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  1. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    qbz nerf?

    i think you pulled the trigger after you were dead
  2. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    How loud do you have your headset?

    this, early on just looting and around through its probably half but by end circle times i have it maxed out!
  3. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    qbz nerf?

    LOL not sure you landed a shot and you had no helmet and half health, 1-2 rounds of 5.56 will take you out without even thinking!
  4. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    qbz nerf?

    they need to nerf the ump with a light grip i can tell you that
  5. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    Does UAZ exist on Sanhok?

    yes it does, drove a few of them
  6. yeah i think it is only one shot. lvl 2 helmet and 75% health one headshot with just about any sniper is instant death right?
  7. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    Please Fix Dsync

    Get in a better position to take somebody out instead of open side of warehouse lol
  8. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    Please Fix Dsync

    His video shows desync but if he never messed with that player desync wouldn't have happened, but that's not relevant lol oh ok
  9. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    Please Fix Dsync

    not gonna lie it was a desync issue but why even go for that guy? he never saw you chill in warehouse and light him up when he walks in? not worth the chance and you paid the price for it
  10. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    Your thoughts on the ump

    THIS, needs nerfed bad and i watched a guy on youtube with ump and 6x just slaying people. was not even right
  11. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    Achievement (un) LOCKED

    Mine arent working either, i got a ghille last night and did not get anything for it
  12. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    Something Old, Something New

    i agree with this, did a few solo and a few squads, no issues with any of them
  13. how are you guys watching your FPS???
  14. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    achievements work?

    yeah dont know what the issue is. I don't think mine carried over but I got a crate last night with a ghillie and didnt get anything so I dont know if it is even working!
  15. XxESCxXLUKE1333

    Desync is the worst I have ever experienced

    agreed, does not look like desync to me