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  1. Farls-1998

    Take Miramar back to testing please

    Not too bad tonight. Only managed a few games in Erangel. Most of the games at Miramar I have had to wait 20 seconds for buildings to render, other than that - all good.
  2. Farls-1998

    Take Miramar back to testing please

    Will do 👍
  3. Farls-1998

    Take Miramar back to testing please

    I’ve only played one game today, I can only hope it continues because last night was horrendous. Im just having a Dominos before I crack on.
  4. Farls-1998

    Take Miramar back to testing please

    First game after a fresh install and hard reset straight after- 2nd place - No un rendered buildings, no lag, no nothing.
  5. Farls-1998

    Take Miramar back to testing please

    I’ve just uninstalled so it will take 15 mins to download again. I’ll let you guys know if it’s a game changer. 👍
  6. Farls-1998

    The thread for positive people only

    Cheers mate. I don’t know if I’m wrong in expecting the game to progress during the preview edition, should I be mindful that might go backwards from time to time? Since I first got this game in January, I’ve never once landed to houses that haven’t rendered so it was a shock when it happened last night. I’ve got a One x, hard wired and the best internet speed for my area. This is all constructive because I’d like the devs to read this and try to fix it.
  7. Farls-1998

    The thread for positive people only

    Hi mate, if you don’t mind me asking, what setup do you have?
  8. Farls-1998

    The thread for positive people only

    Im with you on this. I’ve been positive from day one and love the game more than my girlfriend 😂 As I’ve said in another thread, I fully understand the early access and bugs etc but didn’t think the game would be nearly perfect on one patch, then the next patch you have to wait a minute for houses to render, especially on a hard wired One X.
  9. Farls-1998

    Xbox One X

    Here’s a little story to top my night off: I remember looking at the leaderboards a few weeks ago and one of the top players was Thumbless Gaga, unbelievable stats! Anyway, last night I was running towards a house south of Gatka and I heard someone coming towards me so I stopped and waited to take them by surprise and before I could blink I was killed by Thumbless Gaga 😂 I was wondering how he was in the same match as me because I’ve only had an Xbox 6 months and never played on a console before so I am not in this guys league.
  10. Farls-1998

    Xbox One X

    I can’t believe how bad the game is at the minute. I fully understand early access and all the bugs the game may encounter but how can I go from having a playable/enjoyable game (One x - wired) to a game that isn’t rendered on landing with a whole lot of lag and rubber banding throughout. I’ll be honest, I felt like crying last night because I look forward to getting home from work to play this game but it’s going backwards. I never moan about anything but I feel that I needed to get it off my chest.
  11. Hi Guys, Does anyone else see things that remind them of PUBG. I see this bridge everyday and think of trolls 😂
  12. Farls-1998

    Has anyone else made the switch?

    😂 Making the switch from PUBG to Fortnight is like switching from Nike to Lonsdale.
  13. Id say the game is smooth on the one x but last night I crashed twice in 10 mins. The 1st one, 14 people left - managed to load back in. The 2nd with 4 people left, couldn’t load back in but I could see the military base in the background but was blacked out with gold outline. I’ve never had any problems in regards to crashing in the past but twice in 10 mins isn’t good especially after going through all the looting process and obtaining the Groza. I’m on a One x, wired, 40mbps Internet speed.
  14. Farls-1998

    PTS 😂

    This was on an Xbox 1x - wired - 40mbps. I’ve never had an issue with rendering.