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  1. GB_GrimReafer

    Back to Basics

    Thinking maybe they'll upgrade servers once they go 1.0? As for the content updates, they have different people with different jobs that work on different things. No sense in having the artists work on game mechanic changes right (I could be wrong about this, no idea what their job would actually entail).
  2. GB_GrimReafer

    Duo (2 Man) Squad

    If you get 3 people in your lobby you can even play 3 man squad
  3. GB_GrimReafer

    More twitch prime loot we can’t claim

    The billboards! I completely forgot about them. That brings a whole new level of ridiculousness that we don't get them also
  4. GB_GrimReafer

    Using car at final 10?

    I used a UAZ last night to get a chicken dinner. But I just moved it into the ring as cover since there was nearly nothing in the final ring to hide behind. Using it to try and run people over just feels like a bad idea.
  5. GB_GrimReafer


    Also, Sanhok is not on Xbox. You're not even in the correct subforum.
  6. GB_GrimReafer

    New Update Driving Bug !!!!

    "Hunted him" but that's pretty funny. he literally could have run faster than he was driving haha
  7. GB_GrimReafer

    New Update Driving Bug !!!!

    Did you check the tire pressure? Might have been a little low.
  8. GB_GrimReafer

    New Update Driving Bug !!!!

    Much fast. Such Quick. 12/8 Would not accelerate with again
  9. GB_GrimReafer

    External HDD. Is it worth it on Xbox OG??

    oh. damn. I thought it was a 7200. Sorry for the misinformation. Kinda sad to learn that. You would think they would have used a better drive
  10. GB_GrimReafer

    External HDD. Is it worth it on Xbox OG??

    Even if you upgrade to the OneX an SSD will give you a better experience as the OneX's HD is not an SSD but is a 7200 RPM drive. So it is significantly faster than an OG with the 5400 RPM drive but the SSD will still leave it at the gate.
  11. GB_GrimReafer

    Master Teleporation Thread

    At least it brought you back haha
  12. GB_GrimReafer

    Master Teleporation Thread

    Got one from my brother too http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/x-halucin8-x/video/53533849
  13. GB_GrimReafer

    External SSD help

    If the next generation of xbox doesn't come with better hardware I won't buy one. I'll just buy a pc and play games on it
  14. GB_GrimReafer

    Another SSD thread...

    Might be worth completely uninstalling and reinstalling the game
  15. Since PUBG has now partnered with Portal, I figure you guys all have some funny teleportation clips. I would like to see them. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/gb-grimreafer/video/53529772 http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/gb-grimreafer/video/51356159