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  1. Kinkoolaidyo

    Hotfix for when I get home

    I power cycle to clear cache and do a fresh install every update and I have minimal Issues and dont even crash alot. Xbox s with 256 gb ssd. I have not played with the hotfix yet though. Been at work all day. But I watched Beard guys stream hes been playing over 6 hours and no crashes on the X.
  2. Kinkoolaidyo

    Cannot get a game!!!!!

    Nat Type?
  3. Kinkoolaidyo


    Hahaha why wouldn't I try to get that kill even if I'm dying. I never "camp in corners" but I do mismanage my time and get caught in the blue and I will pop shots at you everytime...sue me lol. I will also drop several extra scopes in the water as a cherry on the a##hole sundae...
  4. Kinkoolaidyo

    Damage Explinations!!! Plz

    The first one...50% health is the determining factor....a levl 3 helmet doesnt stop damage only reduces it while it is on...the 2nd video you peeked and got popped...with a kar you hear the shot shortly after it is actually fired which can make it seem like you were in cover when he took the shot...and like stated above you will ragdoll a little bit in the direction you were moving. He just landed a lucky or good shot.
  5. Kinkoolaidyo

    Can't ready up

  6. Kinkoolaidyo

    Why is this not fixed yet?

    Ok flawless is a bit ambitous. But its running as good as pubg can lol. I cant remember the last time I crashed on Erangel. I dont get the stuttering or freezing. Rendering is good. Hit detection seems better than ever for me. Etc...not perfect but a ton better...for me
  7. Kinkoolaidyo

    Why is this not fixed yet?

    Erangel runs flawless for me on xboxs..it has for a while now.
  8. Kinkoolaidyo

    Xbox 1X hotfix review for X users

    I have an S with an ssd. Erangel runs flawless never crash Mirimar was a shitshow last night in squads. We all crashed in every game. (We all have OG or S) also end game was running like ass. Not complaining though we still had fun all night talking s#%* to each other and killing folks. I love mirimar because of the long range gunfights so I hope they get it right soon.
  9. Kinkoolaidyo

    MORE scopes

    I do this and drop them in the water...sorry not sorry 😂😂😂💯
  10. Kinkoolaidyo

    Patch 15 performance

    It was on and off..maybe 3 out of 10 games were pretty choppy. I've only crashed once so far all weekend which is a huge improvement but it was better overall for me
  11. Kinkoolaidyo

    Patch 15 performance

    20 rounds since the patch Ill give it an overall 7. Mirimar is still a little sketchy but much Improved and kind of enjoyable.. Erangel I was having tons of fun on. Overall happy with the update.
  12. Kinkoolaidyo

    So honestly, why do You play?

    I play it because my kids are bad as f*%# and my girl has a pretty strict 2x a week policy.
  13. Kinkoolaidyo

    Game won’t start

    It did this to me on the last update. I had to ... 1.Uninstall 2.Hard power xbox( hold power button until it turns off maybe 10 secs.) 3.unplug xbox for 2 minites (clears cache) 4.reinstall. This update I did a fresh install which is taking theae steps before updating and my game is running great
  14. Kinkoolaidyo

    Grouchy old man...

    This forum gives me a headache. Maybe I'm just a grouchy old man. But it seems like gamers are getting so whiny. I mean for god sakes people are writing 10 paragraph break up letters to a video game. I seriously think that even if the game ran perfectly you young bucks would complain about the salt content of the ocean water...play it or don't nobody cares...jesus you guys have me complaining about complainers..Im that guy now....
  15. Kinkoolaidyo

    Give the loot back.......

    You cant find 4x because I pick them all up and drop them in the water 😂😂😂