'dive' or they will make the move similar to the rush animation in BF1 where if you charge a door etc your forearm automatically comes up as you smash through the door ..something like that perhaps.
  6. View of weapon in 1PP

    Yep running with a scar with a scope on ot really highlights the ' proportins' issues they need to address. It takes a big chunck of the screen and is too high in your FOV. it looks like you're running along with it up in front of your face using it as cover! They'll sort these things in time.
  7. New player upgrading computer to get better fps

    mate then you're set...get a nice CPU and and GPU and you are done...Until Nvidia's Volta comes out!! muhahahaha Cheers Ugrading your cpu might involve a new mobo and if your really keen some water cooling...but its all good money's spent on your hobby and you 'future proof' yourself to some extent. I'm using the same Obsidian case, same mobo, same ram, same cpu,..etc.et.. I just swapped out a SLI rig of 2x 980ti's for the 1080ti...and im good to go...in the next couple of years Ill do a full build and get ahead ofd the wave and be future proof for another few years......Still cheaper than playing golf or photography as a hobby let me tell ya!...I use to fly gliders years ago and that cost me a shitload@!
  8. New player upgrading computer to get better fps

    Running an i7/6700ok cpu at Stock speed, with the amazing Gigabyte GTX1080ti Aorus Xtreme OC GPU, 16G ddr4..etc all the trimmings in all the other bits...SSD ARE important...and a nice monitor if your using a high end GPU. PUBG runs gloriously on my machine at 1440p ultra in all setting with Shadows and foilage on med @165hz. If you can get the good gear, it and every other bloody thing you throw at it will run amazingly well. I was an SLI user consistently for nearly 15yrs straight and the 'now' gen GPU's are truly amazing tech. So fast, so reliable, no micro stutters, no worries about non game support for SLI - i.e. Unreal 4 engine and away you go...pure grunt. I could crank my CPU and still get another two years out of her...My rig has zero bottlenecks, its almost like both CPU & GPU are the sweet spot for each other, and on a nice 165hz Gsync monitor...you're golden! Just swap out your CPU & GPU and you will be set for a long time my friend. (I run the same Corsair DDR4 LPX ram and its brilliant..is it 3000mhz?)
  9. Game blocked from launching

    yep everyone is on discord Oceania now going nuts..continually coming up as 'connection closed' no matter how many times you hit reconnect its dead...grrrr Ill try a full restart fo the rig..
  10. Compass Needs Color & Make Sizable!!

    I believe the compass colour and design was mentioned in early testing ages ago and am pretty sure there are several threads on it. I do agree though a nice ledgible compass would be great. Even having the option to choose your own colour contrast for the compass even better. Some might go for the Military/Naval 'gimble' style of glass compass centre screen with white on black numerals. Others might opt for a lcd tech style, perhaps yellow on black is a high visual contrast scheme used in some cockpit avionics, as are the greens and reds.
  11. Crouch Jump Bind

    Yes, exactly for the reasons stated. AGAIN, I'll try and make this as plain as I can because you seem to be having troubles understanding this. IN ITS CURRENT STATE, it is indeed an unfair advantage. I agree with the developers, THEY agree with me, that's why they have made it so in tonight's' patch. What YOU have to do is convince the game creators that a 'currently' obvious unfair advantage, that you seem to use/like by your own admission, should be to be retained by the makers of the game. Convince them, not me. Answer this simply question: Do you think that allowing a player to pass through/violate an existing game's world defined 'verticies' within said game, without any 'in game' audio or graphical representation of that movement through the vertices to be fair? i.e. basically do you think that CLIPPING in a online game is fair?
  12. Crouch Jump Bind

    Its not me saying (or implying) anything. It's the DEVELOPERS. The current state of affairs in their opinion is that is is an unfair advantage to those that use it in its current form. I happen to agree with the developers of the game. As it stands now it is an unfair advantage obtained by modifying the user ini file and that is something the developers do not want us to do obviously. Their game, their rules I'm afraid. After 34yrs of gaming (and closed beta testing for some big players like ID/Croteam etc) one thing I do know is that if the game designer doesn't want it in, its not going to happen unless its under their terms and its fair & available to all. Again, your comment about "If every mechanic was removed just because you don't know how to handle it" is erroneous at best and supposition at worst. Stop doing so much assumption about what I say/imply or what mechanic I can or can't use in any game. Your implication that I don't like it because I die to it is silly, again.
  13. Crouch Jump Bind

    That's not what I said. What I said was in its current form it violates the game rules and is an advantage to those that use it, if they did make the glass smashing and were fine with it then I would live with people leaping out of windows all day, as long as I can hear them they make easy targets. I never once said that because I don't use it no one else should. Read what people actually type. Also your opinion that the couch jump is "probably one of the funnest and most unique qualities of this game" is amusing. At a guess I'd say nothing will change until vaulting is rolled out, maybe you'll like vaulting even more? Some people simply want to turn this into CS:GO so they can bunny hop all over the map, wouldn't that be fun? The leaping mechanic is screwed as it is now.
  14. Steam is just sitting there saying its starting the download but nothings happening? Has the patch been pulled/postponed? 1830hrs ESDT
  15. Crouch Jump Bind

    I dare say that's what the new vaulting mechanic will introduce, I don't have a problem with the bind, but in its current form it violates the games rules in that it clearly gives the person an advantage. I watched Xfactor streaming yesterday and he is leaping in and out of second story windows out behind people breeching the front door and not making a sound, straight through solid windows, no noise, no smashing of glass??...that's not fair and not in keeping with the games design. BUT, I did not know they were letting those that already have the bind enabled to keep it ? that it a nonsense they either allow it fully or zero. I saw a comment online that this change by BlueHole is a direct result of some twats that discovered how to turn the fog off by editing the user.ini? Is that true?