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  1. What do you guys think about the idea that the most expensive crate, 7000, the crate that takes the longest to achieve and requires the most gameplay would be something rare or higher guaranteed?
  2. BeingASimpleton

    Bug: Loot box disappears

    I do not have a photo yet, but this has happened several times to me and my teammates: After killing a player, when I go to loot them, there is no box anywhere, totally disappeared. Just wanted to give a heads up. I’m sure it’s already been mentioned.
  3. BeingASimpleton

    Crate Sniper That No-Knock Kills

    I think it could be cool too.
  4. BeingASimpleton

    Crate Sniper That No-Knock Kills

  5. BeingASimpleton

    Crate Sniper That No-Knock Kills

    Cool idea
  6. BeingASimpleton

    Proximity chat please...

    I have never laughed so hard than at some of these proximity chat videos online. It was a huge selling point for me getting the game on Xbox only to find out it wasn’t a feature. It’s also a fantastic way to advertise the game. So much fun to be had. Please, please consider bringing it to xbox. can I get an Amen?
  7. BeingASimpleton

    Chicken Dinner Crate

    Cool idea!
  8. BeingASimpleton

    Chicken Dinner Crate

    Me too, man. Me too. I think it would make the game endlessly entertaining in a whole other dimension.
  9. What do you guys think of the idea that pubg developers create a new sniper rifle, exclusize to crates, that would be an instant kill (with proper headshot) even in squads and duo games. Similar to the effect that all the other bolt snipeds have in solo matches but is equally lethal in squad matches. Seems like Kar, M24 and Awm’s become knock weapons in squads unless you are hitting loners or solo game enemies. Thoughts?
  10. BeingASimpleton

    Chicken Dinner Crate

    I’m not sure about the PC version. I don’t even need it to be a “Special” crate. I just think the idea of giving a random crate to the winner/winners of a match would be nice to heighten the stakes and victory a bit since often the reward of winning is simple winning itself, which, is rewarding, but I still think it would be cool. Not sure about pc.
  11. BeingASimpleton

    Chicken Dinner Crate

    It would be cool if you and your team received a random crate when winning a chicken dinner. Just saying. Can I get an amen? Also, proximity chat please... 🐔😉🐔
  12. BeingASimpleton


    I don’t understand why people like you choose to be trolls. I assume because you can’t come up with a solution? Go pee on someone else’s fire. We’ll see how big a deal you think it is when somebody gives you up. Suck my frying pan.
  13. BeingASimpleton


    I just wanted to start up a conversation that I think should be had. I don’t know the solution and I hope people will chime in and offer ideas. I realized today that it’s very easy to revenge-cheat toward the end of the matches after this new update. Players can easily observe/stalk their killers and message their locations to the remaining players appearing in the killfeed. I don’t know how this would be fixed, because I do enjoy watching the end of games, so if anyone has any thoughts, please offer them up. Perhaps, after dying, parts of the remaining gamertags are obscured, like a credit card number or social security after a purchase online. I dunno. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, Friend me on xbox, BeingASimpleton