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  1. xXEasterBunnyXx

    The ump

    So I think you may be referring to the OTS reticle. The reticle I am referring to is the reticle on the red dot sight itself. To change from red to green: Aim down sight, Hold Right Bumper, push up or down on the D-Pad. You will see the Dot, Post, Cross, and Chevron in red, then you will see them in green.
  2. xXEasterBunnyXx

    The ump

    Vector full auto sounds like freaking space force if it is off in the distance from you.
  3. xXEasterBunnyXx

    The ump

    I've got to vote for the Vector.... Comp, Half Grip, Ext, Red Dot Sight with Green Chevron, Tac stock. All the ingredients necessary to melt some faces.
  4. Has your update fully completed? The game will not open if the update is not complete.
  5. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Can someone explain Kill Rating to me?

    I believe that the kill rating is the same as the regular ranking in that it is an ELO system. So how much your rank is affected is determined by the rank/rating of your opponent. For instance, if you kill a very high-level player, it is going to pull your rank higher than it would if you killed a player with a similar or lower rank as yourself. So with that said, the person above you may just be getting more kills on high-ranked players rather than low ranked players, which would effectively make his rank higher than yours.
  6. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Patch #17 Feedback topic

    They literally already addressed this and stated that they are working on a fix.
  7. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Sanhok for XBOX?

    At E3 it was announced that it would arrive Summer 2018. So you could assume that it will show up in the next couple months.
  8. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Test servers extended

    I am not sure I will want to play the regular server until this PTS patch goes live. I've already learned the new recoil patterns with some good old fashion muscle memory and anti potato pills, and I'd rather not have to start all over again.
  9. Unless you have a 200 meter zero, in which case you would be dead on at 25 meters at the first intersect (50 Meters for 5.56, 25 Meters for 7.62), and dead on again at 200 meters at the second intersect with the fall of the bullet.
  10. With a 100-200 meter zero, your bullet does not intersect with your line of sight right out of the barrel.
  11. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Stop resetting my controller setting

    It reset on me because I did a fresh install and forgot that I did so.
  12. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Change damage system

    The Russian M1895 revolver shoots 7.62x38R
  13. You may need to increase your deadzone in the settings. Try putting both on 5-10 depending on how it feels. This should solve your issue.
  14. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Dissapearing weapon and items glitch

    You are going to need a video and/or screenshots of the situation so that staff can recreate the issue in an attempt to fix it.
  15. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Game Volume

    It was a bit quieter, but I've no trouble with adjusting the volume to a normal level with my Rig 800 headset. The directional sound is better than it was before.