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    such as....
  2. I know, right! A guy can shoot a door and break the door down with gunshots, but we can't drive over garbage bags. Oh, but a fence will break away like a twig with the right amount of speed.
  3. In the first video the shooting seemed to be pretty spot on by you, can't say the same for the other guy. Luck was definitely on your side in the second video. Dude probably stunned himself as well.
  4. hotdogin

    Is this an experiment?

    video proof?
  5. hotdogin

    new progressive load problems

    I believe you 100% because it has happened to me a few times, but when reporting bugs like this video proof is king.
  6. I'm honestly beginning to think armor and helmets are just on the game for a placebo effect. Most of the time they seem to make little or no difference.
  7. hotdogin

    Time is running out PUBG

    Oddly enough I'm getting the opposite with an Xbox One S and hardwired connection. Since the update Erangel renders almost perfectly once I'm on the ground, whereas Miramar does not. It still takes a solid minute or two for buildings to appear, but when they do they show up fully rendered, no more play dough.
  8. Like some have already said, don't take the game too seriously. First of all it is a video game. Second, it is still just a preview version and not 100%. My approach would be very different if it was being advertised as complete and sold for $60. Sure, it has some serious problems and progress feels sluggish, but at least they are updating it on a fairly regular basis. Have a little patience, play a different game to mix things up for a bit, and come back.
  9. It's not that it's only allowing you to play the one map, it's setup for random selection since we currently do not have the option to select between maps. Keep playing and you'll eventually get thrown into Erangel.
  10. hotdogin

    Nominate an PUBG asshole moment

    Try not to look at it as an "asshole moment" instead, you should see it as a moment where you were outsmarted and take note of those tactics for future use. For instance I had a small fire fight in the upstairs part of one of the smaller homes, guy was in the bedroom and I was in the area next to the steps. They threw a smoke down the hallway to not only block my view, but they used the noise to cover up the sound of them jumping out of the window and then tossing a grenade to where I was sitting. Guess it was a dick move, but damn smart on their part.
  11. hotdogin

    What exactly has changed?

    Mirimar has been added to the live game and the menu has a received a little bit of an update. Rendering was supposed to have been improved, but it's honestly hit or miss still. Played a match on Erangel and everything loaded perfectly. Played another on Mirimar and it took a good 1-2 minutes for the buildings to even appear.
  12. hotdogin

    This Is So Fair.

    Practice has nothing to do with rendering and buildings loading. First clip it worked in your favor, second clip is kinda iffy. Played my first round of Miramar since the update the loading/ rendering took way too long. Landed in the same area as somebody else and you could see all around where structure was supposed to be, but for the first minute or two it was just a wide open area. As far as claims that I should buy additional equipment just to get the game to run better are just ridiculous. The game should be optimized by the developers to run on a console. It shouldn't be my responsibility.
  13. I stand somewhat corrected. It looks like it got cut off at the 0.4 mark when the blue surpassed you.
  14. What do you mean? You're the one that decided to stop in front of that big blue wall and get patched up. If you had started running you might have had a decent chance. Sure, you might have also been killed with one shot at that point, but I'd take that over losing to the blue circle.
  15. hotdogin

    Hit detection

    Shot guns are so hit or miss on this game, no pun intended. I've shot somebody 3-4 times before without a kill, but last night I killed somebody with 1 shot point blank range. Definitely a broken gun in my opinion.