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  1. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Headset recommendations???

    Plantronics Rig 800LX
  2. xXEasterBunnyXx


    Custom games should be implemented....soon
  3. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Pubg vs blackout...

    You have to have the dolby access app and have paid for it, or have a headset that came with a code. Go to settings and then audio settings. Then you can select the headset output mode. Dolby access may not appear if you don't have the Dolby Access app. You can download the app and get a free 14 trial to test it out and see if you like it. I use it and it is fantastic.
  4. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Pubg vs blackout...

    Many people changed their headset output settings to stereo for better directional sound with PUBG. When playing blackout be sure to utilize Dolby Atmos or Microsoft Sonic for better directional/spacial audio.
  5. xXEasterBunnyXx

    xbox lag switch, freaking scary!

    If it isn't going to boot SA peeps from our NA server then it isn't going to boot someone using a lag switch.
  6. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Scenario I struggle with

    Seek out the high ground without skylining yourself. If you are going to play in the center of the circle you have to be on a swivel at all times because pressure is going to come from all sides. If you are going to play the edge, specifically on the longer side of the circle, pressure is more likely to come from the direction of the Blue closing in so you can shift more of your focus to that area and the left and right of that area. If you are going to play on the short side of the blue you are likely going to have more intense close engagements to your sides as people don't have to move into the zone as quickly with the blue moving slower, so my strategy is to find the highest ground on the short side of the circle, that way it is easier to scan my sides to watch for others walking in with the blue, while also watching for someone to cross in front of me that may be making a run for some harder cover deeper in the zone. If possible have a sniper and an AR.
  7. xXEasterBunnyXx


    PTS is only open for set times during testing. Times are stated in patch notes or PTS announcements in the news and announcement pages. BP and G Coins on the PTS are completely separate from the main game and are only for testing purposes.
  8. xXEasterBunnyXx

    AUG needs a buff

    I have to say that the only things I take from crates containing the AUG are the 5.56 and armor.
  9. I had this happen once and I was given the item via a crate that I had to open. Rather than looking in your customization menu, trying looking in the store menu under the "My Items" tab. You may have a crate to open that will contain the item. If this is not the case, submit a ticket for additional aid. https://support.pubg.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  10. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Everything is SILVER!

    Click center Xbox button on controller then click X to record a game clip. Then once it has uploaded go to xboxdvr.com, search for your Gamertag (caps sensitive) and link the clip.
  11. xXEasterBunnyXx

    *TPP-PTS* Cries out Loud

    Uhhhh, if you are in TPP everyone does have the same camera angle/capabilities? I like both game modes for different reasons but play primarily TPP just because it feels more open. The FOV in FPP sometimes makes me feel like I'm in a belly button simulator. If I had to say how each felt, I'd say that TPP feels a little more casual than FPP, but again, I like both.
  12. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Character moving on its own?

    This is likely due to thumbstick creep. Try increasing your deadzone until it stops and it will solve your issue. I keep mine around 7-10 depending on which controller I am using as one has more creep than the other.
  13. Both are great games and both are very different. I will be playing PUBG for my BR fix, but I will be playing COD for my competitive multiplayer fix rather than playing event modes.
  14. xXEasterBunnyXx

    Is this Damaging PUBG?

    A good example of this scenario is how hype trains work. Games are notoriously more successful if they are more successful with the hype building before release. Betas, early access, streaming before release, youtube, all of these kill prerelease hype in the truest sense. Jackfrags had an incredible video describing the scenario referenced above. See this link