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  1. Secrules2

    TPP or FPP?

    I don't know the answer but I'm guessing FPP came AFTER release. If this is the case, my point stands that the game is designed for TPP. What perspective does esports use? Never watched so I don't know.
  2. I couldn't care less about anything other than wins but they are easy to keep track of. Also, of course it's not real life but I'm pretty certain none of you posting about how VIDEO GAME stats are not real life are not playing this VIDEO GAME and not trying to win even though it's not real life. It's all for fun and certain people include their stats in that fun. (I'm really tired so I hope that sounds like I wanted it to)
  3. Secrules2

    TPP or FPP?

    Game was designed for TPP. Just saying...😋
  4. Secrules2

    Golden track suit

    You don't have to buy it and anyone that does is giving more money to the developer that hopefully puts some of it into the game. I'm all for cosmetic micro transactions.
  5. Can we get a ban on this guy that's okay with me losing my precious wins??? 😉
  6. I would love to be able to see how and where I got killed from (once the whole team is dead). Full game replays would be amazing.
  7. Although I don't necessarily like the idea, I'm guessing that they have stats to back up the reasoning. It sure feels good heading towards the end with one of those suckers on. That is until I run straight into someone and they take me like it's prom night.
  8. Secrules2

    TPP camping

    I almost never see anyone sitting still. I'm guessing they knew you were were coming in opposed to dropping in a hot area just to hide.
  9. Seriously? I want permanent credit for my 11 wins. Believe me, they were hard earned between my cell phone hub internet, aim of a nearly blind man and quality of help.
  10. I never watch streamers so this is very impressive to me unless he's using a M&K. People need to get over themselves. If you don't like the mode then move along instead of being a hater.
  11. Secrules2

    TPP Player's Please Try FPP.

    Using a game mechanic is cheating??? Maybe some people abuse it but I don't really notice it. I hardly ever use it myself. Too busy chasing circles and looting to sit and look all around.
  12. Secrules2

    In depth stat tracker

    Please add a PayPal link for donations. Maybe I'm just too old but that's what I feel the safest using. Also, thank you for this amazing website. Absolutely love it.
  13. Secrules2

    TPP Player's Please Try FPP.

    FPP feels terrible when I play it. The game is made for TPP I'm guessing just like GTA is with FPP added to appease people. I almost never get into a gun fight with someone sitting in a corner or on the edge of a wall and everyone can look around so I don't get the hate. It's just people trying to pump up their ego because they like the secondary mode better. Get over it...
  14. Secrules2

    Got a SSD

    So people are saying turn off HDR when playing in 4k? What are the benefits? Also, my friend prefers being able to see through the buildings before they load on his OG.
  15. Just knocks it to the ground?