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  1. Pondjects Killa

    Wanna have some fun?

    Headshots, put the dot on their head and ice them.... Just requires a cool head under pressure
  2. Pondjects Killa

    1080P / XBOX ONE X NOW!

    The X supports 120hz at 1080p......the game itself doesn't but the console does
  3. Pondjects Killa

    Playstation crossplay!

    And I can run around in my squad yelling XBOX NUMBA ONE
  4. Pondjects Killa

    Need info on Custom Setup

    Thats the best part about being the host is kicking the randoms with bad kds off you're squad lol
  5. Pondjects Killa

    Iron Rain Tourney - FPP Duo - $30 Prize

    One game? Or multiple rounds?
  6. Pondjects Killa

    Community Weekly Post - November Week 2

    So that means the preformance mode will be 30fps locked?
  7. Pondjects Killa

    Survival challenge not counting properly

    A knock is not a kill lol
  8. Pondjects Killa

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    I agree about the whining but this is far from the custom games that were on pc a year ago..... Like everyone is saying, these are private games not custom by a Longshot.... Super disappointed in that... The more I play blackout the more I like it, some 50v50 customs or crazy ideas would have breathed new life in to PUBG.... Excited for the ranking system, that's about it
  9. Pondjects Killa

    PUBG on PS4 - What you think?

    0% chance...trolls gonna troll
  10. Pondjects Killa

    An (actual) Review of BO4 and PUBG

    They do almost a daily post on the forum for blops
  11. Pondjects Killa

    Proximity Chat

    *Cough* DayZ *cough*
  12. Pondjects Killa

    How is TPP competitive?

    I was ranked top 50 in FPP solo NA for about 3 months..... Would still play TPP with friends in squads.... The game itself just plays better on tpp, especially after playing blackout, the FPP aspect of pubg is dead.... Too clunky and slow, movement is horrendous trying to jump in Windows and over pebbles.... I'm still a pubg fan boy but now I look at it as an only TTP game
  13. Pondjects Killa

    Surround sound settings

    In my personal opinion, stereo uncompressed.... Footsteps are louder and direction is better in stereo.... I run a hyper x revolver s headset and can pinpoint a bush moving from 20m away
  14. Pondjects Killa

    No thirst initiative

    I've always been a fan of leaving people downed when there's people downed on both sides.... But it feels like people don't go for revives until the threat is eliminated anymore, play a duos yesterday and me and another guys trade knocks, I immediately rush to the aid of my guy.... out of the one for one respect rule, I expect dude to do the same... Next thing you know I hear him leave his guy and push hard..... He got smoked then I picked up my guy. Long story short, they could have won that engagement the second time around if he wasn't worried about a kill... Revive your teammates people! I'm sure there's alot like me out there
  15. Pondjects Killa

    4K TV in the 50-65" range vs 27" monitor?

    With a monitor comes a desk.... That's the only reason I haven't switched yet, I'm a couch gamer from a kid lol