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  1. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Possible to pull game from game pass?

    Games added to Game Pass are available usually 12 months. If you download it within that time from Game Pass, you do not lose access to it once it's removed. You'll still be able to play it as long as you have a Game Pass subscription or purchase it.
  2. CyclingGuyNOLA


    You can report a player that team kills from their profile for cheating. Just provide team killing in the comment section. It does work. Just had a random duo partner try to shoot me trying to get my crate gear a couple weeks ago. Took alot of health from me and 2 seconds later was killed by another duo. Reported him and got the notification action was taken...
  3. CyclingGuyNOLA

    What is the best gun all round?

    I love the M4 + VSS combo. I see everyone saying use the vert grip. I use the half grip but lately have been finding shots do the weird circle pattern at range trying to grab guys on the run. Does the vert grip help with that any?
  4. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Daily missions broken

    Haven't had any issues with completing missions but, just got 3 kar98 kills and mission only registered one, uggg.
  5. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Bad deaths

    I did this yesterday. 4 left, scooted back to heal so i could move in and wham, dead from blue. I sat cursing and laughing for 5 minutes.
  6. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Weekly mission reset already?

    Yes. Event Pass is no more and has been replaced with Survival Rewards. Same daily\weekly missions but no Event Pass to buy.
  7. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Killing idle players? At end of plane path?

    LoL. Was meant he is a sorry ahole
  8. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Killing idle players? At end of plane path?

    We stopped playing with our regular 4th because he took off on a hot drop, while we were fighting, to go kill idle players. Asked him, wtf are doing and he casually responded, gettin some easy kills. We all died and haven't played with him in a couple of months, sorry ahole.
  9. Report them via their GT to Xbox. You'll get more action from them than Bluehole.
  10. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Survivor levels

    LvL 7 . Got skull fang bandana at LvL 1 and only BP since.
  11. All you'll succeed in doing is a mod removing your post and giving you a swat on the hand because name and shame is more important than stopping it.
  12. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Do some people not use vehicles?

    Vehicles are death. I stay away from them unless i am forced to use one. Only time i want to see a vehicle is when it's blown up and the victims body is flailing the ground like a fish out of water.
  13. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    I have to be completely honest. New supply system is garbage. Have reached LvL 6 and only LvL 1 gave me an actual reward. 4 levels of nothing but 500BP and 1 700BP. Very disappointed and feel a bit lied to as i expected (unique rewards) and not BP that's just going to give me the same pink polo shirt over and over again. Bought the game, have bought most of the skins including the new Harley Quinn and feeling a bit let down that i have fully supported this game through thick and thin from day one just to get handed BP, which btw, i already get that from matches, i don't need it as a (unique reward), too.
  14. Congrats and better knock on wood. LvL 1 got the skull bandana, fixing to hit LvL 5 and all it has given is 500BP since. Feel a bit lied to about (unique rewards).
  15. Please don't ask for anymore settings. They already screw up enough everytime they (update) them as it is ?