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  1. Unfortunately it seems to have gotten worse for me. Building rendering is sometimes worse than it has been before https://streamable.com/aqko6
  2. Inimini315


    On the NA servers matchmaking works for me just fine but on EU servers it takes up to 2 minutes. I guess that could be due to the fact that many europeans didn't realize that they have to change their region each time they start the game. Probably NA servers are full of europeans right now
  3. Inimini315

    The game needs a fundamental rehaul

    I think most of you forgot how the game was performing when it released in December. In my opinion they did quite a lot over the past months when it comes to performance and for me on the original xbox the game runs much much smoother than it did at the beginning. It is definitely playable and i'm sure it will get even better in the future.
  4. I don't think it has died in Asia. I could imagine that due to the release of the mobile app the focus from Chinese players shifted from PC to the mobile game, which caused the numbers on PC to drop. Nevertheless they are still playing pubg
  5. Just because the numbers are going down doesn't mean it is dying. Just check the steam stats it's still going strong!
  6. I wouldn't mind spending some money on clothing as long as the prices are reasonable and you know what you are getting. I have now over 400 hours in PUBG on Xbox which makes it probably one of my most played games. Therefore i think i already got very good value for the 30$ price tag on this game considering that there is also no end in sight as they slowly keep optimizing and adding stuff to the game. In the past i definitely paied more for games i haven't played nearly as much. So adding microtranstactions wouldn't bother me that much (as long as they are not p2w).
  7. Yeah I am aware of that but I just never had it that those floating guns actually make the sound and the shooting animation. That's new to me on the test server that's why I am reporting it.
  8. Inimini315

    game plays sooooo smooth

    I'm on the original Xbox and the test server really is so much smoother. The live server improved aswell quite a lot after update #13 earlier this week. Before it was sooooo laggy but now it's much much better. Looking forward to the test server updates getting to the live servers!
  9. Inimini315

    Can’t use the 15X scope

    Could you please upload a screenshot?
  10. Inimini315

    Compass feels wrong

    What do you mean it feels like you're going south? Have you opened up the map and checked in which direction you're going? Should be quite easy to see if theres 's a problem with the compass.
  11. Now I'm really confused. GMT (greenwIch mean time) is the timezone for the UK and West Africa. CET or CEST (depending on summer and wintertime) is the timezones for Central Europe...so germany, France, Netherlands, etc. Since they have a office in Amsterdam, so in the CEST timezones they used that for the test server announcements. For me there is no Standart way of telling the time, most companies just use the timezone in which they are located. Or what do you mean by "Standart way of telling time zones"
  12. Well GMT and CEST are two different timezones. They probably use CEST because their only European office is in Amsterdam which is in the CEST timezones.
  13. Inimini315

    PTS Feedback

    Crate keys are already available in the PC version so I'm afraid sooner or later they will come to the Xbox version too. I just hope it does not become to much of a gamble. Would love to see an actual clothing store in the game. Wouldn't mind spending a couple of dollars for a outfit if I atleast know what I'm getting. Overall I'm liking this update. Hopefully it will come to the live servers soon. Good job bluehole!