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  1. x1337LEE1337x

    What the heck happened to this game?!

    It's playing like fucking shit for me on the x. They're fucking hopeless when it comes to making it run on the x.
  2. x1337LEE1337x

    Xbox one X question

    Don't expect this game to run anything other than shit on it. Plays like fucking garbage on the x. I consider the x as a big fkn flop on microsofts part. They're more interested in throttling it for the original than letting it run to its potential. I'd stick with the OG xbox if I were you knowing what I know now.
  3. They should have fixed pubg first before releasing 1.0. But I'm guessing they needed to reach 1.0 before they could release on ps4. And that was their whole intention they know the games fkn dead they just want to squeeze as much money as the can out of it before all the plebs realise its dead.
  4. x1337LEE1337x

    Taking away NA FPP Duo?!?

    Soon there will be one server for the whole world. But hey... They're giving us 20,000bp for putting up with their failures. The players have been punished for months by pubg corps poor decisions and lack of competence. They're more interested in spinning out costumes that are almost the same price as the damn game cost. I'll bet the team working on the skins manage to get them finished for release on time unlike the rest of the teams ( if there actually is other teams). And they're taking away oc tpp before they've even introduced the fkn region lock/ ping based matchmaking which if implemented correctly would have forced the oc players back into their own region. Do these people even think about what they're doing.
  5. x1337LEE1337x

    Double Wins?

    Yea I've noticed this is happening. Seems to be doubling the wins
  6. Even if they did add MnK support, the MnK users would be in their own lobby with other MnK users. They're not going to put official MnK users in with controller players. Since xim emulates a controller those users would still be using MnK with xim in controller lobbies so nothing would change except the players being fragmented.
  7. x1337LEE1337x

    Gaming router worth it?

    Just get a old 3g mobile phone and use it as a WiFi hot-spot, seems to turn players into gaming gods.
  8. x1337LEE1337x

    CROSSPLAY XBOX x PS4 Is Possible?

    Sony agreed to it because the fortnite playerbase gets what they want from epic.
  9. x1337LEE1337x

    Proximity chat once again

    The would be in a party after agreeing to team up together with proximity chat. Imo proximity chat isn't needed, I hear enough random squad mates raging when they're killed.
  10. x1337LEE1337x

    Playstation crossplay!

    When fortnite added PlayStation and xbox crossplay you were also matched with pc players. I don't play fortnite but I did try when crossplay was added, but playing against pc players just ruined it. Crossplay won't happen with pubg, it doesn't have the same amount of players as fortnite also pubg doesn't listen to its players like epic does. Something needs to be done about the dwindling playerbase though, this free play weekend has added a lot of players, pregame lobbies are full of default outfit players and when they're gone again I imagine matchmaking is going to take longer with games starting with under 100 people again.
  11. x1337LEE1337x

    lol this new system...

    I got a crate at level 1. Got a nice pair of biker shades. Then I've had random amounts of bp... I should get another crate around level 10.
  12. x1337LEE1337x


    Isn't it what bluehole do anyway... They gave a limited amount of people the jacket for reporting bugs.... Then gave it to everyone with sanhok. There's 2 possible reasons it's free.. Either they are hoping the players who download it free will buy cosmetics (probably spend an hour playing this crap and delete it). Or they have realised the playerbase has fallen so much that before long there will just be a dedicated handful of players. I hadn't played pubg for weeks since bo4 came out, then red dead redemption 2... After playing both of those and coming back to pubg. I'm wondering why I did come back. This game looks like complete crap and plays just as bad as ever. If I'd got it for free I'd have deleted this straight away.
  13. x1337LEE1337x

    Pubg free on Ms Store right now

    It says free for a limited time. Doesn't say its just a free play weekend.
  14. x1337LEE1337x

    Does PUBG care about OC

    If they banned mouse and keyboard players you would never find a match in any region.... Ever.
  15. Pubg pc does not have to bow down to xbox/Microsoft who wouldn't allow the x to have much higher fps than the OG. Yet they have allowed these idiots at pubg Corp to optimise it for the OG yet make it almost unplayable on the x for so long. They will never allow the x to run it at a higher fps than OG users.