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  1. CeQuana

    What happen to keeping us updated

    The fact is they said they would keep us updated weekly, why say it if they had no intention of keeping us informed weekly.
  2. Where's the weekly updates you mentioned in your post? Great comms
  3. CeQuana

    No "Legacy" Controls?

    Probably because Legacy is old, and the vast majority of players would never use it.
  4. CeQuana

    How would you feel about...

    The problem would be conflicting controls, the right stick to crouch would be fine if you aren't aiming. But if you are aiming and try to crouch/prone or stand up it will cause you to lean.
  5. I got you, there is definitely some net code issues as I've experienced being shot round corners, through walls and also have been one shotted through a level 2 helmet with an AK from full health. Would be interested to see some clips of what others are experiencing.
  6. CeQuana

    Fidgety Player

    Sounds to me like you need to smoke a bowl before you play.
  7. CeQuana

    Increase cross hair brightness

    Oh my bad, I swear I read something about black scope crosshairs.
  8. CeQuana

    Increase cross hair brightness

    Surprised people still don't know but I suppose there is no real tutorial. Hold RB while ADS and use your left analogue stick, up and down to increase/decrease brightness. It's also the same for zooming the 8x/15x scope.
  9. CeQuana

    Vss crosshairs

    Negative, the scope crosshair colour on the VSS can not be changed. I recommend turning your brightness up in the settings. Personally I have mine set to 80 because I find it hard to see in the shade.
  10. Now, do you mean actually putting a full magazine worth of bullets into someone clearly hitting the shots? If so I would say desync is most likely the problem. If you get the "network lag detected" a lot I would say your Internet has to do with the desync and poor connection to the server. We all know this game has hit reg problems but never to such a magnitude. Maybe upload a clip showing you hitting the bloke? Either that or you're spraying and praying.
  11. CeQuana

    Hip Aim Sticking Or Lagging

    I believe I read a post before with a similar issue and the guy just needed to update his controller, have you checked for a recent firmware update to your controller?
  12. 908m with a suppressed SKS with 8x scope. Screenshot: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/cequana/screenshot/8752178 Video: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/cequana/video/49244677
  13. CeQuana

    Is This A Fact?

    https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/187462-xbox-game-preview-patch-notes-9/ This was added back in patch 9. Check the second to bottom note under 'Gameplay'. "Party matchmaking is now influenced by the player's MMR".
  14. CeQuana

    Vehicle pyhsics

    From my experience, either land on the front wheel or both flat. Never the back wheel first, that's what causes the bike to flip uncontrollably.