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  1. Inimini315

    PS4 Exclusive items

    As far as i know xbox also got preorder bonuses for the game preview aswell as the full game. Also everyone from the gamepreview got the Playerunknown set. For Halloween we got some free skins and free BP which on PS4 they don't get. Sooo you can't really complain in my opinion.
  2. @PUBG_Andymh5 Two questions: 1. Are there any plans for crossplay between the console versions? 2. Will the PS4 version and Xbox version of the game always be the same? Meaning all console versions get updates, new content, etc. at the same time?
  3. Inimini315

    Coming back to PUBG after RDR2

    Same for me. First games back on pubg were a mess though because I always pressed "a" to Sprint like an idiot
  4. Inimini315

    Survivor missions

    Okay cool. So far it went pretty good for me. Just reached level 3 and received his one here.
  5. Inimini315

    Survivor missions

    I noticed that there's sometimes a delay but they do track everything so far for me. Anybody knows how long this will go on? Can't play that much currently.
  6. Inimini315


    I'm a big fan of the doc but I never heard of a DrDisrespect sweater. Do you have a picture of that? I only know he and shroud got weapon skins at some point but they will not come to Xbox.
  7. Soo PUBG is coming to Xbox Gamepass in two days. Good news I guess. More players is always good.
  8. Inimini315

    When you’re just a f***ing God! (1v4)

    Here are two of my squad wipes. Not at the end at the game and I must admit they made it very easy for me Still, I love it when that happens. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/iniminimarsimo/video/63431152 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/iniminimarsimo/video/63431248
  9. Inimini315

    Iron Rain Tourney - FPP Duo - $30 Prize

    I also would like to join: GT: Iniminimarsimo. (Weird stupid name I know) I'm from the EU aswell and I might not have a partner soooo...either I'm going in solo or maybe there's someone else who doesn't have a partner.
  10. Inimini315

    Iron Rain Tourney - FPP Duo - $30 Prize

    Well OP is from new Zealand if I'm not wrong. But yeah would be good to know if there is any region restriction. (EU player here.)
  11. Awesome guys. NIce to seee that already more than 50 people would potentially be interested. I'll guess i'll create another thread soon to run a poll to figure out the specifics of how we want to set this up. @PUBG_Andymh5 In case we manage to organize a little tourney, do you by any chance have any goodies for us? Maybe some codes for the new skins as a prize? Would be cool do have a little something to win to make this all more exciting.
  12. It's nothing specified yet. Just checking first if there would be anyone interested.
  13. Hi everyone, now that we have custom matches i was thinking we could do a little forum tourney or play a couple of matches together. I know it's probably very difficult to get enough players to come online at a specific time but if enough would be interested we could just try it out. Set a specific date and time and just see what happens. The Winner would obvisouly get the absolute bragging rights in the forum and is allowed to post as many "git gud" replies as he wants. Let me know what you think.
  14. Inimini315


    Battlefield 1 was ist priced 39,99 last month and is now free as part of Xbox Gold. At some point most games go free or veeeery cheap.
  15. Inimini315

    Add vault/jump separation option.

    You could still normally jump around if they would do it like OP suggested. Just to vault you need to hold A. Not sure if i would like it but it certainly wouldn't hurt to try it out.