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  1. hotdogin

    Helmet Spawns

    Every experience is different for everybody on every map. Whether it's performance issues or spawn rates of loot. Played my first round of the new pts this morning and had no issue finding lvl 1 & 2 helmets. Even found one of the new grips for the ump right away. Like the red detail, makes me wonder if the have a license agreement with Fortis Manufacturing.
  2. hotdogin

    3x has too much going on

    No complaints here, but then again I use scopes in real life so I understand the purpose and appreciate the realism of the reticle.
  3. hotdogin

    Anyone else

    Pretty cool substitute for a kill cam. The one time I've done it so far threw me off a little as there wasn't an indication of the transition. I was confused for a moment because my killer had on nearly identical gear as me and then I realized I was spectating.
  4. I'll be one of those guys, but you bought this game fully aware that it is a preview edition. The game is literally a work in progress while we're all the guinea pigs. Simmer down, un-twist your panties, take a break, and come back in a little while. Obviously there are issues, but the game is fun which is why most of us on these forums just keep coming back for more.
  5. hotdogin


    With that info I'm sure the devs will get right to it!
  6. hotdogin

    Head hunter rewards

    Any word on the most recent event? Snipe City I believe
  7. hotdogin

    hitting ground

    Sounds about right. There invisible walls created by small changes in terrain that will stop you in your tracks or well...you know the rest.
  8. hotdogin

    6x and 3x scope don't work

    In what ways do they not work? Is the image once zoomed in blank, is the image blurry, do they not zoom in at all? We need more info
  9. hotdogin

    Red dot bug.

    So you're changing the reticle on one scope and then changing to another scope?
  10. hotdogin


    I wouldn't say it was a waste of time. Sure it sucks that there's not much incentive to find bugs at the moment. I guess the big picture is the devs are hopefully monitoring these threads and will try to eventually fix these issues. I thought that was the true purpose of the PTS anyway. Don't give up and keep finding/ reporting bugs. It may be beneficial to all in the long run.
  11. hotdogin

    competion pubg

    Not sure. Don't think so
  12. hotdogin

    Denied by Desync ?

    definitely blows. Nice shooting on the first guy though
  13. Yeah that is straight up dookie sauce, but providing evidence rather than short post will help the devs, which will hopefully help us in the long run.
  14. That is not what I was trying to imply, I was simply asking if you had video proof to provide so that it may assist them in determining the issue at hand. Also I did not say "true issues", I said "true cause". Two very different things.
  15. Have any video proof that might assist in helping them determine the true cause of all the de-sync?