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  1. a1lthatremains8

    Dire situation... it’s Scenario time!!!!!!!!

    AK with comp, ext. Quickdraw, and a 3x scope
  2. a1lthatremains8

    Lost coins :(

    Did you go over to the "my items" in the shop and redeem them? It's like opening a loot crate.
  3. a1lthatremains8

    Achievements still not unlocking/showing progress

    Mine has been counting towards some achievements but not others. For example my 1000 kill achievement is slowly ticking over but I had 3 top 10 games today and fully boosted with meds but neither have registered.
  4. a1lthatremains8

    Lag, desync still around.

    Same here at that 100+ meter range
  5. a1lthatremains8


    I used to turn mine down too because they were so bright but now it seems like the lines/dot are smaller than before. Personally I like it, the dot doesn't cover an entire torso anymore lol
  6. a1lthatremains8

    Anyone having trouble with SSD

    Same thing happened to me and I also had to change my settings to install directly to SSD.
  7. a1lthatremains8

    I rolled the trifecta

    This has happened to me so many times with that damn polo haha
  8. a1lthatremains8

    Community headhunter crate - incorrect rewards

    Snipe city crate came in for me this morning, though the other 2 western crates did not.
  9. a1lthatremains8

    Community headhunter crate - incorrect rewards

    I don't think I've gotten the snipe city ones yet. Not that I'll even use the tank top or jacket lol.
  10. a1lthatremains8

    Community headhunter crate - incorrect rewards

    When I opened it (earlier this week) I had a headhunter rewards crate and 2 western crates. The bloody shirt and fingerless gloves were in the rewards crate if I recall correctly.
  11. a1lthatremains8

    Over The Shoulder

    I've found that purple shows up pretty well in almost every setting that I've needed it.
  12. a1lthatremains8

    Over The Shoulder

    Yes this! I generally use hipfire for general aim and then once I'm centered(ish) on the guy I switch to OTS or ADS depending on the range.
  13. a1lthatremains8

    Over The Shoulder

    You can up the sensitivity on the over the shoulder aiming. Mine is set at 6-7 (I forgot which haha).
  14. a1lthatremains8

    Lightweight Grip UMP

    Beastmode haha I've only found an SLR once though 😑