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  1. Hello! Is it anyone more than me that have noticed that the regulat MC, since the most recent large patch have turned into shit? It spends more time on the front wheel than on two, MC's do have both back-wheel and front-wheen brakes you know. And the balance of the bike itself seems off, as if the front is heavier than the middle and back. FIX THIS! ////
  2. My2nd

    FPS Problems

    Have you tried monitoring your performance during a game? My 290 gets so hot that it throttles (lowers) its GPU core clock from 947mhz to 400-550mhz. I monitored it with MSI afterburner and could see the FPS-change due to the throttling. @947mhz i was locked at 90fps basicly, and then it slowly went downwards to 400-550mhz with an FPS jumping between 35 and 60. Gonna get some new cooling paste and hope for the best, read about some guys lowering their temp 30-40c.