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  1. "Hot" Mic

    I see are you playing dous or squads or does this go for solo as well, but either way thanks for the info, will check it out when im able to get on tonight after work!
  2. "Hot" Mic

    Did some search's and digging in the forums and didn't come across anything be stayed or people talking about this. And what I am referring to is when you using the mic in game. Everything seems to work just fine but I have noticed, or in this case have not noticed anything that indicates that mic is in use or "hot". I don't believe it would be anything big to put some kind of icon maybe on the bottom right like above the mini map to show you are actually using the mic. Maybe just a little mic icon with like reverberating lines around it when you trigger the mic. Nothing too big but just think it would be nice to have some type of indicator showing that. What do you guys think>
  3. Teaming in solo's last week and now this? Lol I don't get people some times.
  4. Your biggest + and -

    I personally like 3rd person, but I do hope on release of the game that there are "hardcore" servers where its first person only as well. And I really enjoy the gun play and how even if you have a pistol you have a shot. And I absolutely love the shotguns in this game and the fact that if someone is hiding behind a door I can just black threw it haha.
  5. Login errors

    "Players, the team is still investigating. We hope to have the servers back to normal ASAP. Your patience is greatly appreciated." Quote directly from their twitter.
  6. Login errors

    Says right on their twitter the servers are down and they are looking into it. Stay tuned to the twitter folks!
  7. How do I use a key.

    In steam on the top you Games>Activate a product on steam>follow prompts. Good luck and have fun!
  8. I have a question

    He only meant that the list was compiled 24 hours before them actually sending them out. And no matter the case it has been started many times the way to not get a key is to go on the forums and asking, either for your self or a friend. I suggest following them on their twitter for key give aways and there are many live streamers out there with keys that are giving them away in their channels. Also on there twitter today they announced that within the next couple days they will be putting out information regarding how to possible get access to next weekends test if you where not in this weeks test. Either way good luck! *EDIT* And the keys are sent to the email address that is connected with said persons forums account. Some get put into spam or if they are on gmail it will be in "promotions" tab.
  9. Updates

    Just have to give the time, they take the statistics from this weekend do a patch for next weekend and hopefully and optimization pass as well. IMO its playing much better for me than the alpha and I have a pretty sub-par pc right now.
  10. Please MUTE ALL SOUND keybind.

    *edit* nvm reread your post..lol Mute voice chat is ctrl + T is that what you're looking for?
  11. Lack of weapons and momentum

    It is still in beta so all this feedback is crucial. But this game is more along the lines of arma, they don't want people running around with an ar and 500 rounds for it, they want you to be tactical with what you have and when you're in a gun fight they just don't want people hiding and using 20 bandages or meds quick to get back to full health. I will agree once the first about 5 minutes go by the game does slow down considerately.
  12. No stats during CBT?

    Don't forget once this is all over they will be wiping everything.
  13. Duos?

    I'll try and find where I saw I believe twitter. But if I remember correctly next weekend will be the duos test. I could be wrong Ill edit this when I find what I am talking about. *edit* Didn't take a screen cap, but right on their twitter they did say next weekend will be fore duos!
  14. Flawed nickname system

    Def seems to be character limit of atleast 6, my name (burrkz) works but a buddy with a name that I know what not be taken would not work and it only had 5 characters.
  15. I did do a little test and it will auto boot you before it goes back over the water. Loading times are greatly improved imo so for me this is no longer an issue which is very nice!