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  1. hotdogin

    Unimpressed with 1.0 release

    I think it would be unfair to report the player due to rendering issues on your end. As we all know the rendering varies greatly per player with this game. So it may have been a case of everything was working fine for one party and not so much for the other. Or he was simply taking advantage of one of the games many flaws. Would you sit by until everything renders or would blow through a "building" for an easy kill? After all, the goal is to be the last man standing.
  2. hotdogin

    Remove 4x and 6x from all SMG's

    I didn't mention anything about the effective range, just making a point that a large scope can be placed on a smaller weapon so long as it has the rail space.
  3. hotdogin

    Remove 4x and 6x from all SMG's

    Not the strongest argument, but it can be done in real life. So long as the rail is long enough on the top you could throw a 15x scope on an SMG in real life.
  4. This is what I feel is wrong with this game as a whole. Too many people are having such drastic experiences. It honestly seems to be a 50/50 split where Player A has everything running smoothly and Player B is just getting crapped on. It would be a different situation if it were more of a 90/10 and the majority were having a great experience and the minority could most likely blame it on hardware. Something is definitely broken with the game in my opinion.
  5. Would be cool, but there are just way too many guns that use 5.56 in the game already. How would the ACR be different from the SCAR? The P90 and FN57 would be great additions due to different ammo type and the higher capacity of both. Maybe the P90 could be a crate weapon since it comes standard with a 50 round mag.
  6. hotdogin

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    They are aware. Try using the search feature before creating another redundant thread next time.
  7. hotdogin


    Gotta love getting revived right in the sights of a sniper. Extremely aggravating when there is huge fire fight happening in the bottleneck of a hall way and that one medic is more concerned about getting his 20 points for the revive.
  8. hotdogin

    Aug needs recoil nerf

    Ha! You obviously haven't been playing with UMP & lightweight grip lately
  9. hotdogin

    We need the SCAR-H!!

    SCAR-H or another AK variant would add a nice variety to the 7.62 game
  10. hotdogin

    Recent Game Smoothness.

    Can't tell you how many times I've pulled the trigger only to have nothing happen. Getting stuck in ADS numerous times has also resulted in a premature death.
  11. Why? Of course if he came across a sniper he'd pick that up, but the UMP worked for him and was his preferred gun in the game.
  12. Very true. My buddies go to was the UMP before the patch. He'd drop just about anything for an UMP.
  13. hotdogin

    Rare Crate Items

    Same after receiving a few duplicates I said the hell with it and no longer buy crates. I'm simply saving what little bp I earn with the hopes that the crate system will be improved upon come full release. Sadly when that time rolls around though I may no longer have any interest in PUBG.
  14. hotdogin

    Some gorgeous D sync footage

    What in the actual f?
  15. hotdogin

    Cars not turning off

    Supposedly you have to place it in park. Sometimes when coming to a stop I'll go in reverse for just a second. Other times I'll verify that I'm at a complete stop and again, wait a second before getting. Super obnoxious because just like the footsteps in this game, a car that's idling truly is not that loud unless its a muscle car. And to clarify on the footsteps sometimes you can hear somebody walking around the apartment building next door as though they are right on top of you.