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  1. TrippySitcom

    Survivor levels

    So there's more than what that picture shows? I'm level 7 and still nothing lol
  2. TrippySitcom

    Overpower [Nov 8-11] Feedback topic

    It would have been nice to see tpp, I'll play either way but definitely not as much. I know there will be people who won't play because of this. I mean why exclude an entire group of players
  3. TrippySitcom

    Survivor levels

    Nice I was hoping it wouldn't just be stuff that's already in game
  4. TrippySitcom

    Survivor levels

    Have you gotten anything yet?
  5. TrippySitcom

    Re-Roll mission?

    It's for if there's a challenge you don't want you re roll to get a new one in its place
  6. TrippySitcom

    Woo hoo! I got a shirt boys!

    Mind ended up showing up after I played a few games, but it seems like everyone got it. My buddy, that didn't purchase the pass or even claim any challenges to level up at all, also got it
  7. TrippySitcom

    Woo hoo! I got a shirt boys!

    I maxed out a long time ago why didn't I get it?...
  8. I didn't realize that all the stuff from the event pass is locked in once you get it. Not even worried about bp, it's just cluttering up all my cool stuff lol
  9. TrippySitcom

    October 12th

    Hopefully, i was just going off of how stuff is almost never the same date they first say it'll be
  10. TrippySitcom

    October 12th

    So that probably means we won't get a pts or that the update isn't til late October lol
  11. TrippySitcom

    Are the new skins limited addiction?

    Yes you can only be addicted to them for a short amount of time??
  12. TrippySitcom

    Weapon skins might be back this week

    Gee thanks for giving us information after someone already found it somewhere else. Where is the forum communication? It's ridiculous that you guys have an official forum but choose to post on other sites
  13. TrippySitcom

    Chicken Dinner...

    Are you looking at in game stats or in the game hub? The game hub should be updated immediately, that's what I look at instead because it shows overall stats and not just one season
  14. TrippySitcom

    5 level Bonus Sanhok pass

    Must have, You have a day and a half to grind for them challenges I believe
  15. TrippySitcom

    New reward system

    What does everyone think the new reward system will be? I'm hoping they'll introduce chicken dinner specific crates