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  1. spanker63

    Forums Community League

    ef it... i'm in. GT: spanker63 Region: NA
  2. Well that sucks. Are you playing in your own region? I only ask, because I NEVER see this stuff when I play.
  3. People can't stop accidently hitting the lean on the sticks... so obviously it's pubg's fault.
  4. spanker63

    Halloween costumes

    There are different teams working on different aspects of the game. They don't take the people working on bug fixes away from their duties to produce outfits. They have a separate team working on cosmetics. Each team had different deadlines that are not dependent on the other. Just because there are more things to buy, does not mean they have stopped working on the issues in the game.
  5. spanker63

    cant care less tonight

    I never played any of the other battefields, so I really have nothing to compare it against. I'm pretty terrible at the game, but for some reason I'm one hell of a sniper in it. I die quite a bit, but I definitely have been having fun during the trial.
  6. 2,476. or …. 0 A bunch of 2nd and 3rds though.... the solo chicken is my unicorn.
  7. spanker63

    FPP and TPP Players

    I have a feeling that the xbox community here on the forum is a tiny percentage of the actual people playing the game. It may be even here on the forums, but in reality it's probably not that close.
  8. spanker63

    cant care less tonight

    FYI, it's freakin' awesome.
  9. Did they make an official announcement about the snow map? I saw that PubG will be coming to game pass, but that's it.
  10. spanker63

    Bots on Xbox?

    Mobile is made by somebody else. So your conspiracy theory is pretty stupid. As for the OP, I think it has a lot to do with the free weekend.... which makes me even more excited to play tonight. My daughters are sleeping over at their aunt's house, so that means I have free reign of the tv and xbox!!! I'm pumped!!!
  11. I find it a bit weird when people keep using the term "realism" when complaining about skins and cosmetic items. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan either... but we're talking about a game where there is a large blue wall of death and bullet holes are healed by energy drinks. You guys might want to find a new angle.
  12. spanker63


    This. Working the edge of the blue wall of death works well too.
  13. I would definitely be interested. I'm also positive that I would get my ass whooped. I'd probably camp just to piss people off too!!!
  14. spanker63

    Not what we need from the next update

    holy crap guys.... They have different teams doing different things. Some updates are optimization updates, some are cosmetic, some are both. Do you think they're going to lay off the cosmetic team while the development team works to improve the game? No... If you're all so damn butt-hurt about the game... WHY. ARE. YOU. PLAYING?
  15. spanker63

    Fpp servers 2

    How so?