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  1. Let's hope (fingers crossed)
  2. Says here that there are supposed to be a series of 3 articles to keep us informed. 8 days to release 2 more articles and patch notes? Probably only get patch notes the day of or night before
  3. CJNL94

    Teleporting on miramar

    Same thing happened to me last night We were just north of El Azahar when we stopped at a barn to loot . "Is that an 8x in this little corral?.....It is! Sweet now I ju........wait what...where am I" It teleported me to outside the colosseum at Tierra-Bronca http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/cjnl94/video/53716570
  4. CJNL94

    Robbed my first Chicken Dinner?

    Thats what I thought too at first but the circle would still damage him in the end and wouldn't be able to heal in the water unless in a boat
  5. CJNL94

    In depth stat tracker

    Like the Battle Points / in-game currency that is received after every game for kills, hit points, and finishing placement.
  6. If you watch the video again there is actually 4 other people just standing there. 2 on top of the rock area and 2 to the middle left
  7. CJNL94

    In depth stat tracker

    @FLEXZICAN Is it at all possible to incorporate Kill BP, Hit BP, and Rank BP to the tracker?
  8. This happened the game after the one in the clip. Even saw the ghosted gun change after they put on a new sight
  9. I can't recall if I had any hit points or not, I hit the record button a little too fast. But the stat tracker said 105 in damage given
  10. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/cjnl94/video/52830237 Went on a suicide mission in an attempt to avenge my teammate and started shooting the player that was standing still even though I know I was getting flanked from both sides but this person ate 7-8 5.56 rounds and looks like they didn't have a helmet or vest. My teammate spectating me was tell me that all I was hitting was dirt and that there was no one there. On his screen he didn't see the player I was shooting or the other 2 just like him on top of the hill and to the middle left. Anyone else experience this?
  11. CJNL94

    New patch 16 news

    Ya beat me to the post haha
  12. Last night was probably the worst experience I've had to date. Running on an Xbox 1 S. I crashed probably every other game or so and every now and then multiple times a game. (Even a hard restart and shutdown did not help) The situations where I crashed all varied but manly in squads and in highly populated areas. Iv'e also noticed that if someone in your squad crashes there is a high chance that you'll crash or another player in your squad will crash as well. When in a highly populated area or towards the end circles I experience freezing/skipping frame rates. For example, towards one of the last circles, there was an enemy team pushing in towards the circle from cover and I was moving toward their flank that had a lower ridge as cover and for maybe a few seconds it freezes and all of a sudden I am 15ft further than where I was over the ridge and in the open. This happened frequently.
  13. I was thinking the same thing the other night
  14. CJNL94

    Why dont I record this stuff?

    We picked up a 4th rando teammate last night for squads and we had 2 buses. the rando says his bus is out of gas so we reverse and pick him up. Then the rando proceeds to get into the other bus and as we are full speed ahead to our marked area he pulls out a nade and blows us all up
  15. Yea idk what that guy was thinking