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  1. Nowhere in that link does it even hint at mouse and keyboard. There's many ways to cheat on consoles, titan one, cronusmax, rapid-fire controllers it may even be regarding glitches in games being exploited. Keyboard and mouse usage through emulators on consoles has been around for years and unless Microsoft officially allow it then we all better get used to people using emulators because they aren't going to stop it. I actually think pubg claims the amount of people using MnK is low so it stops the outcry. This isn't just a pubg problem it's a problem on almost every game which involves some kind of targeting other players. And in all the years they've been around, they've never been stopped and nobody has ever been banned for using one. Even that wizard guy on here made a post about using it himself and the mods were aware... Was he banned? NO. That should tell you all you need to know
  2. x1337LEE1337x

    Game unplayable since event launch

    Maybe it's because since the last patch one x users aren't such an easy kill and can now fight back
  3. x1337LEE1337x

    Reporting people for team killing

    Don't waste your time reporting, nothing happens to them. The report button is just a placebo and submitting a ticket just wastes your time.
  4. x1337LEE1337x

    Automatic region selection

    Not sure why we have to wait so long for it, this is great news. Match the laggers with other laggers. Might make them realise they aren't pubg gods when they're faced with others shooting them behind cover and teleporting around. I just hope they make it so if you have a lagger in your group, the whole group gets matched with the same people the lagger would.
  5. x1337LEE1337x

    Desert Knights Event Feedback Topic

    Well that's not what most are doing. Must be an easy 6 or so kills before running out of ammo. A decent mode ruined by pubg corps incompetence yet again.
  6. x1337LEE1337x

    Desert Knights Event Feedback Topic

    War mode is so fun knowing those OG xbox players can glitch inside rocks, walls and floors and then get kills. Unbelievable that you would release this knowing they end up inside things with a gun and can start with a good few kills before they run out of ammo. Well done 👏
  7. x1337LEE1337x

    Desert Knights Event Feedback Topic

    Is matchmaking broken again... Almost 5 mins waiting and still haven't found a game
  8. x1337LEE1337x

    War mode is live!!!

    For me it starts at 10... Slowly the numbers drop until its 4/4 then stays there.
  9. x1337LEE1337x

    People teaming up in solos..

    Yes there's so few people it's very easy to get in the same match. I've even witnessed it in squads.. 8 people in a party teamed up. Most of the "5 million players worldwide" gave up on pubg Corp long ago.
  10. x1337LEE1337x

    One X users only

    The blue wall wavy/distortion effect has also been removed 👍
  11. x1337LEE1337x


    Won't be punished at all. Nothing happens to teamkillers, but if you post the vid showing his name you will be the 1 punished on here.
  12. x1337LEE1337x

    wifi vs hard wired

    For me WiFi = network lag detected, hardwired = no lag. My xbox is about 4ft from the router with nothing blocking the signal yet pubg doesn't like me using WiFi
  13. You can always do your own homework and check where servers are before buying a game. If the developers don't give you a server, don't give the developers your money. It's that simple
  14. x1337LEE1337x

    qbz nerf?

    There is a reason why almost everyone runs around with the QBZ and its not because its new. It is OP. It has slight recoil at a distance but on sanhok where most engagements take place in close proximity the enemy is dead before the recoil even affects you. I prefer to call it the U B DEAD ( Z pronounced zed in the UK) because if you're shot with it. You're going to be dead very fast.
  15. x1337LEE1337x

    September 18th Hotfix Feedback Topic

    I've played 5 or 6 matches so far, I've had all 3 maps and I can honestly say well done you have finally got it playing smooth, I haven't noticed any frame drops at all. The graphic downgrade is barely noticeable and more than welcome now the fps is stable. The game was borderline unplayable before this patch, but now it feels smoooooooth. Xbox one x 4k tv