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  1. a1lthatremains8

    Dire situation... it’s Scenario time!!!!!!!!

    AK with comp, ext. Quickdraw, and a 3x scope
  2. a1lthatremains8

    Lost coins :(

    Did you go over to the "my items" in the shop and redeem them? It's like opening a loot crate.
  3. a1lthatremains8

    Achievements still not unlocking/showing progress

    Mine has been counting towards some achievements but not others. For example my 1000 kill achievement is slowly ticking over but I had 3 top 10 games today and fully boosted with meds but neither have registered.
  4. a1lthatremains8

    Game crash: Megathread

    Hey guys, I'm on a one x with an SSD. I cradh almost every time on miramar (rarely/never on erangel). It seems to happen more often since the hotfix. Mine freezes up and then kicks me back to the xbox homescreen with no error message. We've had multiple games where every person in our squad crashed at some point in the same game (again only on miramar). I'm always able to rejoin no problem but it is super frustrating when I'm driving our squad and kill us all because my game crashes lol