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  1. GB_GrimReafer

    Anyone else?

    Id rather they focus on stability rather than pouring resources into content development. Stability seems far more important
  2. GB_GrimReafer

    Master Teleporation Thread

    At least it brought you back haha
  3. GB_GrimReafer

    Master Teleporation Thread

    Got one from my brother too http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/x-halucin8-x/video/53533849
  4. GB_GrimReafer

    External SSD help

    If the next generation of xbox doesn't come with better hardware I won't buy one. I'll just buy a pc and play games on it
  5. GB_GrimReafer

    Another SSD thread...

    Might be worth completely uninstalling and reinstalling the game
  6. Since PUBG has now partnered with Portal, I figure you guys all have some funny teleportation clips. I would like to see them. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/gb-grimreafer/video/53529772 http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/gb-grimreafer/video/51356159
  7. GB_GrimReafer


  8. GB_GrimReafer

    Bug Teleportation

    No clip?
  9. GB_GrimReafer

    Going to give this SSD a try

    Holy cow. That is a steal.
  10. GB_GrimReafer

    Where is the grenade line?

    I have experienced this countless times. Quite obnoxious. Typically there is the red circle or no line. When there is a line it doesn't seem to match the trajectory of the grenade.
  11. GB_GrimReafer

    Going to give this SSD a try

    Confident your gaming experience will improve significantly. Be sure to update with your excitedness later
  12. GB_GrimReafer

    Ideas that may help loading

    You render buildings based on distance if I'm not mistaken. So if you were to try and render the whole map up front/all the time then it would likely get far worse.
  13. GB_GrimReafer

    This game is slow

    He didn't realize that the controller is the input device LMAOOOO
  14. GB_GrimReafer

    Bug Bounty Winner Question??????

    Yeah, Jimmy's GT is GB GrimReafer. Just go ahead and send the loot @pubg_hawkinz Thanks fam!
  15. GB_GrimReafer

    Remove the emotes

    There really was no point in the emotes. It was 100% a waste of dev time unless it was something they could plug and play. Wouldn't it make more sense to focus on the stability and then once that is achieved start introducing the extra content? This way, when something breaks, it is easy to either: (A) roll it back or (B) troubleshoot the issue because there is less broken shit to begin with