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  1. x1337LEE1337x

    One X on test server

    As an x user, I'm speaking from experience. Pts is garbage on the x. I went back to playing the live servers because the pts is so bad.
  2. x1337LEE1337x

    One X on test server

    You should have bought the pubg enhanced og xbox one with ssd. Pubg plays like crap on the x. But make sure your Nat says open on the x.
  3. x1337LEE1337x

    Which Xbox has best framerate in combat?

    Yep, solely for pubg. But most proper one x enhanced games look and play amazing.even fortnite looks pretty nice. I can't wait to see what bf5, bo4, rdr2 and forza horizon 4 look like on it. At least then I'll have a reason to dump the mess that is pubg. I can't see pubg ever running decently on the x whilst they focus on the og running it smoothly because the changes aren't transferring to the x. I constantly get killed by people before I can even aim at them. If I check their profile for dvr's they have shared... They're always on the og xbox one.
  4. x1337LEE1337x

    Has anybody had any game crashes on the PTS?

    It's crashed twice for me, xbox one x. The live server has never crashed since they fixed it
  5. x1337LEE1337x

    Which Xbox has best framerate in combat?

    Don't waste your money on an x for this game. You will be hugely disappointed. I went from an s to an x for this game. Wish I'd downgraded to an og, what a waste of money it was.
  6. x1337LEE1337x

    Why can't I ambush anyone?

    Did they run at you with that realistic laser accurate hip fire.
  7. x1337LEE1337x

    enemy box glitch (footage)

    I killed someone and nobody else was around to help so that isn't the reason. When I killed him though he crawled out of sight but couldn't get far as I'd taken his downed state life right down, so I couldn't see exactly where he died but knew he hadn't gotten far. The others who I heard had killed someone had dropped em on a roof. Again they died out of sight but on the roof. I did think it was because they died out of view as that was a connection. But clearly not in your case.
  8. x1337LEE1337x

    Oceania and Asia server merge

    No lag advantage. I must have imagined the many times I've shot someone only to get no blood and be killed in what seems like 1 bullet by said player. Of course there's an advantage to being a lagger
  9. x1337LEE1337x

    Server locations

    Probably not enough players in those regions. You would then complain about having to wait forever for a match. Pubg Corp are their own worst enemy they're progressively making the game worse, in turn players lose patience and stop playing.
  10. x1337LEE1337x

    Oceania and Asia server merge

    Instead of merging those servers why not region lock them, merging them won't make matchmaking any better since most play out of region because of the lag advantage they have. As a player from the UK I have lost count of the amount of random teammates I've had who were Australian. Why would I ever want to play with or against Australians who live on the other side of the world to me. Their ping must be huge
  11. x1337LEE1337x

    Xbox - PTS Feedback Megathread!

    Yet they added something which was meant to make identifying the direction the shots are coming from easier. I heard shots in 1 game which I thought was in front of me until I turned around and they were actually behind me. I'm also using turtle beach headphones so not just some cheap headset.
  12. x1337LEE1337x

    Xbox - PTS Feedback Megathread!

    My rendering is actually so much worse than the live server on the one x. Buildings on the live are fully rendered while still in the plane I never see play doh buildings. Now I see play doh buildings and poor quality interiors
  13. x1337LEE1337x

    No ping lock ever plz

    Nobody has a set ping so no you don't have a 20ms ping. Ping depends on the distance the server is from you mainly. If you have a high ping it's probably a poor server or very far away
  14. x1337LEE1337x

    [POLL] Rendering/Loading

    Apart from the first few minutes where og users are waiting for buildings to spawn in. None are complaining about the same problems most x users are experiencing. I've read quite a few posts from og players stating they can't wait for this update to go live. If they make this pts go live for me on a one x it will finish the game for me. The last pts to go live was bad enough after the almost perfect pts 2 and 3. The one x is far more powerful than an og one, It should perform better.
  15. x1337LEE1337x

    Block servers in each region

    I'm not sure if Microsoft even allow it. I mean people like the op clearly don't understand anything about ping. And I'm sure he's not alone. They just think.. "I have 200mbs fiber, I have a 10ms ping even if the server is on Mars because my Internet is so fast" so most don't question it, they just think they got out played by a better player. I know some people have stated rainbow 6 siege has a region lock or something. I've never played it on xbox but I used to play it on ps4 and it showed the pings of players. I would regularly see players with middle Eastern names with pings in the mid hundreds.