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    Personal opinion on ADS

    I’m 100% with you on this OP

    Goodnight sweet, sweet PUBG

    My apologies then, I Didn’t see that far back. In that case nevermind. I’ve been annoyed lately at all the people who drop in boot camp just to grab a weapon and hide until someone walks by. Nothing In this game gets me more salty than to win a hotdrop killing everyone you encounter only to be killed by the scared guy who’s been sitting in the same corner for 5 mins so nobody hears them. These players always get wrecked the first encounter they have when it’s a straight up gun battle because they’ll never get better playing the way they do.

    Goodnight sweet, sweet PUBG

    IMO your first video you are no better than the bush camper standing still around a corner waiting some someone to walk up those stairs.
  4. Not at all. I only buy weapon crates now but I am tired of getting the beige crossbow over and over and over.
  5. This is good advice. Watching streamers has made a world of difference in my gameplay as well. Although I have gotten to the point that I don’t enjoy playing much with other teammates because I like to run and gun. I have one online friend that plays the same so unless he’s on I stick to solos.
  6. Agreed. I love the QBZ/QBU combo. 2x on QBZ and 4 or 6 either one on QBU and I’m one happy non-camper 😂
  7. I hope the fix it and give us the ones we’ve already completed because none of mine have worked. I have a feeling we’ll have to do them over again though
  8. Nice shooting man. Number 10 and 12 were right place right time 😂. You had the perfect spot for controlling the traffic flow. I never seem to get that lucky with so much traffic.

    Revive team mates troll achievement.

    You have a good point. That’s the main reason I don’t get into PC gaming. That and I’d take me forever to get better at the keyboard movement. But I kind of wish they’d just remove the friendly fire all together so this wouldn’t be an issue anymore. I know it’s not as realistic but it would solve this whole problem.
  10. Nope. Was wondering what was going on.

    Any news on prox chat now with 1.0

    I’d like it to talk to the players who just hide in rooms camping. I think it’d lead to some funny conversations.

    PUBG and Burger King WIFI

    Wow. I’ve ran into that once or twice as well. I agree they shouldn’t be allowed in the game. It’s such garbage. Hopefully ping based matchmaking comes soon. I’m tired of WiFi warriors on all shooters.
  13. I play on an OG with an external HDD and it runs great for me but this isn’t the first complaint I’ve seen about the X. It just seems odd that the more powerful system has more trouble than my cinderblock xbox. I’d be pissed too tbh but reading these complaints just further cements my plan to wait until there’s a next gen xbox before I upgrade.

    Level 30 Sanhok Pass

    I’m oblivious to this leveling up ordeal. I guess I should read more into it but what does it do? Is it just to get a pan skin? Serious question and I agree that people will be dropping lots of money to get through it faster, they’re going to make a fortune off of that alone probably.