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    Glitching through map after parachuting

    Hey I just posted the same thing but it happened to me at the school on the other map. It blows your mind when it happens to you. Haha
  2. jantz100

    grenade bug new map

    I don't know if this is what you're talking about but I have noticed that on the regular server if you pick up a grenade with the start menu open if you press x to pick it up it doesn't go in to be used it just puts in the inventory. I you use A to pick it up then it will go straight to the grenade slot and be ready to be used.
  3. Bug Description: Jumped into a window on the bottom floor of the school and randomly appeared in the farthest southwest part of the ocean? You'll see what happens very clearly in the game clip. Location: Bottom floor of school. North side I believe. Evidence: Game Clip Replication: Xbox One Version Xbox one X (with wired good connection) PUBG Glitch.mp4