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  1. Inimini315

    PTS changes pushed to live servers?

    I only played a couple of rounds and also got a chicken dinner on the PTS and it worked fine for me. Only thing that really annoyed me was the orange color on Miramar but apparently they fixed that for the live version.
  2. You should be good to go I'm in Europe and I'm downloading it at the moment.
  3. Inimini315

    Deadmau5 skin for PUBG on xbox?

    The deadmau5 crate only consists of clothes and not weapon skins so it would actually be possible. But anyway I think it's only for PC.
  4. Inimini315

    challenge progress is......

    I just read the post again and I'm pretty sure they edited it. In the beginning it said that there would be an update on the challenge on the 6th but not it says only on the 9th.
  5. Actually they said last week that it will be coming this week.
  6. Inimini315


    If you actually thought about spending 600$ to build a SSD in your Xbox One X i think it's time to buy a PC.
  7. Inimini315

    Give option to remove map tips

    I think he means the ingame tips for which buttons have what action above the minimap. There's already the option to disable them though.
  8. Inimini315

    Aiming, Gunfighting & Shooting TIPS!

    I think what's even more important than your aiming skills is your positioning. Especially in mid- to long range try to shoot from behind cover and change your position a couple of times. Most helpful thing i learned from whatching streamers on Twitch is the "i'm trying to get an angle" and "'i'm going to flank around" move. Whenever i'm playing squads and we engage another team, i will back out a little bit to take cover and then drastically change my position by flanking the enemy on one side. Usually the enemy doesn't even realize they're being flanked and I can take my time for taking the first shot. If done correcty your team should have two angles on the cover the enemy is behind making it harder for the to hide and easier for you to shoot them while they're running around a tree trying to find a safe spot. Of course it depends on the situation. Flanking can go horribly wrong...
  9. Inimini315

    Community challenge rewards?

    Ooohh right I'm sorry. Guess I am blind. Alright mods feel free to delete this post.
  10. Can anybody tell me where I find the rewards for the community challenge? I did not receive anything and I definitely played and got headshots during the event. Am I blind?
  11. Inimini315

    GB PubG Tournaments

    So it's the same concept like in the Fortnite Friday Tournaments on Twitch? Props to you @Leeaper for organizing something like this. It's actually not a bad concept considering you don't need any custom servers for this. Unfortunately it's a lot of RNG involved. It's often in the friday tournaments on twitch that some people just get unlucky and not many people cross their path so they end up with not that many kills.
  12. Happens to me aswell occasionally. OG Xbox with an SSD. However, it never happened to me on Erangel. For me it's only an issue on Miramar and also not in every game.
  13. Inimini315

    event pass

    That's the thing if they put maps or other game expansions behind a paywall it will split the playerbase which is not the optimal solution for such a game. With microtransactions and event passes they make money from people who don't mind to spend a little extra for some challenges or new skins. Just to clarify my position, i don't mind spending a little more money to support pubg which brought me already hundreds of hours of playtimes for (only) 30$. But i can understand if somebody thinks this is just moneygrabbing. It's not easy for a company like this with millions of players to find the right way to please everyone.
  14. Inimini315

    event pass

    Gaming companies 30 years ago didn't intent do develop their games for several years. They released them once and then that's it. If they decided to develop new content like Battlefield 1942 for example they released add-ons on cd which you had to buy. Games these days try to stay alive several years and bring continuously new content (Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, etc.). You can not compare gaming companies today to gaming companies 10, 20 or 30 years ago because the technology and their business model completely changed. Additionnally game developers 30 years ago didn't need to spend money on servers for multiplayer or for E-Sports events which PUBG and Fortnite both do.
  15. Inimini315

    New Game mode: Stop the Chicken

    Lvl 4 Armor needed!