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  1. Kinkoolaidyo

    I refunded BO4

    It physically hurt to read this...
  2. Kinkoolaidyo


    It seems odd that all of these recent rants sound like call of duty commercials...I played for three hours and had no where near that experience even with the different regions playing on NA it wasnt bad at all for me.
  3. Kinkoolaidyo

    Helmet skins incoming?

    *yawwnnn* Let me know when they put in banana hammocks and butt cheek tattoos...
  4. Kinkoolaidyo

    This games a joke

    Lol you just got melted..where is the desync?
  5. Kinkoolaidyo

    Terrible Game

    I dont get it...I mean I have problems from time to time I get slight desync but its no worse than any shooter I have played in the past. But 99% of the time its fine..in solos dous or squads...The only thing that happens alot is the matchmaking glitches where we have to start new lobby....But im a big boy so It doesnt bother me much...
  6. Kinkoolaidyo

    light weight grip tip

  7. Kinkoolaidyo

    My squad left pubg over matchmaking bug

    Try The LOWT discord
  8. Kinkoolaidyo

    Please nerf the vector

    No way the vector is pretty balanced...it has drawbacks as well..
  9. Played the Beta and got bored after a few games..its ok but not worth 60 bucks..the multiplayer is garbage..
  10. Kinkoolaidyo

    My New Found Love for Sniping

    I just watched it...pretty godly bro
  11. Kinkoolaidyo

    My New Found Love for Sniping

    Same bro...I never gave the bolt actions a fair shake because its simply easier to use a semi auto...but I started using them recently and fell in love...the most satisfying shot in the game is that 1 peice to the dome..now I run a bolt action whenever possible.
  12. Kinkoolaidyo

    Does the game really run that poorly?

    Same here game has been good for the most part. I live with the fact that this game may never be perfect but it's fun as hell to play so I do...if I get too annoyed I'll take a break ( hasnt happened yet) but Im old and have kids and work full time so Pubg will never be the most annoying part of my day..
  13. Kinkoolaidyo

    Most kills you've got in a single match?

    My highest is 9..mainly because I play solos most of the time and I dont get to play often which confuses my muscle memory ... because I have a couple of booger eating pop tart pirates that are only hungry or bored when I decide to play Xbox..
  14. Kinkoolaidyo

    Erangel Has Become Unplayable

    Truth bomb..^
  15. Kinkoolaidyo

    Erangel Has Become Unplayable

    RNG sucks sometimes but for the most part its good for me..Sometimes you have to kill for your loot...