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  1. LottaSlaughta

    Community event sniper -rewards

    I agree. The bloody tank top looks really similar to the bug bounty tank top they gave out previously. I don’t have the big bounty one, but it was a very exclusive reward, only given to a couple hundred people who helped find bugs in the Miramar map. Giving away an almost exact replica kinda ruins the bug bounty reward for those people.
  2. LottaSlaughta

    I think my teammate may have been cheating somehow

    There were several people a couple days ago on the forums posting the exact method to set up this exploit.
  3. The current system makes sense for PC, not as much for Xbox. They should do something similar to R6S. By playing you earn BP, which you can save up and buy specific items. Simultaneously by playing you have a chance to earn a random crate which contains random items. Or you can buy crates with BP.
  4. Haha I know what you mean. I just thought those two statements were funny.
  5. LottaSlaughta

    BP Auction House

    Since you’re not satisfied with them, you could trade them for something you prefer. I don’t see how that would be bad in your case. On the other hand, I understand what you mean about chasing the rare items. It’s completely up to chance at the moment, and it’s pretty exciting when you get something good. I think an auction house would be handy for rare items you didn’t want at all, that way you profit from the sale and could buy an item you like with your profits. Or they could simply have a trading system. No BP involved, just item for item.
  6. LottaSlaughta

    BP Auction House

    Yeah it might require some tweaks to the game. More loot would help. Some things like school shoes would be better off exchanged for 30 BP since they are so common. I was was thinking more along the lines of: In addition to your cowboy hat, you receive a military hat. You choose to keep the cowboy hat, but you could sell the military hat for 50k BP and save up for a biker jacket which is 100k BP. Or you get a hot pink mini skirt, and instead of exchanging it for 1000 BP or so you could sell it to someone who is searching for it. So it would be a rare item auction house I guess.
  7. LottaSlaughta

    BP Auction House

    What if there was a place similar to Steam marketplace but in-game on Xbox where you could put unwanted cosmetics up for sale? Or if you wanted a certain item you could search for it and find a seller? BP only, no real money involved.
  8. LottaSlaughta

    Shot guns are terrible, fix it already

    True, because a motorcycle helmet wouldn’t stop anything more than a air rifle pellet
  9. LottaSlaughta

    scope magnifacation

    Ok I misunderstood your intent. The 8x is already variable, you can change the mag down to 4x. I think the current system is fine, but it’s definitely annoying when you’re on mirarmar and there are no optics to be found.
  10. LottaSlaughta

    scope magnifacation

    The zero distance (the yardage you’re talking about) just shows at what distance the bullet will impact at the center of the crosshairs. If changing the zero distance also simultaneously changed the magnification of the optics, then you’d only need one type instead of 1x, 2x, 4x, etc. One of the best things about this game is the variation and randomness of loot.
  11. LottaSlaughta

    Announcements on the main menu.

    Announcements on the main menu would be a huge improvement. I’m sure most players weren’t even aware there was a community event for headshots last week, plus they could link the patch notes for recent updates and such too.
  12. LottaSlaughta

    Shot guns are terrible, fix it already

    The lvl. 3 helmet is modeled after old school Spetznaz helmets.
  13. LottaSlaughta

    Event Pass is a total waste

    The mods need to implement something similar to CAPTCHA to prevent PC players from posting here all the time. I’m thinking matching blocks into similar shaped holes would do the trick.
  14. LottaSlaughta

    Event Pass is a total waste

    Flew way over their head haha. And still going... Also, regarding OP: Some items are temporary, but for $10 in addition to the temporary items, you can permanently unlock 3-4 outfits. That’s a lot better deal than the $5 for the tracksuit and similar outfits on the store...Not sure why everyone is freaking out. If you don’t like it, just don’t buy it. The current Xbox outfits don’t suit my tastes, guess what? I simply didn’t fucking buy it.