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  1. Sell the game to Epic and let them fix it...they could probably do it in under a month.
  2. Especially if it reliably continues to be crap!
  3. Hit_Marka

    Cheating Discussion

    There a great video of a guy using this cheat on youtube. The uploader recorded this grub, he's shooting nearby guys thru walls and such the usual thing but then he gets his AKM, stands behind a building and just points it up into the sky and starts emptying mags, then you see the killfeed going off as he's killing people kilometres away. It's like he's using artillery! I hate cheaters. I hope he gets hit by a bus.
  4. Hit_Marka

    High fps and stutter

    Ram is your friend. The unreal engine is a ram hog and renowned for leaks. Hitting your max ram buffer can create a situation that looks horribly like lag stutters but is actually buffering in and out of memory as your screendraws are happening. 16G as a minimum is a good guide. Also from the many many post I have read and in my own experience get the fastest ram you can run in your rig. It does help imo. And of course a beefier GPU is always a welcome addition to any rig.
  5. Hit_Marka

    Who is considering quitting/ taking a break from PUBG

    Have to admit, it has all become rather tiresome lately. But I'm still sticking it out, I want to get into team play more as I think that might give me the enjoyment that solo is lacking at the mo.
  6. Hit_Marka

    Cheating Discussion

    I was pretty sure the Dev posted in the recent discussion about Reshade and such that such programs would actually prevent the game from even launching?? So, no I don''t think its a data collection service that will suddenly supply accounts to be banned. I"ll try to dig it up...but when asked outright what would happen with programs such as Reshade and the game, the reply was, "It wont launch" ??
  7. Hit_Marka

    Cheating Discussion

    Sad state of affairs, how the hell do they do this? Backward engineer the new anti cheat code within 24hrs of it being implemented? Maybe Bluehole SHOULD BE HIRING THESE GUYS to help them fix the cheating issues with their game.
  8. Hit_Marka

    Cheating Discussion

  9. Hit_Marka

    Cheating Discussion

  10. Hit_Marka

    PC restarts itself

    yep reboots are generally a pretty good indicator of a PSU maybe dying but you seem to have checked this. This is a long shot....but check and make sure each ram stick is correctly seated in your mobo. If one is even remotely out of position it will cause a memory fail and that can cause a reboot. on the days it works ok you might just be getting lucky that the pins are contacting for that period. Take em out, clean em and re-seat em. and because you have 32 gig I am assuming you have 4 sticks...mix em up a bit and change over the pairs to their corresponding slots...i.e. 1/3 2/4 *and out of interest what is the speed of your ram?. I have noticed that people with higher rates Ram do not seem to get crashes and such. I've had 3 crashes (BattleEye related mind you) in my entire time with the game and that has been since March, 2017. Do you have any other UNREAL engine based games? Its notorious for mem leaks... While your in there do the same for any card in a slot/gpu/sound card anything that might be causing the system to 'short'
  11. Hit_Marka


    IF pubg could get the Unreal engine to implement weather changing dynamically that would be brilliant and make the game so much more immersive. Just making the entire map the one weather conditions for the whole match is a bit ordinary. Night mode would be an obvious exception, BUT imagine a random storm during night mode match!? Check out this developers blogg of the game 'water' mechanics for SCUM. Watch the first 4-5 minutes, especially the split screen segment and pay attention to how the weather changes. The clouds change, debris/leaves starts to swirl around, the sky darkens, rain increases in intensity etc.. It's a brilliant effect of a storm rolling in and then watch as the storm/showers dissipate. I think this type of mechanic occurring randomly in a match in random areas (like the red zone) or even across the whole map would be so immersive and challenging as you would have to adjust your play style and tactics as it occurred. It would certainly add to the games enjoyability IMO. I just don't know what sort of coding would be involved and whether the weather would be a resource hit on the servers. *did you see what I did there?
  12. Hit_Marka


    yep turn off your clock or fps counter in reshade....i posted this in the BUGS area days ago...you can save yourself a lot of heartache by searching first...there is an entire thread on this..
  13. If you are using Reshade turn off your fps/clock counter. I see that you have them enabled. If that doesn't work disable reshade, but turning off the fps counter worked for me and several others. its a problem with the Reshade fps overlay and that map.
  14. Hit_Marka


    My sons have Xbox and PS4, we have a few big screens in the house but they mostly use a 60inch we have in their rumpus room. I could not imagine anything more excruciating than to try and play PUBG on a large screen at such slideshow rates. It must certainly make one I'll? Even 30fps on such a screen would be horrible imo.