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  1. CJNL94

    Please bring the Halloween update to xbx

    Maybe it'll be a zombies mode?
  2. CJNL94

    Nico on pubg

    One can only hope! But based on previous hype posts it's usually underwhelming
  3. CJNL94

    Type B to Type A

    I play probably 3/4 TPP and 1/4 FPP and switch between Type A and B depending which mode I'm playing. TPP - Type A, FPP - Type B
  4. CJNL94

    Laser sight

    It isn't meant to be shown to other players
  5. CJNL94


    My b I didn't see that post. I think in the recent flare gun video it said that it caters to how many people are in your squad but I could have misinterpreted
  6. CJNL94


    On the PC the Flare Gun lets you call in a special care package with either an armored UAZ or loaded lvl 3 gear for you and your squad. Down side is it gives away your position when firing the flare and have to wait for the drop to land.
  7. CJNL94

    Server issues and 3x issue

    Can't explain your region issue but as for the 3x, you can change the color by hitting Up and Down on the D-Pad and can change the brightness of the sight by holding RB and moving the L-Stick up or down. When you lower the brightness all the way it turns black or appears off
  8. CJNL94


    Completely forgot that this was supposed to be a thing
  9. I honestly do not understand why players sit and wait for this long to get into games. I play on NA and any time the matchmaking timer goes past a minute I cancel and search again. 9/10 I get put into one within 10 seconds.
  10. CJNL94

    The Bad Days

    Had one of those nights last night on the PTS, completely just bad luck and a little more potato aim than usual
  11. CJNL94

    *TPP-PTS* Cries out Loud

    Glad someone thinks the same ?
  12. CJNL94

    Wouldnt expect an update/patch notes.

    Let's just wait and see what Nico says during his stream today
  13. CJNL94

    New update?

    Nico is streaming later today (11am PST) chance he'll have some sort of update for us
  14. Lose connection to host while loading into a 3 or 4 man squad with friends. For me it usually happens with viewing friends list or recent captures while loading into a match.