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  1. Rugman

    So Pubg is coming to PS4 ..

    I think it's great. I love the game, and the more people playing the better. I do wish they would allow cross-platform play, because I have friends who only have PS4 and I would love to play with them too.
  2. Rugman

    Moderator Oversight

    88 posts in and he's done, people! I believe the saying goes something like "Bye, Felicia".
  3. Rugman

    Explain to me this??

    And I'm asking where you are getting that info.
  4. Rugman

    Explain to me this??

    Where are you getting that every shot hit you, and that he was in automatic? Or even that you were 198m away?
  5. Rugman

    Are you happy with the game?

    I am enjoying the game, but I am not satisfied with where it is at. The next couple of weeks are going to be critical. This game will only be fun for as long as you can get ~100 players actually into games, and I'm noticing already that my wait times are getting longer and longer in TPP NA. A bit worriesome.
  6. Rugman

    Yet Another Great Bug

    Yeah, exactly what I was thinking.
  7. Boys, boys... you're both dumb dumbs. Move on now?
  8. I have legit found myself running with a Mini with red dot and Kar98/M24 with scope several times.
  9. Rugman

    October 12 is coming. SOON!

    That's for burns....
  10. Rugman

    October 12 is coming. SOON!

    Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh when it starts to take more than 2 minutes to get a match on NA TPP everyone's going to start getting reeeeeeeeal itchy.
  11. Rugman

    October 12 is coming. SOON!

    I've watched some of the gameplay, and it's pretty slick-looking. I love PUBG, don't get me wrong I'll stick to it, but I can see a large chunk of the player base disappearing at least for a little bit.
  12. I’m and Asian, and I can strip, but I don’t have the hair...
  13. Open to playing with anyone from here tonight. Add me (handle is gamer tag)