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  1. Farls-1998

    Vikendi loot balance

    Ferry Pier is a joke, there isn’t even a boat 😂
  2. Farls-1998

    How do I get sponsored? (High stats)

    My furthest kill is crazy, never knew it was that far 😂
  3. The x2 is horrible, defo needs some work! On another note, I’ve been watching streamers and the new map looks awesome.
  4. Farls-1998

    Recommend a headset

    I switched to these recently and I prefer them to my Turtle Beaches.
  5. Farls-1998

    ANOTHER Skins Post

    I’ve had the full gas mask, military boots, Captains hat, leather boot cut pants, silver plated scar, silver plated Vector and the jungle digital AWM.
  6. Farls-1998

    Give us Vikendi

    How’s it clear and timely when there’s been no official announcement about it being delayed?
  7. What’s happening with the festive gifts & skins? The Halloween skins dropped the same day as PC so what date should we expect to get them?
  8. Farls-1998

    Where is the PTS?

    It would have made sense not to mention anything about the PTS tentatively awaiting release this week until they actually knew it was ready to drop. All they have done yet again is build people’s hopes up then let them down. I understand they have used the word tentatively which means not definitely or they are hesitant about but if that’s the case just say we are still working on it.
  9. Farls-1998

    Give us Vikendi

    The communication is shocking. 6 days ago they said in the community post that the PTS was tentatively sometime next week pending Q&A but now I’ve just read a reply on a thread saying it’s delayed until next week. How hard is it to keep us posted in the news & announcements section! Just a quick PTS delayed would have been good enough because a lot of players were actually looking forward to playing it this week. To top it all off we get to fire chopsticks in the event mode.
  10. Where’s your sense of humour? - Of course it’s fake, I was having a laugh.
  11. I’ve just been for a scran with Brendan and he said snow is definitely forecast for tomorrow 👍🏻☃️
  12. Farls-1998

    No PTS Announcement today...

    Why does every thread have people looking to start arguments with name calling etc. The ones doing it are probably 10 stone soaking wet 😂
  13. Farls-1998

    PTS Update

    Im hoping theres an announcement tonight/tomorrow.