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  1. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Phantom parachuters?

    Ive had it happen alot lately. Starting to think it's a bug with the chute skins.
  2. CyclingGuyNOLA

    I’m so damn thirsty for sanhok dinner.

    I don't mind the snakes but man do the house corner campers put me in a rage. Climb in a window, ratatattat before i can blink. Drives me nuts! 🤣
  3. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Releasing new content but...

    You're still crying. I said GO TAKE A NAP
  4. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Releasing new content but...

    Let it go now child. You've thrown your tantrum and clearly not happy with the game. Go find another, its really that simple. If this game puts you in such a state you're in, maybe you should go get your pacifier, change your diaper and take a nap. You'll feel alot better later. 👶😭
  5. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Releasing new content but...

    How do you know what it costs to maintain this game? Its clear there's no getting through to you. You have your opinion and aren't open for reasoning and we'll leave it at that while the majority of us mature open minded people enjoy the game.
  6. CyclingGuyNOLA

    For all of you wanting

    Sadly, just saying hello to anyone or anything that involves PUBG brings out the worst. For one, I'll be so happy to never look at Erangel again!
  7. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Releasing new content but...

    How do you think they fund this game or any other game other developers have made? You want the game fixed, well all this money grab you speak of is a neccessary part of the fix it process. You think they work for free, would you?
  8. CyclingGuyNOLA

    I’m so damn thirsty for sanhok dinner.

    Finally got my solo last night. Funny enough, wasn't even trying. Had 115 rounds of ammo between QBZ and M416, 1 first aid and a lvl helm cause i was hunting that mythical UAZ the whole time. Sheer luck the circle ended on me and i walked away with a 5 kill with 6 bullets left. Such satisfaction
  9. CyclingGuyNOLA

    People shouldn't be able to finish downed players.

    Don't finished a knocked player? Seriously, are we not supposed to kill the enemy only knock them, they get revived? How is anyone supposed to win? In every game, knocked players can be revived or finished off while knocked. Its just the way it. Probably be more simple to just instant kill, no knocks....
  10. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Releasing new content but...

    I agree 100% I wouldn't say its perfect by no means but, it has definately improved greatly and I can at least get near an enemy without stepping into lag mollasses.
  11. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Releasing new content but...

    Youre naive if you think this is the only forum like this. All forums are like this. BTW, there is plenty of annoying things that i wish were fixed. Doesn't stop me from enjoying the game. I adapt to the situation and play it the way i can make it work. It's no different than every other game in history. They all have thete issues. My point is, your dwelling on content being added and not understanding, not the same team doing them. Content team finishes their project and its pushed out. They don't know that this or that is broken. They are paid to do content only. Are they supposed to finish their project and wait for the bug hunter team to tell them its ok?, no. They'd be out of a job because someone higher up thought they didn't complete their project in the time alotted. Its just how it works. Game isn't going anywhere. Thinking games like Blackout coming will end PUBG is just nonrealistic. What it will do hopefully, is push PUBG to fix the issues quicker and continue adding new content quickly to keep their base. Now it looks like it's headed to PS4 which just adds to the millions of fanbase it already has.....
  12. I had someone do this to me once. Later i realized, don't think he was looking for proners, was just destroying vehicles. Either way, it was very effective on his part because i jumped up like burning man and he was able to end me before i could pump enough into him.
  13. Blasted tire poppers! I've had my few instances of karma come back on me while hiding. I've learned, it's still just as hilarious cause you know they pee'd a little when you (pop) up.
  14. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Releasing new content but...

    Your response shows you have zero knowledge of how anything is made\maintained\......
  15. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Releasing new content but...

    And add to that, if the initial team that put the houses frame together screwed up, those other teams that put in the drywall... have no idea anything is wrong and it just falls apart. Can't ask a plumber to frame a house. Cant ask a drywall guy to put in the electric...