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  1. CeQuana


    Was this meant to be posted in the PC section?
  2. That must be hard with it that slow, each to their own though.
  3. You have have your aiming sensitivities on 1?
  4. Also only suspected M&K once really, this guy hit 6 consistent headshots across 3 targets one after another. Maybe just really good with controller though.
  5. Counts towards your Xbox stats, kills and wins both count. Although this kinda makes stats invalid.
  6. CeQuana

    Factor Knocks Into K/D Ratio

    Ok come on, I wasn't using stupid as a legit term for your intelligence, thought you might see that. Agreement is not necessary but explaining yourself fully is, you didn't mention the Kill/Knock(K/K) stat in your OP, you only mentioned it later on claiming it would of caused arguments if you had aforementioned it. You caused arguments by not mentioning it and then mock me like I want people to never disagree with me? Make sure you post full details in your OP as to avoid confusion/arguments. Have a good day.
  7. CeQuana

    Factor Knocks Into K/D Ratio

    No, I'm trying to tell you how idiotic you seem to everyone in the forum. Not a single person I saw has agreed with what you're saying. But you're right (in your head).
  8. CeQuana

    Factor Knocks Into K/D Ratio

    But you're always right my guy, atleast in your head.
  9. CeQuana

    Factor Knocks Into K/D Ratio

    Not once did I, in any of your previous post see you mention changing the current Kill/Death to a Kill/Knock system. That's makes more sense, not counting a knock as a death.
  10. CeQuana

    Factor Knocks Into K/D Ratio

    I chose to leave cos I didn't want one of my squad to be out the game and sitting on the menu through no fault of his own, waiting for us. Stop being so righteous and accept that there's so many broken factors in this game to make stats worthless.
  11. CeQuana

    Factor Knocks Into K/D Ratio

    Stats are bollocks. The amount of times one of my squad has lost connection to host and we've all had to back out, yet by time I can actually back out I'm already half way across the map in the plane. I leave the game but that keeps my character in the plane and ultimately dying to someone at the end of the plane ride that's killing AFK's. I am receiving both a death and also a loss for a match that I have been forced to leave.
  12. CeQuana

    Factor Knocks Into K/D Ratio

    You're actually taking stats from a game this broken seriously, the amount of times I've died from the drop cos my buildings are playdough and I'm bouncing around while others are picking guns up.
  13. CeQuana

    Aim issue

  14. Also just found this tweet from pubg themselves mentioning it.
  15. Of course I've played the game, I just have a faint memory of a popular Twitch streamer saying something like that. Just did a quick Google search and found this article. The article and I could both be wrong hence why I said someone correct me if I'm wrong, no need to try be condescending about it. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.pcgamer.com/amp/pubgs-deadlier-blue-zone-has-arrived-the-farther-you-are-from-safety-the-more-damage-you-take/