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  1. Inimini315

    Event Mode Hype!!!!

    Just in the beginning. They will enable queing with your friends once the event mode runs stable.
  2. That's not what he meant. He used his Xbox both times, on a TV monitor and on a PC monitor.
  3. Inimini315

    Battlefield 5 Fail

    Then what makes you so certain it was not by accident? To young to comprehend what's going on? All I see is a guy judging a game based on everything but the gameplay. Why do you even come in the forum and talk about a game you never played just to get a little attention?
  4. Inimini315

    Battlefield 5 Fail

    Since you know soon much about EA tell me what sense it make to censor "white man"? Oh and you never bought a battlefield but still feel the need to rant about it and mention it because of such things but haven't even checked out the gameplay? I've lost faith in this forum.
  5. Inimini315

    Battlefield 5 Fail

    So you're not buying a game because their beta had weird censoring in the chat? Most likely not even on purpose but it was glitched somehow? If it comes down to such small things that defines if a game is good or not and not the actually gameplay I really lost faith in the gaming community.
  6. Inimini315

    October 12 is coming. SOON!

    Man you really are in every thread regarding blackout talking the game down. Just accept that some people will like it.
  7. Inimini315

    October 12 is coming. SOON!

    I just checked DrDisrespect's stream again and he definitely has the option for aim assist and Target assist on PS4.
  8. Inimini315

    October 12 is coming. SOON!

    Are you sure? I didn't play myself but I'm pretty sure when watching a stream I saw it in the options to turn aim assist off and on.
  9. Inimini315

    October 12 is coming. SOON!

    Yes but since everyone has it it's still a level playing field. And it's not like you don't have to aim at all.
  10. Inimini315

    October 12 is coming. SOON!

    I'm really looking forward to blackout because it is first person. I'm getting more and more fed up by tpp in pubg but unfortunately fpp isn't that well populated to find games all the time. Also looking forward to more fast paced matches. Sanhok increased the speed and action but at the same time made it a paradise for people just hiding and sitting in bushes.
  11. Inimini315

    DMM t-shirt

    I believe you are in the wrong forum. This here is Xbox. None of our stuff is marketable.
  12. Inimini315

    Blackout Beta

    Haha pro jumper I like that. I consider myself pro jumper too i'm always on the ground first.
  13. Have you had a timer or something? So are you sure it's impossible to hit the 30min? Maybe it's just bugged and not counting in the missions.
  14. It doesn't say which map. Matches on Erangel and Miramar usually take a little over 30min if you come to the final circle.
  15. Inimini315

    Blackout Beta is live...

    I am watching DrDisrespect playing it right now and it actually looks much better than I expected it. Definitely a big competitor for pubg in my opinion.