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  1. shadowarrow27

    Broke my record :))

    Lmao this is great😂
  2. shadowarrow27

    "Good" players sensitivity settings!

    General 8 Over the shoulder 7 Aim acc off 1x 5 2x 5 3x 6 4x 6 6x 7 8x 8 I generally like my 1x and 2x sensitivity slower than normal so when i shoot people over 80m out I can pinpoint my shot easier. Keep my general a little higher though so i can snap quick and be aimed right on the enemy. I like the 6x and 8x a little up however so i can snap on my sniper shots within 200m. But in the end its all up to the player on what feels comfortable to them
  3. shadowarrow27

    Neck shot should be head shot

    Still very helpful to have in depth shot damage of each limb. Appreciate that🤝
  4. shadowarrow27

    Neck shot should be head shot

    Hell yea! I've never seen this website. Appreciate the link!
  5. After buying all the crates each week since the second week it was out, I've managed to finally pull in the punk glasses this past week. Super stoked!
  6. shadowarrow27

    Movement / controls after latest "fix"

    The hotfix before last was great and fluid with the movement in my opinion, a little more of a "realistic" approach. I loved it personally. But the hotfix most recent made it to where you can almost fully sprint while holding your analog stick at about 40 degrees. I, personally, think it's a little step back from what they are going for. It's just a little off with being able to sprint almost sideways. But hopefully this will get a little more tweaking along with maybe a little more fps. Still good work!
  7. shadowarrow27

    Cant run and zigzag

    This one got me lol 😂
  8. shadowarrow27


    Totally agree. It was a necessary change. It just takes time to learn to control it. Personally, I love it. Honestly, I have been using the m4 and m16 more than I did previously and have been having a blast.
  9. shadowarrow27

    Cannot connect to xbox live

    My duo partner and I just started getting this message. Can't get in a game at all