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  1. TrippySitcom

    I just killed a man

    It was more of a question than a story. Guess I forgot to ask why at the end
  2. TrippySitcom

    I just killed a man

    I just killed a guy in war mode as soon as we landed at the beginning of the game. Got a headshot with an awm and it killed him instantly, no knock or anything
  3. TrippySitcom

    Daily mission: Get a kill with an SR

    I just got my challenge with a vss
  4. TrippySitcom

    Week 3 Drive Challenge

    Seems like it's a bit different for everyone, I saw a post about a guy asking about a buggy and that's basically all I see on sanhok. Me personally I can't get the UAZ. I honestly don't think I've ever seen one on there
  5. TrippySitcom

    Week 3 Drive Challenge

    What areas are more likely to have a UAZ? I don't think I've ever seen one one sanhok
  6. TrippySitcom

    Tired of it.

    No joke, imagine when vr reaches it's peak I seriously believe people will start developing ptsd from games
  7. TrippySitcom


    I think it's great for an early game gun, for some reason tho it seems the only place I ever pick one up is prison on erengal
  8. TrippySitcom

    Customization presets

    I think it would be pretty cool to have an outfit saved that you can select when you get in a lobby so you know how camo you need to be for that specific map
  9. The only thing temporary on Xbox are the xp boosts for the season. Not sure where all these people are getting the idea that anything else is temporary
  10. TrippySitcom

    Sanhok Pack?

    If you buy the starter pack I think it comes with some g coins and the aviator crate then you could just save 1000 gcoins til next season to get the pass again
  11. TrippySitcom

    Add Randomness to weapon crates

    Yeah the weapon crates are too expensive imo but the xp at the end of the game is just your game xp, if you complete challenges you can go to them and collect your rewards for more xp
  12. TrippySitcom


    Ah thanks bud
  13. TrippySitcom


    Don't mean to be that guy, I love the update and the event pass and everything about it, but what happened to the pioneer shirt? I thought they said today
  14. TrippySitcom

    Today’s 1.0 Maintenance

    That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard, if maintenance to fix the game is the last straw go ahead and quit playing buddy we don't want you here
  15. TrippySitcom

    Blue hole fail again

    Oh no everyone, hes not happy. Let's just forget about 1.0 and put the preview back up because this guy doesn't like having to wait for a day. Get over it dude you people on here constantly complaining are ridiculous