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  1. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Can I get a gun?

    I avoid apartments like the plague. I've never found anything good in them but attachments. Houses, there are only certain ones ill go to. Little storage shacks, I always check them. Some of the best loot I've gotten in-game were those tiny little sheds. Barns are my #1 goto for all things.
  2. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Ump needs to be nerfed

    I've been on both sides of the UMP. Just came out of a match me AKM red dot on guys head, I fired 3 shots to his face before he even realized I was in front of him. He let loose the UMP and I was instant melted, lvl 3 helmet, lvl 2 vest. Better than me, I'll go with that but be real, 3 rounds of 7.62 vs 9mm and I'm dead before I can punish his face more. Few matches ago, running with UMP and guy comes flying out of nowhere with a blazer down the road full throttle. At about 75+meters away I killed him with 5 shots from UMP. No way that should of happened. I was iron sights and no chance of lining a shot as he was driving away and was just going to scare him into crashing. UMP, I'll even include Vector are OP now and to say it isn't is either just blind or wanting to just troll arguments. 100 man matches and if you watch kill feed, death after death with SMG now more than ever so most are realizing they are the weapons to use for quick death to anyone that comes near them.
  3. CyclingGuyNOLA

    No body box after kill

    Unfortunately not. I was so busy walking around trying to figure out if maybe the box was just (under the ground) as things can render sometimes that I was lucky I got the screenshot as body disappeared right after and I took off running for the next zone.
  4. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Title Screen glitch

    Happening to everyone I know since the last PTS testing. Sometimes clicking each one will correct it.
  5. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Duplicating Sound Running on Dirt / Sand - Miramar

    Having this happen as well. So bad I've had to turn sensitivity off on headset because I find myself constantly looking behind me thinking someones trying to be a creeper.
  6. CyclingGuyNOLA

    No body box after kill

    Bug Description: A few times playing have killed someone and afterwards no body box appeared. I could see if they had zero loot, cosmetics... but, screenshot below, guy was looted up with Scar L, helmet, vest, backpack.... This was south side of little military camp next to Crater Fields. Playing on a Xbox One X running Skip Ahead
  7. CyclingGuyNOLA

    hitting ground

    I've raged so many times thanks to invisible pebbles that do more damage than rolling down a hill.
  8. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Miramar color

    It's sooooo bright!
  9. CyclingGuyNOLA


    I've learned, whichever car is the aggressor and tries to ram first, always, always explodes. If you ever play chicken again, right before you ram, lock the brakes to try to stop and watch what happens.
  10. Just played my first match with new update. According to patch notes SR Extended Quickdraw is a crate item now but, was going for a zone and found 2 SR Extended Quickdraw in barn north end of LA Cobreria headed to Oasis. Should have screenshot it but didn't think nothing of it. My VSS sure appreciated it though.
  11. CyclingGuyNOLA

    3x has too much going on

    It'll take some getting used. I picked up my first 3x and immediately switched to 2x/red dot combo till I have more time to play with it and get used to it.
  12. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Camo hat = lvl 2 helmet

    I've been tricked more into running for a level 3 helmet only to find out was a black level 1 turned at an odd angle, lol.
  13. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Hate Miramar

    I agree 100%. I've grown so tired of Erangle that if I spawn on it I immediately leave the match and try again till I get Miramar. The only time I play it is if I'm in a squad and they want to play it.
  14. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Longest kill?

    469m VSS on Erangle. Still my proudest moment.
  15. CyclingGuyNOLA

    Vertical when firing

    When firing, guns point almost vertical and can't pull barrel down to target. I've messed various settings but nothing seems to matter. Any tips I can try? 3 lost matches so far and getting annoyed.