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  1. CeQuana

    PTS Test Server Feedback

    Go to YouTube and watch some videos from WackyJacky101, shows you how to use the range finders on the scope, how many players models to shoot ahead at certain distances and much more.
  2. CeQuana


    To be fair, after 3 knocks you are going to be bleeding super fast, you have like 7 seconds to be revived and if your teammate isn't directly on top of you, you're gonna bleed out.
  3. CeQuana

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    I heard type A is only bugged when bolting the K98 (possibly M24 and AWM) while still in ADS.
  4. Both control types are bugged, when you scope it slows your general sensitivity down to whatever said scope sensitivity you scoped in with, pressing LB will put your general sensitivity to whatever your 'over the shoulder' aiming is set to, luckily I play 10 all round but it is a pretty terrible bug.
  5. I've noticed the 3x on 7.62 weapons just doesn't seem to hit targets I know I should be hitting, put a 3x on the 5.56 guns and I hit every bullet. Something definitely isn't right.
  6. CeQuana

    Universal Time Code? (UTC)

    It's Universal Time Coordinated and it's the same as GMT which is used in England.
  7. CeQuana

    Head hunter items

    Also still waiting for my reward from the headhunter crate.
  8. CeQuana

    Snipe city rewards

    I submitted a ticket about receiving a desperado crate from my headhunter reward, still got the damn crate and not the gloves I wanted.
  9. CeQuana


    If you're referring to previously on the test server to now on live servers, yes. They are trying to work on dynamic weather and a bug caused Miramar to be super orange on the test server.
  10. CeQuana

    So demolision Derby is back

    Basically a stupid obnoxious person.
  11. CeQuana

    New Grips Are Insane

    For sure; in my opinion the things a beast when the bipod is deployed. Thinking about it I'm sure the M249 LMG from the crate drops also has a working bipod, although I could be wrong.
  12. CeQuana

    New Grips Are Insane

    The DP-28 has a bipod that can be deployed by proning, also a new weapon to PC called the QBU has a bipod.
  13. Yeah, refuse to use the M249 as it drops the frames to a point where I can shoot a pistol faster. My friend has pretty good luck with it but the AUG we both have a bad time with.
  14. CeQuana

    Well, Xbox PUBG blows now

    Depends if you changed it before a game always, if you did, it reset to default when you actually got in a match.