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  1. Make it so you just hold A to switch to driver seat so its faster.
  2. A$ap_LeVics

    Crate Drop Rates

    They need to change the drop rates on these items.
  3. A$ap_LeVics

    Disable loot for TK

    Cool idea
  4. A$ap_LeVics

    Make a Suggestion

    Add a grenade launcher that spawns in care packages with a certain amount of rounds like 5 and has a slow fire rate so its not so op.
  5. So its been a while since they changed the drop rate for items in crates , i still feel they can make them better.
  6. A$ap_LeVics

    Weapon Skins

    same here i was only able to buy the AKM Left the store to go put the skin on when i went back it was gone.
  7. A$ap_LeVics

    Weapon Skins

    do you still see them in store?
  8. A$ap_LeVics

    How much are them new gun skins ?

    there was 4 weapons skins AK and the Scar L - 500 g coins , Uzi 300 g coins and the pistol 100 g