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  1. LottaSlaughta

    Its been a while Forumers

    My fingers are crossed for the November updates! -Ranking system -Tiered, unlockable rewards -Performance mode If they knock these outta the park I’ll be an addict once again.
  2. LottaSlaughta

    Ping System Timing

    If you and I are separated by 50-100ft, any enemy I see and call out will be at a different bearing from you than from me. Obviously this changes on how close/far the enemy is too. If you and your bros all run hip to hip it doesn’t matter, all enemies will be in the same direction relative to you.
  3. LottaSlaughta

    Ping System Timing

    They should make it be an option slider in game options. 5-10 sec?
  4. LottaSlaughta

    Don't worry pubg

    Along with ammo not taking up inventory space. You don’t get penalized for picking up all the ammo you can find, but you can only carry a max of 200 5.56mm rounds? Haha ok
  5. LottaSlaughta

    PUBG Vs Blackout

    It seems the bullets are treated as hitscan like in previous COD games, but after a certain range they start to drop off. Played a few rounds yesterday, the bullet “ballistics” combined with arcade recoil just seemed ridiculous.
  6. LottaSlaughta

    Please Re-Color Compass

    Make it change to the color of your crosshairs. Then the player can customize it.
  7. LottaSlaughta

    V1.0 and Cosmetic Items - Concerns

    “ != “ is “not equal to” aka the PTS isn’t 1.0 build.
  8. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2018/08/21/playerunknowns-battlegrounds-full-release-coming-september-4/
  9. LottaSlaughta

    Games con, new updates?

    Before the PTS sensitivity hotfix it was 0.90.x I believe. Did the hotfix bump it to 0.98?