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  1. Kinkoolaidyo

    Thoughts on the M762?

    I dont get alot of desync. I get it a little but I have in every shooter. I played for a couple hours last night on the pts and it ran great. Im loving all the content! Plus new content doesnt mean they are not working on stability. Its two different teams. The devs have stepped it up recently IMO.
  2. It's why we are addicted kind sir. That 1v1 heart pain 😂😂
  3. Kinkoolaidyo

    New update?

    To me it seems to be kind of increasing as it goes along. It seems like I get it more than in the beginning. The algorithm in this game is off though.
  4. Kinkoolaidyo

    When is this game going to be fixed?

    I dont understand why people don't get this. This is how every game is built but we usually don't get to see it. AAA games that are "finished" and cost $60 bucks minimum have bugs and get patched constantly.
  5. Kinkoolaidyo

    Loving the limb penetration!

    Got about 4 hours in on the test server this weekend. The ADS glitch was annoying but after I got used to hitting soft aim I worked around it and they are already planning a fix. The limb penetration is great!! People were dropping alot quicker no more putting 10 rounds in someone to kill them because their hands are hetting hit. I had weather twice once fog and rain the other time. It was cool and definetely changes gameplay. I was sneaking up on houses easily... The play felt smooth loading times were good. The update should be a success unless they bring over the ADS bug to live.
  6. Kinkoolaidyo

    Weather is only available on the 1x?

    No I had it on the S rain and fog
  7. Kinkoolaidyo

    Do they even test their game at all before releasing?

    Agree with you 100% the game preview may have been a bad decision. Not that they had any way to know it would blow up like this. But because it's so good it attracted this huge community including alot of impatient "I want it now" type people. This stuff takes time and is alot of trial and error.
  8. Kinkoolaidyo

    Test server issue

    When it switches to live servers. Yeah its a pain in the butt for sure.
  9. Kinkoolaidyo

    Test server issue

    Its a bug they are fixing it
  10. Kinkoolaidyo

    Pts update?

    it came up and I tried to start a solo but it went back to start screen and wouldnt start again...
  11. Kinkoolaidyo

    Pts update?

    Its up for me
  12. Kinkoolaidyo

    Entering Vehicles Improvement

    Never had this happen. I mess up and jump in the back seat but its always my error.
  13. Kinkoolaidyo

    New guns in the future?

    My wife nagging them to death because I've been playing pubg for hours...
  14. Kinkoolaidyo

    Weapon attachment issues

    They just did this on pc not too long ago so it will be in xbox soon.